What’s Being Done To Save Polar Bears?(and other Polar Bear Poems)

What’s Being Done To Save Polar Bears?

What’s Being Done To Save Polar Bears? and these other Polar Bear poems, have all been created by my AI, with a little help from me, making suggestions and editing the poems.

Polar Bear facts

Polar bears have fur that is dark brown in the summer and turns white in the winter

Their skin is black

They have a layer of blubber under their fur to keep them warm

They can swim for hours without getting tired
Polar bears can weigh up to 1500 pounds

They eat seals, walruses, and beluga whales.

Cute little polar bear cubs

Cute little polar bear cubs

So soft, so cuddly, so sweet

What a joy it is to behold

Their innocent faces, their playful ways

How we love to watch them grow

Into strong and fearless adults

Bears that will ensure the survival

Of their species for many years to come

Polar bear cub

What’s Being Done To Save Polar Bears?

Polar bears are dying out
and something must be done

Their habitat is disappearing

We need to act now
before they’re all gone

Governments and scientists are working together
to come up with a plan

They’re trying to find new homes
and ways to help the bears survive

It’s not going to be easy
but we have to try

Otherwise, we’ll lose these animals forever

And that would be a shame.

Polar Bears in the Arctic

In the coldest place on Earth,

live the creatures of strength and might:

the polar bears.

These great white beasts thrive on ice,

and make their homes in the stark arctic.

Hunting through the frozen land,

they are the lords of this domain.

With their powerful limbs and sharp teeth,

nothing dares cross their path.

In the frigid winter nights,

they sleep in sturdy dens of ice.

Polar Bear Arctic

The Endangered Polar Bear

What once roamed the land in packs

now dwindles in numbers,

left to face the cold alone.

The polar bear, king of the Arctic,

endangered due to climate change.

Bravely they swim in icy water,

hunting for seals; their main diet.

As the sea ice slowly melts away,

their habitat slowly disappears.

Melting arctic

Why did we let it happen?

Polar bears are one of the most endangered animals

Living in the north pole, they’re used to cold weather

But as global temperatures rise, their habitat diminishes

There’s not much we can do to save them, but we must try

Otherwise these beautiful creatures will die

We’ve caused so much destruction on this earth

And it doesn’t seem to bother us at all

But when it comes to animals like polar bears

We suddenly want to save them all

If we keep going the way we’re going

The planet won’t be hospitable for anyone

So let’s take a step in the right direction

Before it’s too late and they go extinct.

The Weight of a Polar Bear

A polar bear can weigh up to 1,500 pounds

They are the largest land predators

Hunting for food is their main priority

Whether it be a seal or a whale

These creatures are massive and awe-inspiring

Majestic in every way

But with that size comes great strength

And they can certainly hold their own.

Weight of a bear

If you are a seal – watch out!!

Polar bears are the largest of the bear family

Living on the ice caps of the north

Eating mostly seals and fish

But also scavenging what they can

Sometimes they will go for a reindeer

But their diet is mainly seal.


Don’t get too close!

What do polar bears eat

They live on seals and fish

But they’ll also take a bite

Of you if they’re feeling frisky!


Save the Bears!

Do you see that bear cub?

His coat so white and pure?

That’s not how it will be,

Unless we take action, right now.

The ice is melting, the temperature’s rising,

And the polar bears are in trouble.

We need to act, or they’ll all die.


We can’t let that happen,

it would be such a shame.

So let’s all do our part,

and do what we can,

To save these bears from extinction.

It won’t be easy, but it’s worth a try.

For the sake of those little cubs,

Let’s save the bears!

Polar bears love to eat

Polar bears love to eat

Arctic char, seals, and whale meat

They’re quite the predators

Of the sea and tundra

But they will also eat

Berries, eggs, and plants

When they can get their paws on them.

Polar Bears Swimming

Polar bears swimming

through the Arctic Sea

watch them as they glide

under the surface

their powerful bodies cutting through the water

as they move towards their prey.

Polar bear swimming

Water – their second home

Polar bears love to swim,

The water is their second home,

They often go for a swim,

In the ocean, they love to be free,

Often they go swimming,

In the cold Arctic Ocean.

