Peace Poems for Kids

Here are some peace poems for kids to discuss with/inspire your children.

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Peace – What Does It Mean?

Peace is a word that is often used,

But what does it really mean?

It’s something that we all wish for,

But it’s not always that easy to find.

Peace is calm and quiet,

A feeling of happiness and contentment.

It’s the absence of fear and violence,

And living in harmony with one another.

We all want peace in our lives,

But it’s not always easy to achieve.

It starts with each and every one of us,

By making choices that lead to peace.

We Must Work For Peace

We must work for peace

Day by day,

In our own little way,

Until it spreads around

And never ends.

Dove Symbol of Peace


A World Without War

We all want peace

It’s what our hearts desire

A world without war

Is something we all aspire

No more bombings

No more killings

This is the world we seek

And our dream is to make it a reality.

Peace – Such a Special Thing

Peace is the feeling we get

When we’re all together

And our hearts are united

We can all feel the love that surrounds us

And it’s such a special thing

Just to know that we’re all one family

And we’ll always be there for each other

That’s what peace is to me.

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Peaceful Thoughts

Peaceful thoughts and a clear conscience,

Living life with no regrets and always taking the high road,

Focusing on the good in life and being content with what you have,

Smiling at others, being friendly and kind,

Helping those in need without expecting anything in return,

Praying for peace both for yourself and for the world.

More Than the Absence of War

Peace is more than just an absence of war.

It’s listening to each other, even when we disagree.

It’s working together to find solutions and build a better world.

Peace is when we can all live in harmony,

Respecting each other’s cultures and beliefs.

It’s when we put our differences aside,

And come together as one human family.

Peace is the Absence of Fear

Peace is the absence of fear

And the presence of love

When we have peace in our hearts

We can be free from all that troubles us

And we can live in harmony and unity

With each other and with nature

May we all find peace within ourselves

And may it ripple out to encompass the world.

Living without Anger

Peace is living without anger

And being calm and kind

It’s working together

For the common good

It’s knowing we are all connected

And that every act has a consequence

So let’s work for peace

Every single day

So that we can all be happy

And our world can be a better place.

A World At Peace

A world at peace is what we all seek

To have a life with no fear or hurt

This can be achieved if we all work together

With love and kindness filling up our hearts

Let’s focus on the good and not the bad

So that we can create a world that’s pure and bright

And let this be the legacy we leave behind

For our children and for all who come after.

We All Want Peace

We all want peace

It’s what we hope for

A world without fear

And without wars.

This is something we all can work for

Helping one another out

So that everyone can be at peace.

Peace is a state of mind

And it starts with each of us

Working to make the world a better place

For everyone.

Peaceful People


Peace Is The Absence of War

Peace is the absence of war

And all of the terrible things that go with it

It’s the ability to get along

With people who are different from you

It’s the hope for a better tomorrow

For everyone, everywhere

Peace is something we all need

So let’s work together to make it happen.

Peace is a Feeling Inside

Peace is a feeling inside

That comes when everything is right

It’s like a cool breeze on a hot day

Or a calm ocean after a storm

Peace is what we all crave

And it starts with each of us

We must be kind and do no harm

Respect one another, that is the key

And in time, peace will grow

For our world and for us all

It’s something to aim for and fight for

So let’s start making a change today.

Listen to our Hearts

Peace is a special thing

It’s something we all need

When there’s too much anger and hate

It’s what sets us free.

Peace is something we can find

Inside of our hearts

If we just take the time

And listen to what it has to say.

Peace is The Absence of Noise

Peace is the absence of noise

And the calm after a stormy sea

A time to relax and breathe

A state of mind that’s free.

It’s being in the moment

And not worrying about the past.

It’s the smile on a baby’s face

And the light in somebody’s eyes.

Peace is a song that fills the air

When everything is going wrong

It’s a hand that reaches out to help

In times of trouble and despair.

May peace be with you every day

In everything that you do

May it bring you happiness and calm

And keep you safe and sound.

There is Nothing More Important

There is nothing more important

Than peace here on Earth

We must all work together

To build a world of unity

So that our children can be safe

And live in happiness and love.

Stop War

May The World Be At Peace

And all wars come to an end

We all need to live in harmony

In order for this world to mend

Our differences we must set aside

And work together for a common goal

So that our children will not have to fight

For a world that’s free of hate and strife.

We Will Be Much Happier

Peace is a good thing

It’s what we all need

In this world of hate and anger

Let’s all try to be more peaceful

And get along with one another

We’ll be much happier that way.

The Stillness after a Storm

Peace is the absence of war

In the world, in our hearts

It’s the stillness after a storm

The calm before the next one

It’s an ideal we all long for

And something we must never take for granted.

Like a Ray of Light

May the world be at peace

And all wars come to an end

We all need to live in harmony

In order for this world to mend.

Our differences we must set aside

And work together for a common goal

So that our children will not have to fight

For a world that’s free of hate and strife.

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