15 amazing facts about elephants (Poems for KS1 and KS2)

Amazing facts about elephants in poem form

The Largest Animal on Land

The African elephant is the world’s largest animal on land.

Their ears are big, their trunk is long,

and they can weigh up to two tons!

These gentle giants are often poached,

but they still roam the African plains,

painting the landscape with their huge bodies.

They are a sight to behold and a force to be reckoned with,

The mightiest of all elephants.

Elephant’s tusks are teeth!

Elephant tusks are teeth,
But they are also so much more.
They are symbols of power,
And tools for survival.

Elephant tusks are weapons,
Sharp and deadly when needed.
They can be used to crush bones,
Or to defend against danger.

Elephant tusks are symbols of strength,
And reminders of the power of nature.
They are a part of who elephants are,
And help define their place in the world.

Elephants tusks are teeth

Elephants have amazing memories


Elephants have amazing memories
Of their friends and family
They never forget a face
Even after years have passed
And they always seem to know
When someone is in need
They are truly remarkable creatures
And we can all learn a thing or two
From these amazing animals.

The African elephants’ ears

African elephants have large ears shaped like the continent of Africa
Their trumpeting calls can be heard for miles,
And when they run, their heavy bodies shake the ground.
Africa is their home, and they are a sight to behold.
In the morning light, their tusks gleam white,
As they walk through the long grasses, searching for food.
Their babies are so adorable, with big brown eyes,
And when they trumpet it sounds like a song.
African elephants are magnificent creatures, and we should all appreciate them!

African elephant ears

Asian elephants have smaller ears


Asian elephants have smaller ears
And they’re shaped like India
Their skin is wrinkled and grey
They’re known for being very gentle
Though they’re still quite large
Asian elephants are a beautiful sight
And they’re definitely worth a look.

Indian elephant ears

There are Three Species of Elephant

The elephant is one of the largest land animals on the planet.
There are three species of elephants: the African Savannah elephant, the African Forest elephant and the Asian elephant.
The African Savannah elephant is the biggest of the three, with males weighing in at around two-and-a-half tonnes.
The African Forest elephant is smaller, with males weighing in at around two tonnes.
The Asian elephant is smallest of all, with males weighing in at around a tonne.
All three species have a long trunk which they use to pluck food from the ground, as well as to drink, shower and dust themselves in mud.
Elephants are also able to swim quite well!

Elephants can hear through their Feet

Elephants can hear through their feet
They can feel the ground shake
They can hear the trodden earth
As an elephant passes by
The vibrations travel through their feet
And up to their ears
So they can always be aware
Of what’s going on around them.

Elephants Honour Their Dead

Elephants have a way of life,
A way of living that is very precise.
They always put their family first,
And show great respect for their dead.
When an elephant dies,
The others gather around and mourn,
Picking through their dead friend’s hair,
In a way that is both touching and sad.
For elephants, death is a time to reflect,
On all the good times they shared together,
And to remember the one who has passed,
With love and honour in their hearts.


Elephants use sunscreen


Elephants are gentle giants
Mud is their sunscreen
They have very sensitive skin
Which needs to be kept covered
The mud blocks the sun’s harmful rays
And helps keep them cool in the heat
Elephants are gentle and loving creatures.
Who use their natural sunscreen
To protect their delicate skin


Elephants and mice

Elephants and mice
They are so different
Elephants are big and strong
Mice are small and weak
But they both have something in common
They both love to eat
Elephants love to eat leaves and trees
Mice love to eat cheese and crackers

BTW Elephants are not afraid of mice!


Elephants can swim


Elephants can swim
they use their trunk to breathe like a snorkel in deep water.
They’re not afraid of getting wet
their sturdy trunk can hold their breath long enough
to stay underwater and explore.
The other elephants watch from the shore
as the ones who’ve ventured into the water
come back up, dripping and happy.


100,000 muscles in their trunk

Elephants have 100,000 muscles in their trunk
They can use it for drinking, bathing, and holding onto things
The trunk is also very strong
Elephants can use it to pick up things that are very heavy
Or to push things out of their way
The trunk is a very important part of an elephant’s body
And they use it all the time.

Elephants can walk backwards.

Elephants can walk both forwards and backwards
They’re not just stuck in one direction
This big animal is so graceful
It can move its trunk whichever way it wants
And it can walk backwards with such ease
Elephants are one of my favorite animals
I’m glad they can walk in more than one way.

Elephants scatter seeds around the forest

Elephants are one of the most important seed dispersers in the forest.
The seeds of many plants travel through their digestive system and are deposited elsewhere in their droppings.
This is an important way for plants to spread and reproduce, and it would not be possible without elephants.
Thank you, elephants, for helping to carry the seeds of life!
The plants have a much better chance to thrive.

Elephants and mirrors!

Elephants can recognise themselves in a mirror
They are not surprised
Seeing their huge form
Staring back at them
They know they are unique
Large and strong
Commanding attention
In the herd or on their own
They are happy in their skin.

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  1. What amazing creatures elephants are!
    These poems highlight so many of their fantastic qualities.

    I’m amazed that they are written by an AI. Scary stuff… I guess all of us bloggers will be out of a job soon?

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Yes, elephants are wonderful in so many different ways!

      And, yes, A! is interesting. I need to feed it ideas and I have rejected some of its offerings but it is certainly worth exploring, and as a blogger, I am enjoying playing with it.

      All the best,


  2. Thanks for your interesting article of 15 amazing facts about elephants (Poems for KS1 and KS2), it’s good because I learned many facts about the elephants such as elephants can use sunscreen and the elephants and mice have something in common is they both love to eat and other facts.

    Great job and well done.

    1. Hi

      One of my favourite cartoons illustrating the title, “Elephants and mice both have trunks.”

      The elephant was wearing swimming trunks and the mouse was packing a trunk to go on holiday!

      All the best,


  3. I never knew that the Asian Elephant had smaller ears than the African Elephant, so you have taught me something new today. Also, who would have thought that the tough skin that they were born with was so sensitive? It really looks tough on close examination, but needing sunscreen in the form of mud for that tough skin is all news to me.

    1. Hi Michel,

      Yes – I was really surprised about the tough skin being so sensitive! And probably a reminder for all of us to use suncream!!

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