Short Easter Poems

These Easter Poems have all been written by my helpful AI – with just a little editing by me when needed.

The first ones are about the tradition Easter Story whereas the later ones are more about Easter Bunnies and Eggs!

I hope that you enjoy them and if you choose to write your own, I would love to read them in the comments!!


Traditional Easter Story Poems

Easter Poems

Easter poems are about new beginnings,
fresh starts and hope sprung anew.
They are about the belief that in death there is life,
and in loss there is gain.
They are about resurrection and redemption,
about the power of love to overcome all.
Easter poems remind us that we are never too lost,
that no matter how dark things seem, the sun will always rise again.

Easter poems

Easter poems bring hope and joy
To believers who see Christ’s resurrection
As a sign of new beginnings, of sins forgiven
And of eternal life to come.

Holy Good Friday

On this holiest of days
we remember Christ’s sacrifice
His body beaten and broken
his blood spilled for me and you
He hung there on the cross
suffering for our sins
and on that third day
he rose again, victorious

Christ was Crucified

Good Friday was a bitter day
For Christ was crucified
His death provides our salvation
Although his pain was great
He endured it for our sakes
Hallelujah, what a Saviour!

Good Friday

Good Friday is a sombre day
A day to remember the sacrifice
Jesus made for us on the cross
He suffered and died for our sins
So we could be forgiven and saved
Today we remember his death
And celebrate his resurrection

Easter Sunday

A day of renewal, a day to start anew
This is Easter Sunday, a day we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection
He has overcome death, and now we have eternal life
What a miracle! What a gift! We rejoice in His victory

On this Easter Sunday, let us all be filled with hope
Let us recommit ourselves to following Jesus Christ
He died for our sins, and now He offers us forgiveness
Let us not waste this chance for redemption

This Easter Sunday, let’s celebrate the risen Lord
He is alive and He desires to have a relationship with us
His love is never-ending, and it is ours for the taking
Let’s go forth and share this love.


The Empty Tomb

On the third day,
while we women rested,
our minds heavy with sorrow,
Jesus rose up and called us.
He had opened the tomb,
and Mary was there, alone.
Weeping on the hard stone,
she told us of His glory.
Then she went away,
to tell the world of her new joy..

At The Empty Tomb

At the empty tomb,
Mary wept and mourned;
She could not understand
Why her Lord had died.
But then an angel came,
And he told her glad news:
Christ had arisen!
That is why she found peace,
For she knew her Saviour lived.

A Day We Celebrate

Easter Sunday is a day we celebrate
Jesus rising from the dead
We come together to rejoice and pray
And enjoy the company of our friends and loved ones
This is a day of hope and renewal
A time to reflect on all that Christ has done for us
We are grateful for his sacrifice
And look forward to spending eternity with him


The Sweetest Time of Year

Easter’s coming, the sweetest time of year
The joy of Christ’s resurrection is so near
So let us all rejoice and be glad
For love and mercy have conquered death
And the empty tomb is our hope and faith
Christ is risen, alleluia!

Easter’s coming, the sweetest time of year
The joy of Christ’s resurrection is so near
So let us all rejoice and be glad
For love and mercy have conquered death
And the empty tomb is our hope and faith
Christ is risen, alleluia!


A Time for Reflection

Easter is a time for reflection
On the sacrifice that was made
For us by Jesus Christ
His death brought us salvation
And opened up the gates of Heaven
On Easter we celebrate His resurrection
Which gives us hope for the future

Easter’s Coming

Easter’s coming, the time of joy
When Jesus rose from the dead
The ultimate sacrifice for our sins
And our hope for eternal life

What a wonderful Savior we have
Who gave His life that we might be saved
Let us celebrate His resurrection
And rejoice in the victory He has won!

A Time of Joy

Easter is a time of joy,
A time to celebrate new life.
Resurrection and redemption,
The real meaning of Easter.

Christ has arisen! He is alive!
Praise be to God who has saved us!
Let us proclaim the Gospel message,
That all may know Jesus is the Risen Lord.

Short Easter Poems about The Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs

New beginnings

Easter is a time for new beginnings
A time to come together and celebrate
The arrival of spring, and the promise of hope
A time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future
Easter brings with it a sense of joy and happiness
A time to remember the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ
And to thank Him for the gift of salvation

The Easter Bunny

The Easter bunny’s so happy
He’s hopping all around
He’s got eggs hidden in the grass
And chocolate in his pouch
The kids are getting excited
For the hunt that’s about to start
They’re looking forward to the eggs
And the candy that they’ll find.


Hidden Eggs

The eggs are hidden
All around the yard
The kids are looking
For them with glee
The Easter bunny
Left them here for us
To find and enjoy
Happy Easter!

Hopping Bunnies

Bunnies hopping, eggs hiding
Freshly cut grass, children singing
The joy of Easter is here!

The hunt is on for the hidden eggs
So much fun to be had by all
Who will find the most eggs?

There’s something special about this time
A new beginning, a fresh start
The resurrection of Jesus Christ

What a miracle it is all around
Easter brings hope and love to everyone.


Easter’s here again

Easter’s here again,
children greeting one another
with Easter eggs and baskets
full of treats.
The Easter bunny has been busy,
delivering goodies to everyone.
What a joy it is to celebrate
this special time with family and friends.

Happy Easter, everyone!

The Easter Bunny has come to town,
he’s leaving candy and eggs all around.
The children are so excited and happy,
they can’t wait to go on an Easter egg hunt.
There’s a lot of joy in the air,
everyone is celebrating and having fun.
This Easter is sure to be special,
the best one yet!


Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is a special day
When Christians celebrate Jesus’ resurrection

People dress up in their finest clothes
And go to church to hear the Easter sermon

There’s usually an Easter egg hunt
And kids love finding those brightly coloured eggs

Easter is a time for family and friends
A time to come together and celebrate


The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny hops around
the yard, leaving candy and eggs.
The children are so excited
to find their treasures.
They run around and search high and low,
until they find everything the bunny left for them.
What a fun day it is, celebrating Easter!


Easter Sunday morning

Easter Sunday morning
I open my eyes to the sun
A shower and I’ll be done
Before I head off to church
I want to see my family first
To give them all a big hug
Then it’s off to celebrate
The risen Christ, how great!



Polish Easter Traditions

In Poland, Easter is a special time
Traditional foods are enjoyed by all
There’s a sense of joy and happiness
As families come together to celebrate.

The eggs are coloured in many bright shades
And rabbits are everywhere you look
There’s always lots of delicious food
And stories that are told around the fire.

This is a time when family and friends get together
And share happy memories from the past
It’s a time to enjoy each other’s company
And celebrate the resurrection of Christ.


Chocolate Easter Eggs

Easter is a time for fun,
And chocolate is the star attraction.
There’s nothing quite like an easter egg,
Especially one filled with chocolate.
Yum, yum, yum!


Chocolate Eggs by the Dozen

Easter is coming, and with it
comes chocolate eggs by the dozen.
In the morning we’ll hunt for them
and in the afternoon we’ll eat them.
They’re smooth and they’re creamy,
and they make our bellies feel happy.
The Easter bunny’s favourite food
is unquestionably chocolate eggs.

An Easter Treat

My favourite Easter treat is a chocolate egg
I can’t resist the smooth, creamy surface
The sweet flavour satisfies my cravings
And I feel like a kid again when I’m eating one

Every Easter, my family stocks up on eggs
We hide them all around the house
And then we spend the day hunting for them
It’s always so much fun

I love biting into the chocolate shell
And discovering the gooey centre inside
It’s the perfect way to celebrate Easter
And I always feel so happy when I’m done.



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