Online Fractions Games


Online Fractions Games

Fractions are much easier if you have a good visual understanding of what is going on so online fractions games are an excellent way to explore fractions.

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One site that I have been using for many years is Topmarks. This has grown and been kept up to date. The graphics are simple and straight-forward and the games fill the screen – unlike some older sites when they have not been updating the resolution as time has moved on.

Some of the games are embedded from different websites, for instance, the BBC allows you to embed some of their games into your own website so you can see that the style of these games is quite variable.

Other games are flash-based and many people no longer have flash enabled so they have a helpful guide to show you have to enable flash if it is not working on your computer.
Games for KS2 include:
Fraction Matcher

In this game, you can play the games against the clock if you want to. There are lots of different levels that you can choose from. This starts with very easy – halves, quarters, three-quarters, and by level 8 it is much more challenging as you can see here.

Level 8
There are lots of games on this site but let me just pick out a few.

One is called Fraction Beach in which you get buckets of sand when you get a correct answer.

There is an interactive tutorial called Proper Fractions – it has pictures of ducks on the front of it.  Cartoon characters explain what is happening and ask questions. This activity is aimed at 9 to 10-year-olds.

Another game that looks interesting is called Converting Fractions to Decimals. This is a futuristic mission game where you need to crack open the vault using your knowledge of fractions and decimals.

In Decimals Jeopardy you can play in teams or on your own against the clock.

When playing Treefrog Treasure, you have to collect jewels and in this one there are lots of different levels as well.

For those children who like the BBC characters Dick and Dom, there is an equivalent fractions game which includes some rather rude noises! Here is a video of me having a go at playing it.  Can you bet my score?

Click here to try the game.

There is another game with Dick and Dom in it where you have to find the antidote to the plague. In that one, you’re comparing and ordering fractions.



A much newer website – which is free at the moment is Splashlearning.

There are lots of different activities for all ages and because I am from the UK it changed from talking about Grades to Years!




Dolphin Racing

Dolphin Racing from the BBC was one of my favourites. It’s still ok if you have the right Flash player but otherwise it won’t play.

Here are some more videos and activities from the BBC.


Fraction Card Game

This is a good game which involves a bit of thinking rather than the speed of the arcade games below.


For getting children to think more deeply but in an enjoyable way the NRICH site is fantastic!!

Consider bookmarking this page as there are 58 activities in the Fractions and related topics but you can narrow this down by Key Stage.

As a teacher this has got to be my favourite maths site and is well worth exploring.

Math Playground

In Math Playground the games are more like arcade games and so are popular with the children. This is an American site and has notes for teachers.

I haven’t figured out what happens in Fraction Forest games so let me know in the comments if you have or if you have found any instructions.

These tend to be more challenging, so are more useful for consolidation, speed tests and/or revision.

Math Playground

Another American site with quite an arcade feel. has 12 games – you need to scroll down to see all of them which isn’t always obvious.

Here are some of them:

Online Fractions Games
Online Fractions Games

On you can choose a game, then a grade, then a skill like fractions.

Math games
Online Fractions Games

Printable fractions games

From the TES Fractions Board Game, Equivalent Fractions Game,

A variety of Fraction Board games here.


Primary Resources UK

Primary Resources has a whole load of games, activities which teachers have created and shared. Well, maybe more activities than games. This is another site I made a lot of use of as a teacher.

Teaching Ideas

Teaching ideas is similar in some ways to Primary Resources. Here are their fractions ideas.

Some resources from Amazon

You might want to see if you can use some of these ideas to create your own resources.

(Disclosure – these links go to Amazon UK and I get a small percentage from them which helps to pay towards to cost of maintaining my websites.)

Magnetic Teach Yourself Fractions

Fractions (Brighter Child Flash Cards)

Fraction Action Snap

Learning Resources Deluxe Rainbow Fraction Circles

Learning Resources Soft Foam Magnetic Rainbow Fraction Tiles

Learning Resources Rainbow Fraction Dominoes

Equivalent Fractions Snap Card Game



Lift-the-Flap Fractions and Decimals (Lift the Flap Books)

The is an Usborne book and although I haven’t seen this one they are usually very good. This book gives you a super guide to fractions, decimals and percentages. There are over 125 flaps to lift so that you can discover what they are and how to use them. Learn about simplifying fractions, improper fractions, and converting to decimals and percentages.

Wipe-Clean Fractions 7-8 (Key Skills)
Here we meet some friendly animals helpers. The book aims to build confidence in understanding the concept of fractions and offers plenty of practice.  It includes extra notes for adults.  The answers are at the back of the book.

