Easy Flower Crafts For Kids

Easy Flower Crafts For Kids

It is lovely to get flowers through the post from time to time (I recommend Bunches UK) but when you have children, it is even better to receive their own creations.

To get them used to making flowers you could encourage them to make flowers for a variety of different occasions. Consider family members’ birthdays, anniversaries, get well soon times and then you will be sure to be added to the list at some point.

Here is a Mother’s Day card example from Easy Peasy who I will tell you more about below Junk Modelling.

Junk Modelling

When I started teaching quite a few years ago we used to have a junk modelling afternoon every so often. I loved it and so did the kids. They used to make some amazing models.

Sometimes I was more directive and the model had to be to do with our topic at the time. Other times I was teaching them new skills. Sometimes they were allowed to do whatever they wanted. It was great to see them incorporating the skills that I had been working on with them previously, and see the models become more complex as the year went on.

Although the following craft projects are quite prescriptive, you don’t need to follow all the instructions to the letter. See what materials you have already at home. Let the children consider what they would like to do and how they might improve on some of the ideas. Use the ideas as an inspiration rather than a blueprint that they have to follow exactly.

Easy Peasy and Fun has 25 original ideas with super photos

This is my favourite on the Easy Peasy site (I love that name!) because they look so realistic. If you click on the link below the picture you can see how to make them. They are Calla Lilies.


Some of the ideas on this page are suitable for toddlers and some for older children.

I would also recommend taking a look at the sunflowers underneath this picture on the Easy Peasy site.

For younger children the button activity is easy peasy, but older children could do something similar and I bet it would look fantastic.


If you’re looking for very simple activities for younger children then DLTK is excellent.


My favourite on this page is the hand-printed tulip flowers.

If you like real coffee, then the coffee filter paper flowers are a very original idea.

Making Paper Flowers

Paper Flower Craft for Kids – Very Easy DIY Paper Flowers by Crafting Hours

Paper Dahlias from Craftaholics Anonymous

These are relatively straightforward to make but look very effective.

Paper dahlias and full instructions from http://www.craftaholicsanonymous.net/rainbow-paper-dahlia-flowers

Leaf and Flower Pounding from Buggy and Buddy

If your child can be trusted with a hammer or mallet, you might like to try this.

Can you guess how to make these pictures

For instructions go to https://buggyandbuddy.com/spring-banners-from-leaf-flower-pounding-science-invitation-saturday/

Fairy Flower Lights by Red Ted Art

These amazing fairy lights are made from egg boxes. What a brilliant idea! When I first saw this picture I thought it would be good for slightly older children to do. Actually on the website there are some great pictures of very young children creating most of the artwork.

Go to https://www.redtedart.com/egg-carton-spring-crafts-blossom-fairy-lights-from-egg-cartons/?cn-reloaded=1 and start making your very own fairy lights.

Parts of a flowers

Here we have another idea for using egg boxes. This is more like the pictures you often see younger children making, however, this activity is part of a science project with the children using the picture to learn the names of the different parts of the flower.


DIY Egg Carton Daffodils by Caitlin Ball

I hope you like eating eggs as here’s another idea for using up those old egg boxes.

I’m pondering putting some of these in my garden for some all year round colour.

https://caitlinball.com/2014/04/diy-egg-carton-daffodils/ check out the pipe-cleaners – great idea!

Origami flowers by Here Come the Girls Blog

There are lots of origami flowers on the internet. I particularly like these ones. As with most flowers, they look better in bunches as you can see on the website mentioned underneath the photograph. there are detailed instructions with photographs every step of the way.


One of the nice things about this idea is that you only need paper although it’s good if it’s colourful paper. Also, you can do little bits of the project if you only have a short amount of time.

You could do this sort of activity on holiday, all you’d have to take with you is some glue and a few paper clips. You could buy a couple of magazines when you are at your destination and use the paper from them. If it is a magazine that you want to read, you could just tear out the adverts. Alternatively, you could go to the information tourist information office, collect some leaflets and find out about the place you are staying and then when you finish with the leaflets you could make use of those.

A sewing activity by Hello Wonderful

We probably all remember doing something like this when we were at school. You could buy new wool but you might just find you’ve got lots of bits and pieces of wool or yarn that could be used equally well.

If you haven’t got any wool and you need to buy some you might want to consider buying a ball of wool that changes colour giving a sort of rainbow effect rather than buying lots of different coloured balls of wool.

A picture of string flowers



How to make paper flowers out of crepe streamers by ArtsnCraft4u

This is more fiddly but really quite clever.

Your feedback


I would love to hear from you.

Have you tried any of these projects? How did it go?

Have you any other other ideas we should include?

Please use the comments area to keep in touch – I love reading the comments I get!

Have fun,


Flower crafts
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18 thoughts on “Easy Flower Crafts For Kids”

  1. Oh wow, all these art look amazing and indeed they seem simple enough to make for kids!

    I am preparing a lesson plan for my kids and these are definitely good arts-and-crafts for a theme that is based around flowers or nature in general.

    I especially love the fairy lights, but I fear that they might pose a danger to the children, especially if it is lighted by fire. Chances of the entire artwork getting ignited with a gust of wind seems a bit too high, so I guess I will have to pass on this one.

