Short Halloween Poems For Kids

Enjoy these short Halloween poems for kids as you make your preparations.

Happy Halloween

It’s the night of mischievous fun,
The time of ghouls and goblins galore.
When witches fly on their brooms,
And Jack-o-lanterns light up the streets.
You can be anything you want to be,
A monster, a princess, or a pirate.
There’s candy in abundance to be had,
And everyone is in a celebratory mood.
Happy Halloween!

Bats are Flying

Bats are flying in the night,
Ghouls and ghosts are out to fright.
Jack-o-lanterns burning bright,
Children dressed up having lots of fun.
The spooky holiday we all love,

Once a Year

Once a year all the ghouls and ghosts
Come out to play in the streets and host
A grand ol’ time, when candy is king
And costume parties are the thing

Children dress up as their favourite things
And revel in all the spooky fun
For one night, all inhibitions fall
And everyone just has a ball

Halloween is a Special Time

Halloween is a special time
When witches fly and skeletons climb
The moon is full and the air is chill
And all around there’s a feeling of thrill

Children dress up in costumes
And go out to trick or treat
Collecting candy is their only goal
But they always have so much fun

There’s something about Halloween
That just makes everyone happy
The spooky decorations, the treats, the games
It’s all so much fun!

A Spook-tacular Time

Pumpkins on porches,
Bats in the sky,
Witches on brooms,
Ghosts in the night.
Skeletons on parade,
Crazy costumes galore,
It’s Halloween!  
Fill up on candy,
Have a spook-tacular time!

Fun and Scares

Halloween night is drawing near
Fun and scares are in the air
Costumes, candy, and all that jazz
This is one holiday we all love to dabble in
Be it a kid or adult, we can’t resist
The spookiness, the thrill, the excitement
It’s all for one night and we can’t wait
So dress up in your scariest garb
And join us as we party hard.

Dressing Up for Halloween

One day out of the year,
Everyone gets to be someone else.
You can be whoever you want to be,
And no one can say you’re wrong.
You can dress up in whatever you like,
Even if it’s not what’s expected.
It’s a time to let loose and have some fun,
And forget about all your troubles.
So get out your best costumes,
And let’s go have some Halloween fun!

Being a Vampire

Making a Halloween costume is always so much fun,
especially when you can be something you’ve always wanted to be.
This year I’m going to be a vampire, and I can’t wait to see the reaction
I get when people see me out and about on Halloween night.
It’s going to be so much fun to dress up and have everyone think that I’m really scary,
even though all I really need is some good makeup and a cape.

A Ghost – again!

I can’t believe it’s already that time of year,
When everyone’s mind starts to churn
What costume should I wear?
Should I be a cat, or a bat?
A skeleton, or a witch?
I could be a princess or a pirate
There are just so many possibilities!
But in the end, I always seem to come back to one idea
I’ll be a ghost, just like last year.

Making A Halloween Costume

Making a Halloween costume is so much fun.
It’s like a puzzle that I get to solve.
I have to think about what I want to be,
And then find the perfect pieces to make it happen.
Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes it’s hard,
But the end result is always worth it.
I love getting dressed up for Halloween,
And walking around in my costume, pretending to be someone else.
It’s always so much fun to see what everyone else is wearing,
And take part in all the Halloween festivities.

Let’s have some fun

Since Halloween is almost here,
let’s get ready to have some fun.
There are games that we can play,
both indoors and outdoors.

One game that is always popular,
is playing “catch the ghost.”
You can also try to find the candy,
or go on a scavenger hunt.

Another game that is always a blast,
is going trick or treating.
You can also make your own costumes,
or carve a pumpkin with a friend.

Ghouls and Goblins

Ghouls and goblins,
Fly across the night sky.
The moon is full,
And the time is right,
For tricks and treats.
Witches cackle,
As black cats prowl.
All of nature,
Is alive and well,
On this most magical of nights.

Halloween History

People have been celebrating Halloween for centuries,
But no one knows exactly how or when it began.
Some say it started with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain,
When the barriers between the living and the dead were thinned.
Others believe that Halloween is descended from a pagan harvest festival,
Or that it was created by Christians as a way to distract people from rioting.
Whatever its origins, one thing is for sure- Halloween is lots of fun!
There’s dressing up in costumes, trick or treating, and parties galore!
So get ready to have a spooktacular time!

Halloween is Coming

Do you hear that?
It’s the sound of children laughing,
And jack-o-lanterns grinning.
It can only mean one thing:
Halloween is coming!

Everyone is getting ready,
Pumpkins are being carved,
And costumes are being made.
There’s a lot of excitement in the air,
In anticipation of the fun night ahead.

There will be trick or treating,
Games, ghost stories and more.
It’s such a joy to see all the kids dressed up,
Having a blast on Halloween!

Write Your Own Halloween Poem

Halloween poems should be fun and spooky,
Just like the holiday itself!
Be sure to add a touch of black,
And maybe a ghost or two.

For a really fun time, try rhyming,
It will make your poem even better.
Be sure to have a happy ending,
Otherwise it’s just not right!

Now it is your turn.

Encourage your children to write their own poems and then perhaps you could put them in the comments, or they could write about their plans for Halloween.

Free Verse Poems for Kids

You may have noticed that I include free verse poems for kids on this website.

Kids love poetry, and this is especially true when it comes in the form of free verse. These poems are perfect for teaching kids about the art of poetry and how it can be used to communicate a message. It also works well to give short bites of information, explore an idea, or play with streams of consciousness.

What is free verse?

Free verse poetry is a type of poetry that does not follow any specific structure or rules. This type of poetry is often seen as more expressive and creative, as it allows the poet to experiment with words and form. Free verse poetry can be a great way to express yourself and explore your creativity.

Free verse poems are great for kids because they are fun to read and write. Young readers will love the imaginative worlds created by these poems and will be inspired to write their own.

Do you want to give your kids a creative outlet? Introduce free verse poems for kids! These poems are easy to write and provide a fun way for your kids to express themselves. Whether they’re writing about their favourite animal or telling a story, these poems will help foster creativity and literacy skills.


Free verse poems don’t have a specific structure and can be written in any way the author pleases.

These poems are perfect for kids because they are short, sweet, and simple.

They are also great for teaching children about poetry.

The verses can be short or long.

They can be read aloud or written and shared with family and friends.

Using Images

Free verse poems often use images to help convey meaning.

Equally, images can be used as a prompt.

