Science Kits For Kids

Science Kits For Kids

Many children love to mix up chemicals and make potions or explosions!! And so these science kits for kids is a great place to start.

Hamleys is offering the following science kits for kids to let them indulge such passions!

These kits also help children to grow a real interest in the possibility of becoming a scientist.


Update – check out Hamleys and Amazon UK for the latest science kits.

Hamleys 6-in-1 Science Super Kit

The first one is this Hamleys 6-in-1 Science Super Kit which has six different activities that you can do.

Super Lab Science Kit
Super Lab Science Kit

There are a variety of different experiments you can do and as the box says: “Become a real scientist and explore the world of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geology.”

This book shows you the kit inside the box and also that you get a booklet explaining the experiments that you can do.

Hamleys Super Lab Explosions Box

If your child likes explosions of any description then this might be the box for them.

Super Lab Explosions

Using the materials in this box, you can make mini rockets, some colourful explosions, and fizzy bombs.

It is suggested your child should be at least 8 years old to make the most of the learning experience, but also for health and safety reasons as this box contains balloons which must not be swallowed and various chemicals which should not come into contact with any body parts especially the eyes and the mouth.


Hamleys Super Lab Chemistry

For mixing of potions try out Hamleys Super Lab Chemistry science kit.

Once again there is a 36-page booklet with lots of experiments, 155 in fact.

Some of the things you can do include: creating a lava lamp, making giant soap bubbles, creating stalagmites and stalactites, creating sugar crystals and also creating a coloured foam column.


Super Lab Chemistry
Super Lab Chemistry


Again, this should be for children over 8.

Hamleys Superlab Jurassic Volcano

So have your children created a volcano at school?   And if they have, have they then excavated dinosaurs around it?

If not, then this kit is a must.  At least check with them, to see if they would like it.

They will have the opportunity to create their own exploding volcano and lava with this kit and then they with be able to excavate a T-Rex and a Triceratops.  Is your child a budding palaeontologist or volcanologist? By the way, volcanologist can also be spelt vulcanologist.


Super Lab Jurassic Volcano
Super Lab Jurassic Volcano

There are plenty more kits to choose from – which one would your child like?

Hamleys Science Kits
Hamleys Science Kits for Kids


Hamleys Science Kits 2
Hamleys Science Kits for Kids 2


Hamleys Magical Garden Super Kit


Super Lab Magic Garden
Super Lab Magic Garden

The Hamleys Science Kits are a fun way to learn about the world around us while support learning and imagination. With the Hamleys Magical Garden Super Kit, you can do wonderous outdoor experiments. Create an enchanted garden with real flowers, observe the growth of plants, know their life cycle and how to keep them healthy. You can also make a beautiful and personalized snow globe and smelling flower bags or prepare a garden of paper and observe the constitution of flowers.


Hamleys Water Experiments Super Kit


Super Lab Water Experiments
Super Lab Water Experiments

The Hamleys Water Experiments Super Kit is perfect for budding conservationists. Allowing you to learn the science behind water purification as well as fun experiments with bubbles and ice. You can even observe a submarine volcano and make paper fish race.

Hamleys Make Up Factory Super Kit


Super Lab Make Up Factory
Super Lab Make Up Factory

With the Hamleys Make Up Factory Super Kit you can create cool make up products for you and your friends. Learn about the science of your keeping your skin clean and healthy while creating colourful eyeshadows, cool lipstick, refreshing exfoliating cream and much more. This kit has been designed with the idea that teaching best practices for skin health is a skill that everyone should have!




7 thoughts on “Science Kits For Kids”

  1. Really great to come across this post. I have a daughter who has special love for science, and her birthday is coming up soon. I’m looking for a gift which she will appreciate, but also add direction to her life. All these science kits are really awesome, and I’m having a hard time deciding what to pick. Seeing their not so expensive, I may get her two or three, will like to discuss it with wifey before taking a decision.

    Thanks for the help,


    1. Hi Louis,

      That’s great – I am sure she will love them.

      However, you might want to give her a variety of things, if you click on the Hamleys link you will see that they have lots of really excellent toys and games.  They pride themselves on their high-quality offerings. 

      You can then give her another science kit at another time!  I think that she would get more out of it if you space them out.

      I hope that whatever you decide that your daughter had a wonderful birthday!!

      All the best!


  2. Hi I think science kits for kids are a great idea I have 3 kids and they love making potions and arts and crafts I have never seen these before but after reading your posts I have some great Christmas and birthday ideas they look good quality and for a good price

    1. Hi Anthony,

      Great!!  I’m glad that you like the look of them and I think you will make some kids very happy!

      All the best Julia

  3. Now this is nice, science kits for your kids which will help them grow in the real interest of either becoming a scientist, here you get to see various science kits such as the hamley super lab explosion box which cost £25  to get one for your lovely kids, the hamley super lab explosion box  is for building rockets while the hamley super lab chemistry for mixing of potion there are such more in here to help your kids grow in the little way of science…it is very affordable

  4. I would like to buy the water one as a gift but worried about what it says about it is for someone else’s child I wouldn’t want to risk them harming themselves. Am I worrying over nothing

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