Fractions and Decimals Activity Book (Maths Activity Books)


This is a book with a difference.  You will find fraction robots, numerator ice-cream cakes and decimal mazes. At the back of the book are 4 pages of stickers and all the answers.

10 Minutes a Day Fractions (Carol Vorderman’s Maths Made Easy)

Carol Vorderman has written this maths workbook on fractions.  It encourages your child to spend 10 minutes a day practising fractions, decimals, and percentages.

Year 6 Maths Reasoning – Fractions, Decimals and Percentages for papers 2 and 3: 2018 tests (Collins KS2 SATs Smashers)

This last book has short tests with self-assessment and answers


Let me know how you get on in the comments below and as always enjoy the process and spending time with your child!


12 thoughts on “Online Fractions Games”

  1. This list is great. This website has all of the practice that you could want when it comes to practicing fractions. One thing about fractions is that the order that you learn it is important. For example, if your kid is learning how to add fractions with uncommon denominators, it is really important that they are really good with equivalent fractions first because it is one of the building blocks of that skill.

    I have met a lot of kids that had issues with or were even scared of fractions and I think that it is usually because they need to strengthen a fundamental skill- fractions combine a lot. These websites are great for building up these skills. I would say, if you want to help out your kid with fractions, try to find gaps in their knowledge.

    1. Thanks for this.  I do agree.  As with everything, foundations are important, and they are incredibly important when learning about fractions.

  2. These are some amazing games here! I’ve been using Topmarks for a long time now and can’t believe the simplicity of it and how easy it is to navigate. I think it is still the best fraction game considering it is always updated to fit current screen resolutions and not left to go downhill like others. However, I’m willing to grow my online gaming arsenal and currently have my eye on NCTM since it focuses more on thinking rather than speed. Thanks a lot for all these great games, Julia!

    1. Hi Brandon,

      I do agree about Topmarks – and it is irritating that some of my favourite in the past have become virtually unusable as the site hasn’t been updated.

      I hope you continue enjoying these games and sharing them with others for many years/

      All the best!

  3. Julia,

    This is great for children having difficulty with mathematics in school – my grandson fortunately is very good with this subject.  Fractions have been one of the areas that usually gave me the most trouble in school; I can see that these platforms as games would keep a child interested and playing them for hours.  I have found that when teaching children new things no matter what if you make a game out of it they seem to learn more quickly because it is fun for them.

    Fractions can be a confusing learning experience to most children but I think you have found them help with the difficult task by making it fun for them.  Thanks for researching this topic and finding them the help they can use to better their education along the way.


    1. Hi Susan, 

      Thank you.

      I think that these sites work so well because fractions are very visual – and hopefully when the children see these they will get it.

      I hope that this page will be helpful for many children.

  4. Andy Zeus Anderson

    You’ve offered a great deal of resources for fun ways to get your kids to learn complex mathematics. I home schools 3 of my children who have special needs and the curriculum from the online schools sometimes doesn’t get them engaged in the learning as well as learning games do. Even our 4 kids that go to public schools need the added help sometimes so thank you for such a stunning resource and all your time compiling the links.

    1. Hi – I am really glad you have found this useful.  To be fair to schools I think a lot of these resources work better at home anyway particularly where you can give each child choice and help where needed and encourage them gently to stretch themselves.  I have used them successfully in school environments but you do need to make sure that the children are not just playing the easy levels to pass the time.

  5. Hello Julia,

    That’s an awesome post you’ve created on online fractions games, it really worth it because you’ve revealed a very big means of learning fractions online for kids. I never knew such platforms do exists. I will check the platforms one after another. From the review I believe the Math Playground is gonna be great because i want to introduce my grand son to It.

    Thanks for making this wonderful online platforms known.

    1. Thanks Bibian,

      I hope that your grandson loves these games and loves his maths!  Please share this page with anyone you think might it helpful.

  6. Emmanuel Buysse

    Great post!

    It reminds me when I was a kid and the computer came out, the teacher wanted to try this out on us since she had the feeling this was more efficient than normal teaching would do.

    I remember that because of these games, my mathematics went much better than before.

    Anyway, I’m going to show this post to my sister, she will be happy to see this for her kids!

  7. This is brilliant. 

    My grandchildren are in the early years of primary school and always ask me what games I have on my phone for them to play. I am going to ‘loose’ my Minions app but suddenly find some new ones, from the references you have given us.

    Grannies can be sneaky promoting education as well as spoiling our grandchildren. Thank you so much for this wonderful information.

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