Autumn trees and a windy path

Autumn Trees

The leaves fall gently from the tall trees
Each one a different colour, red, orange, yellow
The leaves swirl around in the autumn breeze
Landing softly on the ground below
The trees are a beautiful sight to see
Especially when their leaves are changing colour
Nature is so amazing and full of surprises
I can’t help but stand and stare.

Examples of Free Verse Poetry – About Free Verse

Here are 6 free verse poems for kids that will get them thinking about poetry and writing.

I Sit Here

I sit here,

pen in hand,

thinking of what to write.

There’s so much I want to say,

but I don’t know where to start.

I could write about the love I have,

or the love I’ve lost.

I could write about the good times,

or the bad times.

I could write about my hopes and dreams,

or my fears and doubts.

But instead, I’m going to write about this poem.

My Free Verse Poem

This is my free verse poem

I don’t need any rules

I can write whatever I want

There’s no need for structure or form

It can be chaotic and wild

It doesn’t have to make sense

I just let my thoughts flow freely

This is my free verse poem.

I Am A Free Verse Poem

I am a free verse poem

I don’t have to rhyme

I can go where I want

And say what I want

I don’t have any rules

I am free to be myself.

I Love Free Verse Poems

I love free verse poems,

They’re like surprises,

You never know what’s going to happen.

Some people might think they’re random,

But I think they’re unique and special.

They allow you to express your thoughts and feelings,

Without having to conform to any specific structure.

There’s no wrong or right way to write them,

Which is why I love them so much.

This poem is about my free verse poem.

It’s a snapshot of my feelings,

And it flows without any rules.

I’m not sure where it’s going,

But I’m just going to let it go.

It’s a kind of freedom,

To express myself in this way.

There’s no need to fuss over form,

Or worry about what others will say.

This is my poem, my creation,

And I’m free to do as I please.

This Poem is Just Free Verse

This poem is just free verse

It doesn’t have a set rhyme

Or a specific meter to follow

It just goes as the words come

There’s no hidden message

Just me pouring out my heart.

Other examples of Free Verse Poetry for Kids

Happy Birthday

Best friend since forever,

we have been through thick and thin,

I am so glad that you are my friend,

I don’t know what I would do without you,

You have helped me through so many things,

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us,

Happy birthday my friend, may all your dreams come true!

It Always Rains at Playtime

It always rains at playtime

The sky is so cloudy and grey

And all the kids are stuck inside

Playing games and making noise

Without being able to go outside

The rain just won’t stop today

Maybe it will clear up soon.

The Summer Holidays Are Coming

The summer holidays are coming

I can’t wait to have some fun

I’m going to the beach and swimming

I’m going to eat lots of ice cream

I’m going to sleep in late every day

The Summer holidays are coming and I am so excited!

I Would Love a Puppy

I would love a puppy

To love and to hold

To play with and keep me warm

During the long winter nights

A furry little friend

Who would never Judge me or my life

But just be happy to be by my side

I would name him Tucker

And together we’d be best friends.

My Favourite Dinner

My favourite dinner is a delicious,

hearty feast of Italian food.

I love the pasta, the sauce, the

cheesy goodness of it all.

I could eat this meal every day

and never get bored.

Thank you, Italy, for giving us

such a wonderful meal to enjoy!

My Favourite Lesson

Maths is my favourite lesson

I really enjoy doing math

It’s a lot of fun and I’m very good at it

I love solving equations and figuring out problems

It’s challenging and keeps me on my toes

I hope to keep learning maths for a long time.

To Conclude

In conclusion, free verse poetry is a type of poetry that does not follow any specific structure or rules.

This type of poetry is often seen as more expressive and creative, as it allows the poet to experiment with words and form. Free verse poetry can be a great way to express yourself and to explore your creativity.

They can be read aloud or written on a small piece of paper and carried around with the child.

Please Leave Me a Comment

I would love to hear if you found this page useful or interesting.

And if you or your children choose to write a poem and would like to share it – I would love to hear it.

I look forward to hearing from you!!


I hope that you write a poem
It should be about your hopes and dreams
8 lines or so is all you need
So that others may read and see
The inner workings of your mind
This is a request, not a demand
I hope that you will take the time.





Interesting facts about Roald Dahl (Poems for KS1 and KS2)

This page, “Interesting facts about Roald Dahl (Poems for KS1 and KS2)” has actually been written by
my poetry-writing AI with a little help from myself. Roald Dahl is a wonderful author and I’ve enjoyed both his children’s books and his tales for adults.

I picked out the facts I wanted to use and then the AI did the rest.

I hope that you find this a useful resource.  If your children, or you – write your own poems in response to this, please share it in the comments.  I would love to read them.

Roald Dahl – Born in Wales

Dahl was born in Wales,
but his parents were Norwegian.
He loved the stories of trolls
and mystical creatures from his homeland.

He grew up to write his own stories,
filled with fantastical creatures of his own.
His books are now beloved by children all over the world,
and he is known as one of the greatest children’s authors of all time.

Roald Dahl’s Amazing Mind

I want to write about Roald Dahl

The man with the amazing mind

He wrote wondrous stories

That made me think and smile

He was a master of his craft

And his books are treasures

I’m grateful for the time he spent

In this world, and in mine.

Everyone loves Roald Dahl

Everyone loves Roald Dahl,
the wonderful wizard of words.
His stories are delightful,
full of fun and surprises.
He has a magic touch,
transforming the everyday into something special.
Thank you, Roald Dahl,
for making childhood so much fun.

A Giant of a Man

A giant of a man, with a giant’s heart
His works inspired children and adults, equally
Making them laugh, and sometimes making them cry
He was a storyteller, whose words would never die
A master of his craft, who will always be remembered
For the joy he brought to so many, throughout his life.

If he could see

What a wonderful world it would be,

If only Roald Dahl were here to see.
He brought us stories that we all love,
And now we all miss him from above.
He was so sweet and kind,
And his stories will always be in our minds.
His writings were truly magical,
And we all feel very lucky that he was so prolific.

Once upon a time

Once upon a time,
there was a very famous author
whose name was Roald Dahl.
He wrote some amazing stories
that made everyone happy.
His books were filled with magic
and adventure, and everyone loved them.
He will always be remembered
for his wonderful writing.

Making the dark light

There was a man named Dahl,
whose books were really quite good.
The stories he would tell,
were something that you should not miss.
He had a way with words,
that made you want to read more.
His tales were full of magic,
and sometimes quite a bit of gore.
But no matter what the story,
you knew it would be a treat.
For Roald Dahl was the master,
of making the dark light.

