Signs of Success – Poems

I hope that you enjoy my signs of success poems.

Signs of Success

The first sign of success is a hunger to achieve
With a burning desire to be better than you were yesterday
The second sign of success is hard work and dedication
Committing yourself to reach your goals no matter what
The third sign of success is resilience
Showing grit and determination in the face of setbacks and failure
The fourth sign of success is self-awareness
Acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses and working to improve them
The fifth sign of success is balance
Finding a way to succeed without sacrificing your health or relationships
The sixth sign of success is support from others
Getting help and encouragement from those who believe in you
The seventh sign of success is personal growth
Continuously learning and expanding your knowledge and wisdom.

Certain Signs

There are certain signs that success is near,
you can feel it in the air,
you can see it in the way people look at you,
and you can definitely smell it.

The first sign is a feeling of excitement,
a certainty that things are going to change for the better.
followed by a sense of calm,
knowing that all the work you’ve been doing is about to pay off.

Then there’s the increased energy,
the desire to get up and do something,
to make your dreams a reality.
After that comes the recognition,
when people start to take notice of what you’re doing.

Signs of Success All Around Us

The signs of success are all around us
The evidence is clear, it’s hard to miss
Achievement is written in the air
And we can feel it in the way that we’re blessed
There’s a confidence in our steps
A belief that no matter what comes our way
We’ll be able to overcome
Because success is something we’ve earned
It’s not a gift, it’s not a curse
But the result of our own efforts
hard work and determination
So never give up and never give in
Keep your eye on the prize
And you’ll achieve anything you desire.

Looking back

The signs of success are all around us,
But we often don’t see them until we’re looking back.
There’s the successful businessperson,
Who has an empire that they’ve built from scratch.
There’s the athlete, who’s achieved the pinnacle of their sport,
And the artist, whose work is recognized and praised.
Then there are those who have simply found happiness and contentment,
Living a good life without any type of acclaim.
Success can come in many different forms,
But it’s always something to be proud of.

I know it when I see it

I don’t know what success looks like
But I know it when I see it
A smile that’s wider than before
Eyes that light up with glee
A heart that’s singing with joy
These are the signs I look for
The proof that all your hard work was worth it
The markers on the road to victory
So don’t give up, keep on fighting
And you’ll find success is in sight.

A Baby’s Smile

The signs of success are all around us
We just have to open our eyes and look
There’s evidence of it in the smallest things
Like a baby’s smile or a sunset’s glow

It’s in the way we feel when we’re at our best
In the accomplishments that we’ve achieved
It’s all around us, if we just take the time
To open our hearts and see.

A Burning Desire

There are countless signs of success,
But the one that matters most is a burning desire
To be better than you were yesterday.
If you have that fire inside, nothing can stop you.
You will blaze a trail to the top and never look back.

Hard Work and Dedication

It’s not the luck of the draw,
nor is it beginners luck.
It’s all about working hard,
and being dedicated.

You’ll never get ahead,
if you don’t try your best.
So always give it your all,
and you will be successful.

There will be times of struggle,
but that only means you’re trying.
Keep going through the tough times,
and you’ll reach the top.

Committed to Reaching your Goals

Don’t be fooled by appearances
Success is not always what it seems
Though it may be hard to see
There are signs that you’re succeeding
And here are a few:

You’re taking action and making progress
Even when things are tough
You persist through the setbacks
You have faith in yourself
You can see the finish line
And you’re always working towards it.

Resilience, grit and determination

Look at them all,
so proud and accomplished.
What makes them so different?

It’s not just a talent or a gift,
but resilience, grit, and determination.
They never gave up, no matter how hard it was,
and that’s what made them successful.

Team Effort

Look all around,
What do you see?
A team that’s unified,
working together for success.

There’s a sense of purpose,
and a feeling of pride.
This team is on a mission,
and they’re not going to let anything stop them.

There are no individual stars,
just a common goal,
and a willingness to do whatever it takes
to achieve it.

So don’t be fooled by appearances,
this team is successful,
because they’re willing to work hard and put their differences aside.

We are a Team!

Look at us, we’re a team
Working together towards one common goal
And nothing can keep us from succeeding
Not even the obstacles in our way

We’re united by our passion and our drive
And we’ll never give up or back down
We’re determined to reach the top
And see all our dreams come true

There are signs of success all around us
In the way we work together as one
And we will continue to climb ever higher
Until we reach the pinnacle of achievement.

Your Family is there for You!

In order to achieve success,
one must be willing to work hard
and put in the time and effort.
But it’s not just up to one person-
success takes a team.
Your family is always there for you,
supporting you through thick and thin.
They are your biggest fans,
and will be the first ones to congratulate you
when you reach your goals.
Their love and support is what keeps you going,
and their encouragement gives you strength.
Thank you, family, for being my biggest sign of success.

Family Team success poems
Family Team success poems

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6 thoughts on “Signs of Success – Poems”

  1. Hi Julia, I love your signs of success poems, you offer many words of wisdom and so true.
    Having read them all, I then got caught up with everything else on your website especially the Arts and Crafts section. (as Arts and Crafts, is my area of expertise.)
    I like how you visualise kids science products and with added video demos that show easy flower crafts for kids, works well with your post.
    You offer a range of subjects which are well put together and as an educator it’s great to continue to spread your expertise and knowledge in this wonderful way.
    Your website clearly shows that. I must bookmark your site and jump in now and again, as expanding ones knowlege is never ending.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Also Julia😀

    1. Hi Julia,

      Thank you!

      I do enjoy creating this website and also looking at other people’s websites.

      I am glad and grateful when other people find my website of interest.

      All the best,


  2. Hello Julia,

    Thank you for these signs of success poems. My wife is a teacher as well here in the Philippines (Grade 3) so I can relate to how educators impart knowledge to our little learners. If it is ok with you, I would like to copy some of these poems to have my 8 years old son that has ADHD memorize them. He is making a lot of progress focusing on things, memorizing Bible passages, multiplication tables, etc. and I would love for him to recite these poems in the next school year.

    1. Hi Lemuel,

      Thank you for your kind words!

      Please feel free to use my poems in any way you like.

      I would just appreciate it if the website was sited. (When you are talking to adults – teachers, parents, carers and tutors.)

      I hope that your son enjoys them – also feel free to shorten or change them to make them more appropriate for him.

      All the best!


      1. Hello Julia,

        “I would just appreciate it if the website was sited. (When you are talking to adults – teachers, parents, carers and tutors.)”

        This is noted and will do. Thank you!

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