Short Poems about Being Funny

Here are a collection of short poems about being funny written by my AI with a little editing by me.



I am fascinated by how wise it can be!

I would love to hear your poems so please add them in the comments!

Funny is when you make a face

Funny is when you make a face
And everyone around starts to laugh
It’s also when you say something rude
And everyone starts to giggle and laugh.
Funny is when you’re walking down the street
And someone trips over their own feet
Funny is when you’re telling a joke
And everyone is trying not to laugh.

Funny is when you’re feeling down
And someone comes along and makes you frown
But then they turn it all around
With a silly dance or a funny sound.


Antics, Jokes and Witticisms.

I can make you laugh until you cry,

With my antics, jokes, and witticisms.
I bring the fun and laughter into your life,
And make you forget your troubles for a while.
My humour is sometimes dark and dry,
But it always makes you smile.
I’m the jester that keeps things light,
The life of the party, the funny one.

My funny old dog

My funny old dog,
he’s a bit of a clown.
He’s always getting into things,
never knows right from wrong.
But I couldn’t be without him,
he’s always been by my side.
Thru good and bad times,
he’s always been my guide.

Making people laugh

I love to make people laugh,

It’s one of my favourite things,
Especially when I can get a smile
From someone who’s feeling down.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy,
And it’s the simplest things,
That bring the most joy to my life,
Like making someone laugh.

The Clown

The clown is always funny,
his jokes are never lame.
He always makes us laugh,
his antics are such a shame.
He’s always happy,
even when things go wrong.
The clown is a funny guy,
who never seems to tire.

A Time to be Funny

There’s a time for everything
and a season for every
joke that’s ever been told.

So pull out that funny bone
and let’s get this party started!

We’ll laugh until we cry
and then we’ll laugh some more
because life is just too short
to not enjoy a good laugh.

I’m the class clown

I’m the class clown, the life of the party
I’m always laughing and trying to make you smile
You may think I’m silly, or that I’m dumb
But that’s just who I am and I wouldn’t change it for a thing
My humour is my shield, it helps me get through tough times
I may not be the smartest, or the strongest
But I’m funny and that’s what counts to me

There’s a reason

There’s a reason why they call it funny,

It’s because it’s hilarious and not somber.
It can make you laugh until you cry,
And it’s one of the best things in life.

There’s nothing like a good dose of humor,
To make you forget your troubles and woes.
It can take your mind off of your fears,
And help you to live in the present moment.

I’m the funny one

I’m the funny one, the joker of the bunch.
No one ever takes me seriously.
They always think I’m joking,
But I’m not, I’m serious.
It’s just that I find life more enjoyable
When I’m making people laugh.
It doesn’t matter if I’m not the smartest,
I can still make you smile.
So don’t take me too seriously,
Just enjoy my company,
And let me make you laugh a little bit.

A Funny Boy

There was once a funny boy,
Who everyone loved and enjoyed.
He always had a smile on his face,
And would make everyone laugh.
He was the life of the party,
And never stopped dancing.
No matter how bad things got,
This funny boy would never forget to laugh.

There’s a reason why we laugh

There’s a reason why we laugh,
And it’s not just to be polite.
It’s because some things are funny,
And it feels good to laugh and smile.

Life can be tough and serious,
But when we let go and laugh,
We find that we’re a whole lot better off,
Forgetting our troubles for a while.

My Dad

My dad’s always up for a good time
He loves to tell a hilarious joke
He’s never too busy to have some fun
He’s the life of any party
He’s always joking around
And making everyone laugh
He’s my favourite person in the world
And I’m so glad he’s my dad

It’s funny

It’s funny the way we think
We’re always in control
Funny how we act
When we’re really just fools
It’s funny when we try
To be something that we’re not
Funny how we say
We’ll never make that mistake again
But we always do

There’s a funny thing about funny

There’s a funny thing about funny

It’s always funny when it’s not you

But when it happens to you

You just don’t know what to do

Funny is like a knife

That cuts both ways

And sometimes it’s fun

To see someone else get hurt

But most of the time

It just makes you sad

Because you know that you’re the one

Who’s going to get hurt in the end

Mrs K.

My funny teacher, Mrs. K,
always has a smile on her face.
She’s always quick with a joke,
and she knows how to make us laugh.
Her lessons are never dry,
and she always keeps us on our toes.
Thank goodness for Mrs. K,
the funniest teacher in the school!

I am the funny one

I am the funny one,

the class clown,
the life of the party.

People love my jokes,
and my sense of humour.

But sometimes I wonder,
if they really know me.

Deep down inside,
I’m just a girl who wants to be loved.


The Jester

A jester’s life is one of jokes
And making people laugh till they choke.
He is a master of his craft,
And delights audiences with his mirth.
But a jester is also a symbol of wisdom,
Not just a clown to make you giggle.
He often speaks truths that others fear,
Which is why the jester is greatly respected.



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