Short Dr Who Poems for Kids

Dr Who – our Hero

Dr Who is a hero

He helps people when they’re in need

He’s the best there is

And he always will be

Everyone loves him

And they always will

He’s saved the world many times

And always will.

Dr Who Dalek

The One Who Travels Through Time and Space

She’s the one who travels through time

and space,

saving people and universes

from evil forces.

She’s the one who’s always there

when we need her most,

the defender of the innocent.

She’s our hero, Dr Who,

and we love her for it.

An Amazing Show

Dr Who is an amazing show,

It’s been on for 50 years now!

The Doctor is a time lord,

He travels through space and time.

He always saves the day,

And he never loses his cool.

He’s a hero to us all,

And we’re so grateful for him.

She Travels Through Time and Space

Doctor Who

she travels through time and space 

saving people and defeating evil 

her adventures are legendary 

everyone loves her and her scarf 

she’s a hero to us all 

and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

Who Is The Doctor?

Who is the Doctor?

This question has been asked

A thousand times or more.

Some say he’s a Time Lord,

Others claim he’s not.

He travels through time and space,

Fighting monsters and evil.

No one really knows for sure,

Who the Doctor really is.

She has Fought Daleks and Cybermen

The Doctor has been around for years,

and always manages to save the day.

She’s fought Daleks and Cybermen,

and always comes out on top.

She’s a hero to many,

and always manages to stay cheerful.

No matter what challenges she faces,

she never gives up hope.

A Time-travelling Hero

Dr Who is a time-traveling hero

He’s known throughout the universe

He’s helped many people in difficult times

And he always comes through in the end

He’s got a TARDIS that can take him anywhere

He’s fought Daleks and Cybermen galore

He’s always willing to help someone in need

And he’ll never let you down.

Defending Earth

Dr Who, time-travelling hero

Defending Earth and all of space

With his TARDIS and sonic screwdriver

He’s always there to save the day!

He’s been around for over 50 years

And he’s still going strong

He’s a hero to millions of fans

And he’s always ready to fight!

Gallifrey’s Hero

Dr Who, Dr Who

Gallifrey’s hero

Defender of the innocent

All through time and space

She’s always there to save the day.

A Deranged Madman

The Doctor is a deranged madman 

He jumps through time and space 

He knows more than any man 

And saves the universe on a regular basis 

He’s an alien, a Time Lord 

With a sonic screwdriver and a TARDIS 

He never knows what to expect 

But he’s always willing to help 

He’s saved everyone from Daleks and Cybermen 

And he always comes through in the end 

There’s no one quite like the Doctor 

Who else could save the world time and again?

Dr Who Tardis

Around for Over 50 Years

There’s a Doctor who travels through time and space,

On adventures with his friends, the TARDIS crew.

He’s been around for over 50 years,

A symbol of hope and heroism to millions.

He’s a man who has saved the world time and again,

A true hero in every sense of the word.

Though his enemies have tried to stop him,

They’ve never succeeded because he’s the Doctor.

Doctor Who is she

Doctor Who is she 

full of mystery  

and adventure 

She’s travelled time and space 

saving the world from evil 

With her companions by her side 

she always comes out on top 

No one knows where she’ll go or what she’ll do next 

But we’re sure that it will be amazing.

Travels through Time and Space

Dr Who travels through time and space

He never knows what he’ll find

He’s been there and done that

And he always saves the day

He’s a hero to many

And he’s always on the run

He’s the Doctor, Doctor Who!


The Doctor is special.

He’s always been there.

He helps us when we’re in need.

His TARDIS is amazing.

He travels through time and space.

He’s always been there for us.

The Doctor Saves the Day

Dr Who is amazing, she can travel through time and space.

She has a time machine called the Tardis, 

which is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.

She always saves the day and she never gives up.

She is a hero to many people and she is loved by everyone.

There’s a Time Lord

There’s a Time Lord who travels through time

He’s called the Doctor and he’s my favourite

He always saves the day and never gives up

He’s been around for centuries and I hope he never stops

The Doctor is one of a kind and we need him now more than ever

So put on your bow tie and let’s go on an adventure!

She Who Can Save the Day

The Doctor is she who can save the day 

She’s been known to show up in some pretty tight spots 

No one knows where she comes from or why she does what she does 

But her heart is always in the right place 

She’s a hero to many and we’re all so grateful 

For everything she’s done for us over the years 

Thank you, Doctor, for being you

Intelligence and Grace

The Doctor is so amazing

He travels through time and space

He never fails to amaze

With his intelligence and grace

He’s a hero to many

And everyone loves him

There’s no one quite like the Doctor

Who can save the world and make us smile

He’s our favourite Timelord

For he is truly unique and special.

They have a Sonic Screwdriver

The Doctor is the one who saves the day,

They have got a sonic screwdriver to help them find their way,

They have been around since 1963,

But they are still going strong and we love them anyway.

A Hero of Renown

The Doctor is a hero of renown

He travels time and space without bounds

He’s saved the universe time and again

No one knows the dangers he’s faced

He’s always willing to help out a friend

He’s the Doctor, the last of the Time Lords.