    Thanks for compiling all these ideas into one fine post!

    1. Hi Rachel, thank you for your support.  

      I did enjoy putting this post together and looking at lots of different ideas.

      The fairy lights one uses electric lights, so great for indoors and maybe outside as well, depending on the environment. Health and safety would obviously need to be considered.

      All the best,


  2. Wow, I can’t believe how much great info you have on your sit. Thanks so much for sharing this. There is so much to look at, I will see if there is anything my 5 year old would like to try and learn from here.

    1. Hi Kenny,

      Thanks for your comments. I hope you and your child enjoy your time being creative!

      Let me know how it goes.

      All the best,


  3. These were such neat ideas! I have two kids: one will be 2 years old tomorrow and the other is 11 years old. My baby girl loves to do artsy things so she would probably love making some of these crafts. They look great too! I love the daisies and the last one.  I can’t say I’ve ever tried any of these things or even thought of it before, so thanks for posting this. It gives me a project to do with my baby girl.

    1. Hi Tiffany,

      I am sure you and your girls will have a lot of fun making some of these and they will brighten up any room – whether or not it needs it.  

      And I think they make great gifts for grandparents and other relatives as well.

      Have a great time!

  4. This review is really eye-opening!

    Only today I was thinking what I could’ve done with my son as he was quite bored I wish I’d seen this review a lot earlier as I would’ve practised some of the modelling ideas you have on this article.

    My favourite one I think is the Paper Dahlias from Craftaholics as they look really attractive and eye catching.

     With these companies that see you supplied the craft ideas do they actually supply the materials as well Or just the design plans for you to do the models with your own materials?

    Thank you for this post, I’ve booked marked it for future reference! 

    1. Hi Darren,

      I think in all these cases you just get the ideas and the design plans.

      Have you also seen https://www.papertoys.com/  – some of these are quite complicated but there are some easier ones as well.  

      I hope you and your son enjoy the modelling.

  5. WOW! is all I can really say. what an amazing site you have. I will be a regular visitor to this site and will be trying to create a lot of these with my young daughter as she is already so creative at 2.5 years old. I can’t wait to start doing these things with her. We will definitely be doing the fairy light creation to incorporate in to her newly decorated room. She’ll absolutely love that.

    Thanks so much Emma

    1. Hi Emma,  isn’t it great when young children start taking an interest in making things!  I am sure the fairy lights will look wonderful in her room.  Have fun!

  6. Fantastic article. I have 3 daughters and we are always trying to find new ways to keep them busy. I’m really happy I found this article. My girls love to do crafts and I know they will love these. The egg carton flowers really stick out with me they are always creating things with them and the flower idea is great, my littlest is 3 so it looks very easy for her to do. Do you recommend we give her direction or just let her do her own thing with it? I showed my 7 year old these and she wants to do the fairy flower lights and I must say that looks like I will have fun doing those as well.  Thank you for these great Ideas as I will be returning for more articles.


    1. Hi David,

      Personally I like to show children some examples and then let them choose to make what they want.  Sometimes they might want you to help them, other times they will want freedom to do it themselves.

      I do like the fairy lights example!

  7. Hi Julia,

    Thanks for sharing a great post to get some good ideas to work with kids.

    I love to make crafts, mostly with fabric, lately I was asked to teach two young girls to do crafts, the oldest (6) is interested in sewing but I think she still need to work more on something else before starting to work with a needle.

    I’m sure she will love to work to make some paper flowers for a while to get more skilled, you have here a wonderful selections of paper flowers to work with with this girl, I’m sure she will love them all!

    I’ll be back to read more from your website for sure!. 

  8. Wow who knew there were so many ways to make flowers! I so enjoyed doing projects like this with my kids when they were little. Funny how quickly we forget those things. This was very informative and so many differnt versions. I think I will book mark this so that I can come back to it when I get some free time with my grandkids. I enjoy doing orgamie with them. Keeping their attention for a period of time always seems to be my biggest problem! LOL

  9. Good Morning Julia,

    This was a delightful post which took me back to my childhood. I used to be very creative making all sorts of things with a variety of materials.

    The first video is so cute all these little bees buzzing around.

    The Calla Lilies look very real, I know as I have them growing in my garden.

    The Dahlias are also lovely and so well made, nearly real flowers.

    Now the idea of doing things with egg boxes is new to me and I must say how original it all is. 

    Then there are very pretty crepe flowers, a real delight.

    There are so many possibilities mentioned in your post that I do not know where I would like to start as they are all so nice. Probably best to leave it up to the kids and see what they say. I will forward this to a friend who also has to keep the kids bussy on a rainy day, I bet she will also like it.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Hi Taetske,

      The Calla Lilies do look very real, don’t they.

      I visited a  nursery on Friday and they had some growing there so I had a good look at them!



  10. Great post and it looks so beautiful.

    Spring is gone and winter is here, however there are still beautiful flowers out there for the kids to pick and make a flower craft.

    I know a friend who has a little child, and she has a lot of energy, so I’m pretty sure when she can make it, she will put her energy in that and also she will learn more things.

    Thanks for sharing with us, yet again a beautiful post!

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