Polar Bears and the Tundra

The polar bears are very important to the tundra.

Without them, the ecosystem would be out of balance.

They are a keystone species, meaning that they play a crucial role

in keeping the environment healthy.

Destroying their habitat would be a huge mistake.

Ursus Maritimus

Polar bears, Ursus Maritimus

King of the Arctic

Living on sea ice and scavenging

Eating mostly seals

Bears can swim sixty miles

In pursuit of food

Often in synch with the pack ice

Majestic creatures

Of the land and the sea

The Amazing Polar Bears

Polar bears are amazing creatures

With their scientific name of Ursus Maritimus

They live in the coldest place on Earth

In the Arctic where it is almost always winter

Their fur is thick and helps keep them warm

They are able to swim for long distances

And can even run over ice quite fast.

Polar bears

Scientific name is Ursus maritimus

They are the largest land predators in the world

Their fur is white, it helps them camouflage in the snow

They live in the arctic, where it is very cold

They eat mainly seals, but will also eat fish, berries, and plants

They are very good swimmers and can stay underwater for up to 2 minutes

Polar bears are facing many threats, including climate change and pollution.

Can we help the polar bear?

Majestic creature

Polar bears are one of Earth’s most majestic creatures

Their scientific name is Ursus Maritimus

These creatures can weigh up to 1600 pounds

They live in the arctic and enjoy swimming

Polar bears have a thick coat of fur to keep them warm

They are able to swim long distances and catch their prey

Polar bears are a vital part of the arctic ecosystem

We must do our best to protect these creatures

For they are a symbol of strength and resilience

In the harsh environment they live in

They have learned to survive and thrive

We should take note of their example

And learn from it as we face our own challenges.

Polar bears

King of the North

King of the North they say

Majestic in their might

White furred and big as mountains

Polar bears go where they will

Living as they please

Moving to the rhythms of the ice

Feared and adored by many.

The Largest Land Predators

Polar bears are the largest land predators

Hunting them is a thrill

But be careful, they’re known to kill

With their furry coats and white faces

They blend in with the snow

But they’re not easy to catch

Polar bears can grow up to ten feet tall

Weighing in at over 1,000 pounds

Their diet consists of mostly seals

They can live for up to 30 years

And can swim for miles

But their habitat is shrinking

Global warming is a threat to them

As the ice melts they have less space to roam

We need to do what we can to save them

Before …

How many Polar Bears are left now?

Only a fraction of the original population remains

as habitat dwindles and their food sources disappear.

In spite of global efforts, climate change continues to take its toll

on these magnificent creatures

who have roamed the earth for centuries.

We must act now to save the polar bears

before it’s too late and they’re gone forever

for their extinction would be a tragedy

not only for us, but for all of nature.

20 to 30 years old?

Polar bears can live 20 to 30 years,

But only a small percentage of polar bears

Live past 15 to 18 years.

This is why it’s so important

To make sure they have a safe place to live.

A Continual Battle

they are the kings of the Arctic,

these white bears that seem so strong and brave;

but the harshness of their environment
takes its toll

and most don’t live to be very old.

their lives are a continual battle

against the cold and the ice and the dark;

but they are a strong and determined species

and those that do survive to old age,

are a testament to the power of nature

and the resilience of life itself.

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4 thoughts on “What’s Being Done To Save Polar Bears?(and other Polar Bear Poems)”

  1. Wow, this is a nice one on polar bears. I used to classify these creatures as wild sheep and I know they can be really dangerous. These poems are informative because they give all the details on polar bears. Good to know these creatures can survive and live for such a long age. Even though I am not their fan but I wouldn’t want them to go into extinction because they add beauty to nature.

  2. As a marine mammal, the polar bear has adapted to life on land, ice and water. It is a top predator in its environment – it mainly feeds on seals, young walruses and whales, although it is ready to eat anything it can kill.

    Polar bears are a vulnerable species. Some scientists and climatologists believe that the decline of polar ice and rising sea levels due to global warming will play a crucial negative role in the fate of this species during this century.

    It’s great to see this page of poems about these superb creatures.

    It’s a really useful resource to use with children.

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