She Flits Through Time and Space

She flits through time and space 

travelling to distant galaxies 

saving civilizations from destruction 

she is a hero of the highest order 

the Doctor is her name 

and she is the most amazing woman 

ever to grace the screens of TV 

her intellect and compassion are unmatched 

she is truly one of a kind.

Coming to The Rescue

Dr Who is an amazing person

He travels through space and time

He’s helped so many people

And always comes to the rescue

No one knows quite what to expect

When Dr Who is in town

He’s a hero to many

And always ready to save the day.

A Timelord from Gallifrey

Dr Who, a Timelord from Gallifrey,

travels through time and space in his blue police box,

fighting evil aliens like the Daleks.

He’s been around for over 50 years and is a beloved icon

of British culture.

Thank you for being my lifelong friend,

the Doctor.

Known as Dr Who

The time lord known as Dr Who,

travels through time and space in his blue box.

She helps people and defends the world from evil.

He is a hero to many and is loved by all.

Dr Who is a true champion of good.

Travels Through Time

She’s the one who travels through time,

saving people from disaster and doom.

No one knows quite where she comes from,

but she always seems to know what to do.

She’s the Doctor’s trusty sidekick,

the most amazing woman you’ll ever meet.

She’s got the heart of a lioness,

and the strength to never give up.

Fearless Time Lord

Dr Who, our fearless Time Lord

travels through time and space

saving the universe from evil

with his companions by his side

he’s always there to fight the good fight

and restore peace and order

he’s a hero to us all

and we’re so lucky to have him

long may he keep on saving the universe!

Fighting Cybermen

There’s a person who travels through time,

fighting cybermen and saving the world.

They are brave and strong and always ready for a fight,

the Doctor with their sonic screwdriver.

They’ve been around for years and always will be,

the hero we need and never asked for.

He Will Never Stop!

The Doctor has come to save the day,

With his sonic screwdriver and TARDIS.

He’s a hero who always comes through,

Fighting aliens and saving the world.

He’s been around for fifty years,

But he’ll never stop fighting for good.

He’s the Doctor, and he’s our friend,

And we’re lucky to have him around.

Only She

Only she can stop the cybermen 

With her sonic screwdriver 

She’ll save the world and everyone in it 

The doctor is always one step ahead

He’ll Always Be There When You Need Him

There’s a man who travels through time,

His name is Doctor Who.

He’s saved the world from aliens and monsters,

But his biggest enemy is loneliness.

He’s a hero to many, a friend to all,

And he’ll always be there when you need him.

Even when his enemies are closing in,

He never gives up without a fight.

He’s the Doctor, the one and only,

And he’s always ready for an adventure.

Who Could Ask For More?

She’s the one who travels through time 

She’s the one who never fails to amaze 

She’s the one who always saves the day 

She’s the Doctor, the one and only 

Who could ask for more?

Dr Who

8 thoughts on “Short Dr Who Poems for Kids”

  1. See you are a fan of Doctor Who then. The old ones are best I think from 70’s and 80’s. I think I first started watching the reruns in the 1990’s, early 2000’s when I was a teenager. I think if my memory serves me correct the Simpsons was on at 6pm and Doctor Who used to come on after. The whole weird kind of Sci-Fi really made me feel kind of I don’t know maybe a bit creeped out but I always wanted to watch more.

    The newer ones I think I watched all the Eccelston, Tennant, Matt Smith episodes but kind of lost interest when Capaldi took over. I think I tried watching some of the new ones with the female doctor but couldn’t really get into it. I see they have another Doctor now maybe I will give it a watch to see what its like but still I would say the old ones are the best.

    1. Hi Alex,

      Yes, I loved Dr Who as a child – in the 70’s! John Pertwee was my first doctor. Unfortunately, I think I missed most of the Sylvester McCoy ones – no recording in those days!

      Then go into the books, and reminisced with friends. I was thrilled when it returned in – 2005? And I have watched it ever since.

      All the best Julia

  2. I loved reading these poems although I am not a huge fan of poems. I liked them because they included travelling ha ha.
    I do know that my niece likes poems and I am sure that these will be very to show to them as they usually have to read poems at school.

    1. Hi Thabo,

      I’m glad that you enjoyed these and I hope that your niece likes them as well.

      Travel poems – hmmm? Now you have got me thinking.

      All the best,


  3. Hi Julia,
    I too loved Dr Who way back then! The poem is beautiful and tells the story well in a very unique manner. I bet lots of kids will be sufficiently intrigued to want to know more. Storytelling through poetry is indeed an art

    Thanks, Ceci

    1. Hi Ceci,

      Thank you! And I was inspired by your line “Storytelling through poetry is an art”.

      Storytelling through poetry is an art,
      passing down our tales from generation to generation.
      Taking what’s been seen and experienced,
      and shaping it into words that move the heart.
      It’s a way to keep the memories alive,
      of who we are and where we’ve been,
      and it fills us with a sense of wonder,
      as we listen to the stories once again.

      All the best,


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