Outside My Window Poems

These Outside my window poems were inspired by a challenge to write a piece called “Outside my window”. I decided to use my AI (you can buy a subscription to it here) to write on this topic.

You may want to print a few out, let your children pick out their favourites and then have a go at writing their own poems.

Please feel free to share any poems they – or you – write, in the comments.  I look forward to reading them!!

Outside my window

The sky is clear and blue,

A bright sun shining down.

The trees are swaying in the breeze,

Leaves rustling as they fall.

Birds are singing in the trees,

Happy chirping filling the air.

The grass is soft and green,

A gentle breeze blowing through it.

The world is so beautiful,

And I am so lucky to be able to see it.

Outside My Window Poems
Outside My Window Poems

Outside my window

I sit and watch the world go by
Out my window pane
I see the people as they pass
And all the things they’re wearing
The cars that drive too fast
The children laughing and playing
The birds in the sky

The Cat outside my window

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with watching the cat
Outside my window and it’s been a blast
I’m not sure if it’s chasing the birds or just playing
But it’s fun to watch it leaping and darting
The poor thing probably thinks it’s its own kingdom
But really, all it is is a small cat

Small cat

The world outside my window

The world outside my window is a kingdom
A kingdom of green trees and blue skies
A kingdom of fresh air and warm sunshine
A kingdom where the birds sing sweetly
And the flowers are bursting with color

This is a kingdom I’m happy to be part of
A kingdom where I can breathe deeply
And feel my heart fill with joy
This is a place where I can find peace
And listen to the whispers of love.

The weeds outside my window

Weeds are growing up high
and the flowers are blooming wild
The petals are so soft and pink
They were made to be kissed
The bees are buzzing around
Getting nectar from every flower
The sun is shining down
Making everything look so bright

The bees outside my window

The bees are busy today
Collecting pollen from all the flowers
They’re working so hard
And making so much noise
I can’t help but stop and watch them.


Outside my window

I can hear the leaves rustling in the wind
I can hear the birds singing
I can hear the children laughing
I can hear the traffic noise
I can hear the dog barking
I can hear the cat meowing
I can hear the wind blowing.

Outside my window the wind is blowing


Outside my window, the wind is blowing
Trees are swaying and the leaves are flowing
The wind is such a beautiful sight
I love to watch it in the morning light
It’s like a dance that’s free and wild
The wind is always moving and alive.

Outside my window the morning begins

I see the sun rise,
A gentle light that spreads across the sky.
The birds start to sing,
And the world slowly comes to life.
There’s a chill in the air,
But it doesn’t bother me.
I’m happy to be alive,
To witness this beautiful morning.


The sun is up

The sun is up and the birds are singing
The squirrels are chasing each other around
The people down the street are going to work
And the kids are on their way to school

It’s just another day in the life of
Outside my window.

People walking by

People walking by
On the sidewalk
With their heads held high
Not paying me any mind
I watch them as they go
Some with smiles, some with frowns
But all of them moving forward

It’s interesting to watch them
As they go about their day
For I can see a little bit of their story
In the way that they walk

I wonder where they’re going
What they’re thinking about
What might be happening in their lives
For just a moment, I can imagine myself in their shoes.

People walking by

Sitting, watching

I sit and watch the world go by
Outside my window
People travel here and there
So many going somewhere
I wonder where they’re all headed
Do they know where they’re going?
Do they care?
Maybe some do, maybe some don’t
All I know is that it’s a beautiful sight
To see the world outside my window.

A world outside my window

There’s a world outside my window
A world of children at play
They don’t know of life’s troubles
They’re just living in the moment

They run and they jump and they laugh
They don’t care if it’s raining or not
They’ll find a way to have some fun
Regardless of what’s going on around them

I watch them and I can’t help but smile
For I remember what it was like to be that age
To have nothing but the present to worry about
And I’m grateful for that memory

It’s raining

Outside my window it’s raining
A lullaby to soothe my pain
The pitter-patter on the roof
Is like a love song soft and smooth
A storm is brewing but I’m content
For right now all I need is this moment
The grey skies and misty air
Are like a guardian angel here
Keeping me safe and warm
Until the sun decides to come out again.
And gazing at the world outside
It’s a beautiful sight
With so much to see
There’s always something new
happening that I haven’t noticed before

I love looking out my window

The colours are so vibrant
And the sky is so blue
I can’t help but smile
As I take it all in
It’s such a wonderful thing
To be able to look out and see everything.

The workers pass by

Outside my window,
A constant hum of voices
As the workers pass by.

I watch them as they go,
So busy with their day.

There’s a sense of purpose there,
Of marching forward and never looking back.

I can only imagine the stories they could tell,
If only I could hear them speak.

I sit and watch

I sit and watch the world go by

So many people on the move

None of them taking the time to stop

And enjoy what’s right in front of them

I take a deep breath of the fresh air

And let it all wash over me

It’s so calm and peaceful here

outside my window.

I see the sea

Outside my window,
I can see the sea,
With its waves crashing
Against the shore.
I can smell the salty air,
And feel the breeze blowing
Through my hair.
It’s so peaceful here,
And I can’t help but stop
And soak it all in.

The mountains rise

Outside my window, the mountains rise
Majestic and proud, they touch the sky
Evergreen trees grace their slopes,
Catching the snow as it falls from on high.
In the summer wildflowers grow,
And in the fall the leaves turn to gold.
The view from here is like a painting,
A landscape that’s been carefully planned.
I sit and stare for hours on end,
Forgetting about all of life’s stress.
It’s so peaceful here, I could stay forever,
Lost in the beauty of these mountains.


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8 thoughts on “Outside My Window Poems”

  1. Matthew/Deloris

    Ther poems are amazing and make you think of all the good things that I want to think about. We enjoyed the poems and will be sure to share these with others. These poems are going to be good for all kinds of different people that relate to them.
    Glad to share these poems.


  2. I actually never liked poems when I was in school but for some reason as I grew up I grew to like them. I guess this is because I love writing now (which I also hated at school).

    Thank you for these poems I loved them and how they all resonated as well.
    Keep them coming 🙂

    1. Thanks, Thabo!

      These are deliberately more straightforward as I wanted to use examples that are informative and easy to access for children.

      All the best,


  3. It’s a pleasure to read these poems. You’ve covered such a sweeping view of the world.

    I especially enjoyed the lines about the world of children. It is always pleasant to see how children live in the moment and find one or the other way to have fun in most situations!

    I also loved the part describing how the beauty and serenity of mountains provide a sense of wonder and bliss.

    1. Hi Deepshikha,

      Thank you!

      I do enjoy the experience of creating and curating poems using an AI.

      It is very soothing and I do like reading them afterwards.

      All the best,


  4. Thank you for sharing these poems with us. I really enjoyed reading them as they are easy to relate to. (At least for me) I can see it as great literature for kids as it is really not that complicated. It uses quit simple language and again I found them very relevant. One question tough, dod you just find inspiration on AI or also piece of content was created using the site? Cheers

    1. Hi Julius,

      I was originally inspired by the challenge to write a piece entitled “Outside my Window”.

      I then fed this and other keywords into my AI and choose which poems I would use and whether I would use them. You can also edit them yourself which I do sometimes.

      All the best!


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