Born in Llandaff

In 1916, in Llandaff, Wales
a son was born to Harald and Sofie Dahl
Roald would go on to become a famous children’s author
He wrote about witches and giants and chocolate factories
He was a master of the twist ending, which delighted kids and adults alike
He was also a World War II fighter pilot
What a guy!

The Cathedral School in Llandaff.

For a little boy, it seemed so huge,
The Cathedral School in Llandaff.
But Roald Dahl found his feet and his voice,
And all that he learned there was worthwhile.
He formed lasting friendships,
Learned about loyalty and respect;
What a foundation for life this was!

The Mouse and the Gobstoppers

The four boys were caught
Putting a mouse in the gobstoppers jar
The punishment was severe
Caning from the headmaster
It was a painful experience
But they all laughed about it later
Because Roald Dahl wrote about it.

Roald Dahl – fighter pilot

Roald Dahl was a fighter pilot
In World War II
He downed many planes
With his quick wit and skill
But one day his luck ran out
And his plane was hit
He bailed out just in time
But suffered a terrible injury
Which left him blind for a while.

Roald Dahl wrote in a Shed

In a shed at the bottom of the garden,
Roald Dahl wrote some of the best stories ever told.
He sat in his chair, with a pencil in his hand,
Inspired by the world around him, day and night.

The shed was his refuge from the outside world,
A place where he could escape to his own little world.
Inside, there were no limits to what he could do,
He could be whoever he wanted to be.

There were no rules in that little shed,
No one to tell him what was right or wrong.
He was free to create as he pleased,
And the results were magical.

Roadl Dahl made up over 250 new words

He was one of a kind,
Achievements to his name,
A writer of children’s books,
But with a vocabulary bold and new.

He gave words to the unheard,
The undiscovered and unnamed,
A master of language,
Who showed us all there’s more to say.

His words were playful and bright,
Filled with mischief and joy,
And we all owe him a debt of gratitude,
For making our world just a little bit brighter.

Roald Dahl Day!

It’s Roald Dahl Day!
We’re all so excited
It’s time to have some fun
For today we’ll read some stories
And maybe do some baking too!

There’s so much to enjoy
When it’s Roald Dahl Day
The author is such a genius
We all love his work, don’t we?

So let’s get started today
With some delightful fun
In honour of Roald Dahl
Who wrote some amazing stories.

Roald Dahl Day – 13th September


Roald Dahl was one of my favourite authors
I always loved his stories, they were so clever
He had a way of making the dark seem fun
And I think he was the best that ever happened to children’s lit
This day is held every year on September 13th
To honour the life and work of this amazing man
Who gave us tales of heroes, villains and chocolate factories
Thank you, Roald Dahl, for all the joy you’ve brought us.

Roald Dahl was named after the legendary Norwegian explorer, Roald Amundsen.

There once was a boy named Roald,
who was named after a great explorer.
He loved to read and write,
and he dreamed of faraway places.
He was a bit of a rebel,
but he had a kind heart.
He was one of the most famous writers of his time,
and his books are still cherished today.

Roald Dahl Books

There is magic in the pages of Roald Dahl books,
Secrets and tales to be read again and again.
The Child inside of us all, will come alive
With the stories of the BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,
And Matilda.
These stories are timeless, and we’ll never get enough
Of the World According to Roald Dahl.

Outside My Window Poems

These Outside my window poems were inspired by a challenge to write a piece called “Outside my window”. I decided to use my AI (you can buy a subscription to it here) to write on this topic.

You may want to print a few out, let your children pick out their favourites and then have a go at writing their own poems.

Please feel free to share any poems they – or you – write, in the comments.  I look forward to reading them!!

Outside my window

The sky is clear and blue,

A bright sun shining down.

The trees are swaying in the breeze,

Leaves rustling as they fall.

Birds are singing in the trees,

Happy chirping filling the air.

The grass is soft and green,

A gentle breeze blowing through it.

The world is so beautiful,

And I am so lucky to be able to see it.

Outside My Window Poems
Outside My Window Poems

Outside my window

I sit and watch the world go by
Out my window pane
I see the people as they pass
And all the things they’re wearing
The cars that drive too fast
The children laughing and playing
The birds in the sky

The Cat outside my window

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with watching the cat
Outside my window and it’s been a blast
I’m not sure if it’s chasing the birds or just playing
But it’s fun to watch it leaping and darting
The poor thing probably thinks it’s its own kingdom
But really, all it is is a small cat

Small cat

The world outside my window

The world outside my window is a kingdom
A kingdom of green trees and blue skies
A kingdom of fresh air and warm sunshine
A kingdom where the birds sing sweetly
And the flowers are bursting with color

This is a kingdom I’m happy to be part of
A kingdom where I can breathe deeply
And feel my heart fill with joy
This is a place where I can find peace
And listen to the whispers of love.

The weeds outside my window

Weeds are growing up high
and the flowers are blooming wild
The petals are so soft and pink
They were made to be kissed
The bees are buzzing around
Getting nectar from every flower
The sun is shining down
Making everything look so bright

The bees outside my window

The bees are busy today
Collecting pollen from all the flowers
They’re working so hard
And making so much noise
I can’t help but stop and watch them.


Outside my window

I can hear the leaves rustling in the wind
I can hear the birds singing
I can hear the children laughing
I can hear the traffic noise
I can hear the dog barking
I can hear the cat meowing
I can hear the wind blowing.

Outside my window the wind is blowing


Outside my window, the wind is blowing
Trees are swaying and the leaves are flowing
The wind is such a beautiful sight
I love to watch it in the morning light
It’s like a dance that’s free and wild
The wind is always moving and alive.

Outside my window the morning begins

I see the sun rise,
A gentle light that spreads across the sky.
The birds start to sing,
And the world slowly comes to life.
There’s a chill in the air,
But it doesn’t bother me.
I’m happy to be alive,
To witness this beautiful morning.


The sun is up

The sun is up and the birds are singing
The squirrels are chasing each other around
The people down the street are going to work
And the kids are on their way to school

It’s just another day in the life of
Outside my window.

People walking by

People walking by
On the sidewalk
With their heads held high
Not paying me any mind
I watch them as they go
Some with smiles, some with frowns
But all of them moving forward

It’s interesting to watch them
As they go about their day
For I can see a little bit of their story
In the way that they walk

I wonder where they’re going
What they’re thinking about
What might be happening in their lives
For just a moment, I can imagine myself in their shoes.

