Verbs beginning with Z and their definitions

Verbs beginning with Z and their definitions

  • Zeal: to be enthusiastic or passionate about something
  • Zealot: to act with excessive or fanatical devotion to a cause or belief
  • Zealous: to be filled with or characterized by intense enthusiasm, passion, or energy
  • Zeroes: to adjust or reset a measuring device or scale to zero.
  • Zigzag: to move or proceed in a zigzag course or pattern
  • Zip: to close or open something with a zipper
  • Zipper: to fasten or unfasten with a zipper
  • Zodiac: to mark or divide the zodiac
  • Zombify: to turn into a zombie or to make someone or something resemble a zombie
  • Zoom: to move or travel quickly and smoothly or to increase the magnification of an image.

Some of these words are more commonly used as nouns.

A Poem about Zeal

Zeal, a fire that burns bright,
A passion that sets the heart alight,
A drive that fuels the soul,
A force that makes us whole.

With zeal we chase our dreams,
And turn them into reality it seems,
With zeal we conquer fears,
And overcome the doubts and tears.

Zeal, a spark that ignites,
A spirit that never fades or loses sight,
A force that powers the will,
A passion that fulfills.

With zeal we climb the highest peaks,
And reach for the stars that gleam and beams,
With zeal we strive for greatness,
And make our mark on history's pages.

For zeal is the fuel that drives us on,
The passion that keeps us strong,
It's the fire in our hearts,
That sets us apart.

So let your zeal burn bright and true,
And chase your dreams with all you do,
For with zeal, the sky's the limit,
And greatness is within your reach, so go for it!

Zipping Around

Zipping around, with the wind in our hair,

The world is a blur, but we don't care,
The speed is exhilarating, a thrill,
As we zip past, the world stands still.

We zip through the streets, a blur of motion,
A symphony of sights, sounds and ocean,
The engines roar, as we race ahead,
With the wind in our face, our spirits fed.

We zip through the countryside,
A green and yellow blur, a ride,
The sun on our skin, the breeze in our ears,
We forget our worries, our doubts and fears.

We zip to the horizon, a destination in mind,
The journey is the prize, we're one of a kind,
With every mile, we come alive,
Zipping around, we'll never survive

So let us zip around, with wild abandon,
With a thirst for adventure, and a need for passion,
For in the thrill of the ride, we truly find,
Our purpose, our joy, and peace of mind.

Zeroing In

Zeroing in, a focus so sharp,
A target in sight, a hit, a harp,
A precision, an aim, a goal,
A journey, a path, a role.

With every step, we zero in,
On the target, the end, the win,
With every breath, we zero in,
On the purpose, the reason, within.

We zero in, on our dreams,
And turn them into a reality, it seems,
We zero in, on our fears,
And conquer them, through the years.

We zero in, on our passions,
And chase them with a fierce determination,
We zero in, on our goals,
And make them our own, with a steady roll.

For zeroing in, is the path to success,
A journey of focus, progress,
It's the key to achieving our dreams,
And a way to make our wildest aspirations, a reality it beams.

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