People walking by

Sitting, watching

I sit and watch the world go by
Outside my window
People travel here and there
So many going somewhere
I wonder where they’re all headed
Do they know where they’re going?
Do they care?
Maybe some do, maybe some don’t
All I know is that it’s a beautiful sight
To see the world outside my window.

A world outside my window

There’s a world outside my window
A world of children at play
They don’t know of life’s troubles
They’re just living in the moment

They run and they jump and they laugh
They don’t care if it’s raining or not
They’ll find a way to have some fun
Regardless of what’s going on around them

I watch them and I can’t help but smile
For I remember what it was like to be that age
To have nothing but the present to worry about
And I’m grateful for that memory

It’s raining

Outside my window it’s raining
A lullaby to soothe my pain
The pitter-patter on the roof
Is like a love song soft and smooth
A storm is brewing but I’m content
For right now all I need is this moment
The grey skies and misty air
Are like a guardian angel here
Keeping me safe and warm
Until the sun decides to come out again.
And gazing at the world outside
It’s a beautiful sight
With so much to see
There’s always something new
happening that I haven’t noticed before

I love looking out my window

The colours are so vibrant
And the sky is so blue
I can’t help but smile
As I take it all in
It’s such a wonderful thing
To be able to look out and see everything.

The workers pass by

Outside my window,
A constant hum of voices
As the workers pass by.

I watch them as they go,
So busy with their day.

There’s a sense of purpose there,
Of marching forward and never looking back.

I can only imagine the stories they could tell,
If only I could hear them speak.

I sit and watch

I sit and watch the world go by

So many people on the move

None of them taking the time to stop

And enjoy what’s right in front of them

I take a deep breath of the fresh air

And let it all wash over me

It’s so calm and peaceful here

outside my window.

I see the sea

Outside my window,
I can see the sea,
With its waves crashing
Against the shore.
I can smell the salty air,
And feel the breeze blowing
Through my hair.
It’s so peaceful here,
And I can’t help but stop
And soak it all in.

The mountains rise

Outside my window, the mountains rise
Majestic and proud, they touch the sky
Evergreen trees grace their slopes,
Catching the snow as it falls from on high.
In the summer wildflowers grow,
And in the fall the leaves turn to gold.
The view from here is like a painting,
A landscape that’s been carefully planned.
I sit and stare for hours on end,
Forgetting about all of life’s stress.
It’s so peaceful here, I could stay forever,
Lost in the beauty of these mountains.


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Poems about Places in London for KS1 and KS2

This page of poems about places in London for KS1 and KS2 was written mainly by my AIClick here if you are looking for a resource to help you write poems/create resources including webpages.  Let me know in the comments underneath if you would like my AI to write a poem about any other places in London or indeed any other subject. For other poems on this website just type “poems” into the search on the right-hand side of the page.

Europe’s biggest city- London

Europe’s biggest city- London

The city that never sleeps

The centre of the world

The place where the old and the new collide

The home of kings and queens

A city of culture and history

London is a city that has something for everyone.

London is the capital

London is the capital
The city that never sleeps
It’s always buzzing with life
There’s always something to do
From museums to parks
There’s something for everyone
London is a city that you must see.

The London Tube

The London tube is a thing of beauty
It’s like a big dark snake
Coiling through the city
Carrying people to their destinations
In a hurry
The tube is always busy
People rushing to get on
And off again
Always in a hurry
The London tube is a thing of beauty

London tube map

The London Tube Map

The tube map is so vast and complex
With stations spanning far and wide
There’s a route for everyone, whatever their need
Whether travelling for business or pleasure

The map is always there, ready to help
Guiding you to your destination
And with its bright colours and easy-to-read design
It’s never been simpler to get around London.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, a tourist’s dream
The home of the Queen and her family
A place where history is alive and well
One of the most famous buildings in the world
Inside and out it’s a sight to behold
No matter how often you see it, it never gets old.

The Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum
Is a world of history and art
It’s a place where you can learn about the past
And see the present in a new light
There are sculptures and paintings galore
And exhibits that will capture your heart
It’s a place where you can explore and discover
And learn about different cultures near and far
So if you’re looking for a fun day out
The Victoria and Albert Museum is the place to go.

The London Eye

The London Eye

The London Eye is a giant wheel,
Offering views of the city below.
It’s a popular tourist spot,
Especially for those who love to sightsee.
From up high, you can see all the landmarks,
The Tower of London and Westminster Abbey.
You can also see St. Paul’s Cathedral and Buckingham Palace,
All while relaxing in your glass pod.

Madame Tussaud

Madame Tussauds in London

Come one, come all to see the sights
Of London’s Madame Tussauds
The wax replicas of famous figures
In history and pop culture
Stand here, sit there, so lifelike
It’s hard to tell them apart.
Journalistic integrity
Requires I do not give away the surprises.
But rest assured, it’s an experience
You won’t want to miss. 

The London Planetarium

The London Planetarium
Is a place of wonder and amazement
For people of all ages
It’s a place where you can explore the universe
And learn about the planets
It’s a place where you can experience the stars
And feel like you’re floating among them
It’s a place where you can discover new things
And see the universe in a whole new light
If you’re ever in London, be sure to visit the planetarium
You won’t regret it!
It’s a celestial sanctuary
Where you can lose yourself in the universe.

Houses of parliament and Big Ben

The Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament sit on the Thames,
Glimpsing downstream to the London Eye;
Facing the river, their back to the City,
The medieval palace now a seat of power.

Rising in grandeur above the weathered stone,
Elizabeth’s turret and Big Ben’s great clock,
They are symbols of our British heritage,
Majestic reminders of bygone days.

Big Ben

I’ve heard that Big Ben is the biggest clock
In the land, and it’s really something to see
It’s so big and bold, with a voice that’s so loud
And each strike of the bell is so clear
People come from all around just to hear
The sound of Big Ben ringing in their ear
This famous clock is something unique
It’s stood the test of time and still ticks
Everyone should have the chance to see
The legendary Big Ben in London

St Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral

I am St. Paul’s Cathedral,
Named after the Patron Saint of London.
I have stood here for many years,
A witness to the city’s growth.

I have been a place of worship,
A shelter in times of need.
I have been a symbol of strength,
And a beacon of hope.

My doors have welcomed kings,
And my walls have held the poor and homeless.
I am more than just a building,
I am an important part of London’s history.

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum in London

This is a museum of natural history
Filled with fossils and bones of dinosaurs
It’s a place where you can explore the past
And learn about the animals that once roamed the earth.

The museum has everything from mammoths
To sabre-tooth tigers and giant sloths
You can see exhibits on insects and plants
And learn about the human body too
It’s a place where you can discover new things
Every time you visit, without fail.

River Thames

The River Thames

The River Thames flows through the heart of London,
seeing all that happens in this great city.
The river is a witness to the good and bad,
the happiness and sorrow.
It carries people on its banks and boats on its waves,
bringing them to their destinations.
The River Thames is a symbol of life in London,
and it will continue to flow long after we’re gone.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is one of the most iconic bridges in London.
It’s a drawbridge that was built over a hundred years ago.
The views from the bridge are stunning, and it’s a must-see for visitors.
Tower Bridge is a British symbol, and it’s a vital part of the city’s infrastructure.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey,

home to kings and queens,
a place of history and mystery.

Architectural beauty surrounds you,
with carvings and sculptures on every wall.

The stained glass windows shed light,
filling the church with a rainbow of colours.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site,
it is one of the most visited places in the world.

Westminster Cathedral

Westminster Cathedral stands so tall and proud
A beacon of light in the heart of London town
Its grandeur is matched by its beauty
And its soaring spires can be seen for miles around
The faithful come to pray and worship here
And marvel at the stained glass windows that dot the walls
It’s a place of peace in the midst of chaos
A holy sanctuary that welcomes all.

The Science Museum in London

The Science Museum is a place of learning,
A place where people can come to explore and discover.
It’s a place where you can be inspired by the wonders of science,
And learn about the world around you.
The Science Museum is a place where you can have fun too,
With exhibits that are both educational and entertaining.
So if you’re looking for a place to learn and have some fun,
The Science Museum is the place for you!

I would love to see any poems written by children – or adults – inspired by this page.  I look forward to reading your comments and poems.

If you are interested in learning about The Great Fire of London click here.

There are links to videos, resources and craft ideas.

How Do Dolphins Sleep? (And other Dolphin Poems, Facts and Pictures)

Dolphins are mammals

These poems are mostly written by my AI – click here if you are interested in getting your own version.

How do Dolphins Sleep?

Dolphins sleep by shutting off one half of their brain at a time.
They rest just like we do
when they take a break from swimming and playing
in the ocean’s waves.
They can even swim while they’re asleep
keeping watch over their pod so they don’t get lost.
Dolphins have been known to sleep with one eye open
in case there’s danger lurking nearby.

One Eye Open

Dolphins sleep with one eye open,
in case they need to swim away.
They’ll drift off to sleep,
but they’re never really far away.

The dolphins stay close together,
forming a protective circle.
They’ll nap for a while,
before swimming back into the sea.

Dolphins Are Mammals

Dolphins are mammals
They need to breathe air
They live in the water
But they come up to the surface
To breathe and jump around
Dolphins are so graceful
And they’re really smart, too
They help people out
In search and rescue missions

Just like us?

Dolphins are mammals just like us
They need air to breathe and they must eat
Just like any other mammal they grow and nurse their young
Dolphins communicate with each other in unique ways
They can be playful and full of fun
But they are also quite intelligent
In the wild they often work together as a team
They’re always a joy to see

Dolphins often work together

Do Dolphins Have Gills?

Dolphins have no gills

But they can hold their breath

They will stay underwater

For quite some time

They can swim so fast

And they’re very smart.

Dolphins know how to play

And they have a lot of fun

They know how to sing and dance

But the best thing about them is that they’re friendly.

Dolphins underwater

How long can dolphins stay underwater?

Dolphins can hold their breath for up to 10 minutes

They are one of the few sea creatures

Who can survive without air for a while

But they have to come up for air eventually

Otherwise they will drown

Dolphins use their echolocation to find food

And to communicate with each other

They are very intelligent creatures

And are part of our eco-system

Dolphins swimming underwater

Born to Swim

Dolphins are born to swim

and love the ocean deep

But how long can they stay

underneath the waves

before they have to come up for air?

Some dolphins can hold their breath

for up to five minutes

Others only a few seconds

It really depends

on how much they need oxygen

They use their blowholes to breathe

And when they’re underwater

They close their blowholes tight

So no water can get in

It’s an amazing thing to see

These creatures of the sea

How they can stay down so long

And not have to come up for air.

Dolphins in captivity

How Many Dolphins Are Kept In Captivity?

How many dolphins are kept in captivity?
Over 3000, it seems, and not enough space.
SeaWorld has them swimming in tanks,
But fortunately, some people care
And try to free these creatures so rare.

Majestic creatures held captive

Dolphins are majestic creatures
Often seen jumping out of the sea
But how many people know
Just how many dolphins are in captivity?

It’s estimated that over 5,000 dolphins
Are held in tanks and pools
Many of them for our entertainment
As we watch them swim and leap

The thought of these intelligent animals
In such cramped spaces is sickening
It’s time to let them free
So they can live as nature intended

Kept in Captivity

How many dolphins are kept in captivity?
Thousands, it seems, and not enough space.
SeaWorld has them swimming in tanks,
But fortunately some people care
And try to free these creatures so rare.

In captivity

In captivity,
many dolphins are kept
against their will
to do tricks for us
and make us smile
but in the wild,
they would be free
to swim and dive and play
and never have to worry
about a concrete tank.

Smart Dolphins

Dolphins are very smart

And can learn tricks easily

They are also very playful

And love to play games.

Where are Dolphins Found in the Wild

Dolphins – fascinating creatures frolicking in the seas

Found in many different parts of the world

In the shallow waters of ocean’s continental shelves

Enjoying tropical and temperate waters,

Some larger species found in colder environments,

Even in the Arctic Ocean.

Dolphins in the Wild

Playful Nature And Friendly Smiles

Dolphins are truly amazing creatures

With their playful nature and friendly smiles

They always bring happiness to those around them

And we can learn so much from their ways

They always look out for one another

And they never give up hope

Their compassion and kindness is something to be admired

And we could all use a little more of that in our lives

Gentle and Kind

Dolphins are gentle and kind,
These creatures of the sea,
With their playful nature and sweet smiles,
Are a joy to behold.

They frolic and play in the waves,
In the ocean’s cool depths,
And they seem to enjoy each other’s company,
As they glide through the water.

Their grace and beauty is a sight to see,
And it’s easy to understand why,
People have been drawn to dolphins for centuries,
And why they remain so popular today.

Pronouns – a KS2 definition

Hi – these poems are mostly written by my AI.  This is a great tool for teachers – click here if you want further information (affiliate link).

Pronouns – a KS2 definition

A Pronoun

Is a word that can take the place

Of a noun or another pronoun

In a sentence

It is used to avoid repetition

And it helps make writing clearer.

Pronouns – KS3 definition

Pronouns are words that stand in for nouns,

they can be singular or plural,

and they can be personal or reflexive.

Being a Pronoun!

I never knew what it was like

To be a pronoun

Until I became one

It’s not as easy as it seems

You have to be versatile

And be able to change

According to the needs of the sentence

It can be tough

But it’s also rewarding

Because you get to help shape the language

Appreciate a Pronoun!

There is a word that we use every day

and we often don’t even think about it

but it’s something that’s really important

it’s a word that helps to identify us

pronouns are so essential

they help us to see who we are

and they help us to know what we want

without them, life would be quite confusing

so let’s all take a moment to appreciate pronouns

and the way they make our lives better

A Little Confused

I always get a little confused

When people start to use pronouns

It seems like everyone has their own

Rules that they must adhere to

There’s he and she and they and it

Which one do I use, I often wonder

And what happens when you want to talk about

A group of people as a collective?

I think it would make life a lot simpler

If everyone just stuck to their own gender

But that’s not the way the world works

So we all just have to muddle through

Get it right!!

There are so many different pronouns,

depending on who you are talking to.

There’s he and she, and him and her,

and then there are they and them.

It can be hard to keep track of them all,

but using the right pronoun is important.

So make sure you know your pronouns,

and use them correctly in every sentence.

Faceless Pronouns

Pronouns without a face

Nameless, they represent

Every person who’s every been

Every person who will be

They are us and we are them

And yet they remain

In place of a noun

A pronoun is a word we use to stand in place of a noun,

it can be singular or plural, masculine or feminine.

Reflecting back upon some examples:

he, him, his; they, them, their–

each one unique in its own way.

Hiding in plain sight, a pronoun is often overlooked,

but it’s such an important part of speech.

Without them, our language would be quite bare;

so take a moment to appreciate these little words that share

Personal Pronouns
Personal Pronouns

So many personal pronouns


There are so many personal pronouns

I don’t know which one to choose

I can be he, she, or it

depending on what the situation calls for

I can be singular or plural

depending on how many people I’m talking about

I can be objective or subjective

depending on what I’m trying to say

But no matter which one I use

I always have to make sure I’m clear.

Possessive Pronouns

Very Special Words

My, your, his, her, its, our, their

Possessive pronouns show who or what belongs to someone or something.

They are very special words.

Each one has a job to do

making sure that everything is clear

who owns what and who is related

to whom and how.

No simply words that we say

My, your, his, her, its, our, and their

Aren’t simply words that we say

They’re a feeling, a force, an energy

That can bind us together or keep us away

When we use them correctly and with care

The feeling they bring is one of

Connection and love

My, mine, and ours

My, mine, and ours

Are the possessive pronouns

That show we own something

And keep it close to us

Never letting it go

These little words define

Who we are and what we feel

Proving that we are in control

My feelings

My, your, his, her, its, our, their

Possessive pronouns show

Who owns what and how they feel

About what is theirs and theirs alone

Never to be shared or given away

Relative Pronouns

Connecting ideas

Relative pronouns are so confusing

But they’re really quite helpful

They help us to connect ideas

And make our writing flow better

There’s who, which, and that

And who’s, which’s, and that’s

They can be confusing at times

But they help us to be clear

Who is the person or thing

Which is the thing or group

That is the thing or group that

You are talking about.

Connecting clauses

Relative pronouns connect clauses,

joining them like a bridge.

They can be who, which, that, or whom,

depending on what you need.

Who is referring to the subject

in a sentence,

and whom is the object in a sentence.

Which is used to refer to things,

and that is used to refer to people.

Whom is used as an object,

and can often be replaced with who.


Reflexive Pronouns

Reflexive pronouns are me, myself, and ours.

They help us show that the verb is affecting

the subject in a special way.

In English we use them to indicate,

that the subject and the object are one and the same.

For example, I can see myself in the mirror;

He hurt himself on accident.

To revise them, you must use hers, theirs, and its-

like this: She gave herself a gift; The cat hid itself under the stairs.

But be careful! Reflexive pronouns must always agree

with their antecedent in number and gender.



Referring to Ourselves

Reflexive pronouns help us show

that we’re thinking of ourselves

and no one else.

We use them in sentences

like “I hurt myself”

or “She’s dressing herself.”

They’re important because they

show how we connect to the world,

and how we think of ourselves

in relation to everything else.

What’s Being Done To Save Polar Bears?(and other Polar Bear Poems)

What’s Being Done To Save Polar Bears?

What’s Being Done To Save Polar Bears? and these other Polar Bear poems, have all been created by my AI, with a little help from me, making suggestions and editing the poems.

Polar Bear facts

Polar bears have fur that is dark brown in the summer and turns white in the winter

Their skin is black

They have a layer of blubber under their fur to keep them warm

They can swim for hours without getting tired
Polar bears can weigh up to 1500 pounds

They eat seals, walruses, and beluga whales.

Cute little polar bear cubs

Cute little polar bear cubs

So soft, so cuddly, so sweet

What a joy it is to behold

Their innocent faces, their playful ways

How we love to watch them grow

Into strong and fearless adults

Bears that will ensure the survival

Of their species for many years to come

Polar bear cub

What’s Being Done To Save Polar Bears?

Polar bears are dying out
and something must be done

Their habitat is disappearing

We need to act now
before they’re all gone

Governments and scientists are working together
to come up with a plan

They’re trying to find new homes
and ways to help the bears survive

It’s not going to be easy
but we have to try

Otherwise, we’ll lose these animals forever

And that would be a shame.

Polar Bears in the Arctic

In the coldest place on Earth,

live the creatures of strength and might:

the polar bears.

These great white beasts thrive on ice,

and make their homes in the stark arctic.

Hunting through the frozen land,

they are the lords of this domain.

With their powerful limbs and sharp teeth,

nothing dares cross their path.

In the frigid winter nights,

they sleep in sturdy dens of ice.

Polar Bear Arctic

The Endangered Polar Bear

What once roamed the land in packs

now dwindles in numbers,

left to face the cold alone.

The polar bear, king of the Arctic,

endangered due to climate change.

Bravely they swim in icy water,

hunting for seals; their main diet.

As the sea ice slowly melts away,

their habitat slowly disappears.

Melting arctic

Why did we let it happen?

Polar bears are one of the most endangered animals

Living in the north pole, they’re used to cold weather

But as global temperatures rise, their habitat diminishes

There’s not much we can do to save them, but we must try

Otherwise these beautiful creatures will die

We’ve caused so much destruction on this earth

And it doesn’t seem to bother us at all

But when it comes to animals like polar bears

We suddenly want to save them all

If we keep going the way we’re going

The planet won’t be hospitable for anyone

So let’s take a step in the right direction

Before it’s too late and they go extinct.

The Weight of a Polar Bear

A polar bear can weigh up to 1,500 pounds

They are the largest land predators

Hunting for food is their main priority

Whether it be a seal or a whale

These creatures are massive and awe-inspiring

Majestic in every way

But with that size comes great strength

And they can certainly hold their own.

Weight of a bear

If you are a seal – watch out!!

Polar bears are the largest of the bear family

Living on the ice caps of the north

Eating mostly seals and fish

But also scavenging what they can

Sometimes they will go for a reindeer

But their diet is mainly seal.


Don’t get too close!

What do polar bears eat

They live on seals and fish

But they’ll also take a bite

Of you if they’re feeling frisky!


Save the Bears!

Do you see that bear cub?

His coat so white and pure?

That’s not how it will be,

Unless we take action, right now.

The ice is melting, the temperature’s rising,

And the polar bears are in trouble.

We need to act, or they’ll all die.


We can’t let that happen,

it would be such a shame.

So let’s all do our part,

and do what we can,

To save these bears from extinction.

It won’t be easy, but it’s worth a try.

For the sake of those little cubs,

Let’s save the bears!

Polar bears love to eat

Polar bears love to eat

Arctic char, seals, and whale meat

They’re quite the predators

Of the sea and tundra

But they will also eat

Berries, eggs, and plants

When they can get their paws on them.

Polar Bears Swimming

Polar bears swimming

through the Arctic Sea

watch them as they glide

under the surface

their powerful bodies cutting through the water

as they move towards their prey.

Polar bear swimming

Water – their second home

Polar bears love to swim,

The water is their second home,

They often go for a swim,

In the ocean, they love to be free,

Often they go swimming,

In the cold Arctic Ocean.

Polar Bears and the Tundra

The polar bears are very important to the tundra.

Without them, the ecosystem would be out of balance.

They are a keystone species, meaning that they play a crucial role

in keeping the environment healthy.

Destroying their habitat would be a huge mistake.

Ursus Maritimus

Polar bears, Ursus Maritimus

King of the Arctic

Living on sea ice and scavenging

Eating mostly seals

Bears can swim sixty miles

In pursuit of food

Often in synch with the pack ice

Majestic creatures

Of the land and the sea

The Amazing Polar Bears

Polar bears are amazing creatures

With their scientific name of Ursus Maritimus

They live in the coldest place on Earth

In the Arctic where it is almost always winter

Their fur is thick and helps keep them warm

They are able to swim for long distances

And can even run over ice quite fast.

Polar bears

Scientific name is Ursus maritimus

They are the largest land predators in the world

Their fur is white, it helps them camouflage in the snow

They live in the arctic, where it is very cold

They eat mainly seals, but will also eat fish, berries, and plants

They are very good swimmers and can stay underwater for up to 2 minutes

Polar bears are facing many threats, including climate change and pollution.

Can we help the polar bear?

Majestic creature

Polar bears are one of Earth’s most majestic creatures

Their scientific name is Ursus Maritimus

These creatures can weigh up to 1600 pounds

They live in the arctic and enjoy swimming

Polar bears have a thick coat of fur to keep them warm

They are able to swim long distances and catch their prey

Polar bears are a vital part of the arctic ecosystem

We must do our best to protect these creatures

For they are a symbol of strength and resilience

In the harsh environment they live in

They have learned to survive and thrive

We should take note of their example

And learn from it as we face our own challenges.

Polar bears

King of the North

King of the North they say

Majestic in their might

White furred and big as mountains

Polar bears go where they will

Living as they please

Moving to the rhythms of the ice

Feared and adored by many.

The Largest Land Predators

Polar bears are the largest land predators

Hunting them is a thrill

But be careful, they’re known to kill

With their furry coats and white faces

They blend in with the snow

But they’re not easy to catch

Polar bears can grow up to ten feet tall

Weighing in at over 1,000 pounds

Their diet consists of mostly seals

They can live for up to 30 years

And can swim for miles

But their habitat is shrinking

Global warming is a threat to them

As the ice melts they have less space to roam

We need to do what we can to save them

Before …

How many Polar Bears are left now?

Only a fraction of the original population remains

as habitat dwindles and their food sources disappear.

In spite of global efforts, climate change continues to take its toll

on these magnificent creatures

who have roamed the earth for centuries.

We must act now to save the polar bears

before it’s too late and they’re gone forever

for their extinction would be a tragedy

not only for us, but for all of nature.

20 to 30 years old?

Polar bears can live 20 to 30 years,

But only a small percentage of polar bears

Live past 15 to 18 years.

This is why it’s so important

To make sure they have a safe place to live.

A Continual Battle

they are the kings of the Arctic,

these white bears that seem so strong and brave;

but the harshness of their environment
takes its toll

and most don’t live to be very old.

their lives are a continual battle

against the cold and the ice and the dark;

but they are a strong and determined species

and those that do survive to old age,

are a testament to the power of nature

and the resilience of life itself.

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Short Easter Poems

These Easter Poems have all been written by my helpful AI – with just a little editing by me when needed.

The first ones are about the tradition Easter Story whereas the later ones are more about Easter Bunnies and Eggs!

I hope that you enjoy them and if you choose to write your own, I would love to read them in the comments!!


Traditional Easter Story Poems

Easter Poems

Easter poems are about new beginnings,
fresh starts and hope sprung anew.
They are about the belief that in death there is life,
and in loss there is gain.
They are about resurrection and redemption,
about the power of love to overcome all.
Easter poems remind us that we are never too lost,
that no matter how dark things seem, the sun will always rise again.

Easter poems

Easter poems bring hope and joy
To believers who see Christ’s resurrection
As a sign of new beginnings, of sins forgiven
And of eternal life to come.

Holy Good Friday

On this holiest of days
we remember Christ’s sacrifice
His body beaten and broken
his blood spilled for me and you
He hung there on the cross
suffering for our sins
and on that third day
he rose again, victorious

Christ was Crucified

Good Friday was a bitter day
For Christ was crucified
His death provides our salvation
Although his pain was great
He endured it for our sakes
Hallelujah, what a Saviour!

Good Friday

Good Friday is a sombre day
A day to remember the sacrifice
Jesus made for us on the cross
He suffered and died for our sins
So we could be forgiven and saved
Today we remember his death
And celebrate his resurrection

Easter Sunday

A day of renewal, a day to start anew
This is Easter Sunday, a day we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection
He has overcome death, and now we have eternal life
What a miracle! What a gift! We rejoice in His victory

On this Easter Sunday, let us all be filled with hope
Let us recommit ourselves to following Jesus Christ
He died for our sins, and now He offers us forgiveness
Let us not waste this chance for redemption

This Easter Sunday, let’s celebrate the risen Lord
He is alive and He desires to have a relationship with us
His love is never-ending, and it is ours for the taking
Let’s go forth and share this love.


The Empty Tomb

On the third day,
while we women rested,
our minds heavy with sorrow,
Jesus rose up and called us.
He had opened the tomb,
and Mary was there, alone.
Weeping on the hard stone,
she told us of His glory.
Then she went away,
to tell the world of her new joy..

At The Empty Tomb

At the empty tomb,
Mary wept and mourned;
She could not understand
Why her Lord had died.
But then an angel came,
And he told her glad news:
Christ had arisen!
That is why she found peace,
For she knew her Saviour lived.

A Day We Celebrate

Easter Sunday is a day we celebrate
Jesus rising from the dead
We come together to rejoice and pray
And enjoy the company of our friends and loved ones
This is a day of hope and renewal
A time to reflect on all that Christ has done for us
We are grateful for his sacrifice
And look forward to spending eternity with him


The Sweetest Time of Year

Easter’s coming, the sweetest time of year
The joy of Christ’s resurrection is so near
So let us all rejoice and be glad
For love and mercy have conquered death
And the empty tomb is our hope and faith
Christ is risen, alleluia!

Easter’s coming, the sweetest time of year
The joy of Christ’s resurrection is so near
So let us all rejoice and be glad
For love and mercy have conquered death
And the empty tomb is our hope and faith
Christ is risen, alleluia!


A Time for Reflection

Easter is a time for reflection
On the sacrifice that was made
For us by Jesus Christ
His death brought us salvation
And opened up the gates of Heaven
On Easter we celebrate His resurrection
Which gives us hope for the future

Easter’s Coming

Easter’s coming, the time of joy
When Jesus rose from the dead
The ultimate sacrifice for our sins
And our hope for eternal life

What a wonderful Savior we have
Who gave His life that we might be saved
Let us celebrate His resurrection
And rejoice in the victory He has won!

A Time of Joy

Easter is a time of joy,
A time to celebrate new life.
Resurrection and redemption,
The real meaning of Easter.

Christ has arisen! He is alive!
Praise be to God who has saved us!
Let us proclaim the Gospel message,
That all may know Jesus is the Risen Lord.

Short Easter Poems about The Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs

New beginnings

Easter is a time for new beginnings
A time to come together and celebrate
The arrival of spring, and the promise of hope
A time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future
Easter brings with it a sense of joy and happiness
A time to remember the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ
And to thank Him for the gift of salvation

The Easter Bunny

The Easter bunny’s so happy
He’s hopping all around
He’s got eggs hidden in the grass
And chocolate in his pouch
The kids are getting excited
For the hunt that’s about to start
They’re looking forward to the eggs
And the candy that they’ll find.


Hidden Eggs

The eggs are hidden
All around the yard
The kids are looking
For them with glee
The Easter bunny
Left them here for us
To find and enjoy
Happy Easter!

Hopping Bunnies

Bunnies hopping, eggs hiding
Freshly cut grass, children singing
The joy of Easter is here!

The hunt is on for the hidden eggs
So much fun to be had by all
Who will find the most eggs?

There’s something special about this time
A new beginning, a fresh start
The resurrection of Jesus Christ

What a miracle it is all around
Easter brings hope and love to everyone.


Easter’s here again

Easter’s here again,
children greeting one another
with Easter eggs and baskets
full of treats.
The Easter bunny has been busy,
delivering goodies to everyone.
What a joy it is to celebrate
this special time with family and friends.

Happy Easter, everyone!

The Easter Bunny has come to town,
he’s leaving candy and eggs all around.
The children are so excited and happy,
they can’t wait to go on an Easter egg hunt.
There’s a lot of joy in the air,
everyone is celebrating and having fun.
This Easter is sure to be special,
the best one yet!


Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is a special day
When Christians celebrate Jesus’ resurrection

People dress up in their finest clothes
And go to church to hear the Easter sermon

There’s usually an Easter egg hunt
And kids love finding those brightly coloured eggs

Easter is a time for family and friends
A time to come together and celebrate


The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny hops around
the yard, leaving candy and eggs.
The children are so excited
to find their treasures.
They run around and search high and low,
until they find everything the bunny left for them.
What a fun day it is, celebrating Easter!


Easter Sunday morning

Easter Sunday morning
I open my eyes to the sun
A shower and I’ll be done
Before I head off to church
I want to see my family first
To give them all a big hug
Then it’s off to celebrate
The risen Christ, how great!



Polish Easter Traditions

In Poland, Easter is a special time
Traditional foods are enjoyed by all
There’s a sense of joy and happiness
As families come together to celebrate.

The eggs are coloured in many bright shades
And rabbits are everywhere you look
There’s always lots of delicious food
And stories that are told around the fire.

This is a time when family and friends get together
And share happy memories from the past
It’s a time to enjoy each other’s company
And celebrate the resurrection of Christ.


Chocolate Easter Eggs

Easter is a time for fun,
And chocolate is the star attraction.
There’s nothing quite like an easter egg,
Especially one filled with chocolate.
Yum, yum, yum!


Chocolate Eggs by the Dozen

Easter is coming, and with it
comes chocolate eggs by the dozen.
In the morning we’ll hunt for them
and in the afternoon we’ll eat them.
They’re smooth and they’re creamy,
and they make our bellies feel happy.
The Easter bunny’s favourite food
is unquestionably chocolate eggs.

An Easter Treat

My favourite Easter treat is a chocolate egg
I can’t resist the smooth, creamy surface
The sweet flavour satisfies my cravings
And I feel like a kid again when I’m eating one

Every Easter, my family stocks up on eggs
We hide them all around the house
And then we spend the day hunting for them
It’s always so much fun

I love biting into the chocolate shell
And discovering the gooey centre inside
It’s the perfect way to celebrate Easter
And I always feel so happy when I’m done.



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