Poems about Poland

There’s a place I know

There’s a place I know

Where the people are so kind

And the landscape is so beautiful

It fills my heart with joy

There’s a place called Poland

Where the stories are told

Of a people who have suffered

But have never lost their hope.

Polish flag with eagle

In a faraway land

Once upon a time,

In a faraway land,

Lived a people called the Poles.

They were a proud and noble people,

Who loved their country with all their hearts.

Their flag was white and red,

Sometimes a white eagle in the middle,

And they were always ready to fight for what was theirs.

They were a brave and independent people,

Who would never give up without a fight.

Poland is a beautiful country,

With rolling hills and forests green,

And its people are some of the finest in the world.

Poland – A Land Of Beauty And Strength

This country held so many stories

Wars fought, and families torn

But through it all, they’ve endured

Poland, a land of beauty and strength

Your people have a spirit like no other

That’s why we love you so.


The Land of Chopin and Copernicus

The land of Chopin and Copernicus

Famed for its shrimp and goulash

Proud to be home of Solidarity

Poland is a land of beauty and history

Its people are stalwart and strong

And their spirit will never die

For Poland is more than a country

It is a dream that cannot die.


A Country Of Proud People

Poland is a country of proud people

Living with a history that’s been written in blood

With a spirit that can never be broken

Wars have been fought, and lost, but the Polish never give up

Their love for their country is unrivaled

There’s a beauty in the zlote horizon

And a magic in the language of Chopin

Poland is a land that has seen so much pain

But the people are resilient and always find a way to prevail

There’s a depth to their culture and a strength in their spirit

Which has led them to survive and thrive through it all

Thank you Poland for your unwavering courage

For your strength and for your love

Without you this world wouldn’t be the same.

A Charming Country

Poland, a charming country

That lies in the heart of Europe

Is known for its beautiful landscapes

And kind and welcoming people.

Though ravaged by war and occupation

It has always risen from the ashes

The Polish spirit is unbroken

And their strength of character renowned.

Poland windmill

A Land That’s Rich In Beauty

Poland, a land that’s rich in beauty

Though often overshadowed by its larger neighbours

Has a heart that’s big and full of history

From the rolling hills of the south

To the Baltic Sea in the north

This country has something for everyone

Its people are warm and welcoming

And proud of their heritage

Though communism left its mark

Poland has risen like a phoenix

Stronger than ever before.

Poland, My Homeland

Poland, my homeland

Your flag soars high above

The White Eagle is your symbol

And your people are so proud

Your history is so rich

And your culture is so strong

You have suffered much over the years

But you never give up hope

Poland, my homeland

I love you and I’m proud to be called Polish.

The Land Of My Fathers

This is the land of my fathers,

the land where my heart beats.

Here I am proud to be Polish,

a people who know how to fight.

We have a rich history,

full of tales of bravery.

Our country has been through so much,

but we always find a way to thrive.

Poland is a beautiful land,

with forests and rivers and plains.

Our people are strong and proud,

and I know that we will never give up.

Poland Zakopane

Beauty and History

Poland, a land of beauty and history

Thy spirit lives on in the hearts of thy people

Thy sons and daughters ever proud to proclaim

The greatness of thy deeds, thy culture and art

Thou hast withstood the test of time

Bringing hope to all who yearn for freedom

O Poland, thou shalt never die.

On Eagle’s Wings

Country of Poland

On eagle’s wings you soar

Sacred home to many a lore

Loved by many, yet misunderstood

Your story is one of great strife

But your spirit remains unbroken

Land of proud and valiant warriors

Your people are a shining light

In dark times you are a ray of hope

To all who suffer, you extend a hand

O Poland, may God keep your spirit strong

Land Of The Brave

Poland, land of the brave

Hometown of many a hero

Suffered through years of pain

But rose up like a phoenix

Now a beacon of freedom and hope

For all who seek her out

Land of my fathers, I love you.

Proud And Faithful People

The land of Poland, so rich and green

The home of proud and faithful people

Their heritage is written in blood and tears

But their spirit will never die

From Warsaw to Gdansk, the cities rise

Each one a monument to the past

And the people who fought and died for freedom

Their spirit will never die.

Poland Gdansk

Majestic Forests And Rolling Plains

Poland, the land of countless kings

Majestic forests and rolling plains

Crossed by a thousand rivers

Home to a people of proud hearts

You are the mother of nations

The cradle of civilization

Your spirit has never been broken

Your courage has never faltered

Though storms have raged against you

You have endured and persevered

Now, more than ever, we are proud to be Polish.

Rich In History

The land of Poland, so rich in history

Is home to a people, both strong and proud

Their spirit unbroken, through good and bad times

They’ve always found a way to thrive

Though their country has been invaded time and again

Poland has never ceased to exist

And the courage of her people is an inspiration

To all who know her story.

Warsaw Old town

What Treasures Poland Holds

What treasures Poland holds,

many stories untold,

from beauty to the brutal,

Warsaw to Wrocław.

Breathtaking landscapes,

kind and welcoming people,

a rich and interesting history,

the home of Chopin.

So much to discover,

a country well worth exploring,

a land that fills the heart with joy,

Poland, my homeland.

Polish culture is rich and vibrant.

Poland is a country rich in culture,
Its people passionate and proud,
Their heritage dating back centuries,
Written in blood, sweat and tears.

There’s a spirit here that’s unique and unbreakable,
A resilience that never quits,
And a beauty that can be both savage and gentle,
Like the land that it calls home.

There’s art in every breath that Poles take,
In the way they love and fight,
In the stories they’ve told for generations

That can never be forgotten.

A Wonderful Place To Celebrate Holidays And Experience Traditional Food And Music.

Poland is a great place to celebrate holidays
With traditional food and music that fills the air
The people here are warm and welcoming
And it’s a wonderful place to spend time with family and friends
There’s something special about this country
That makes everyone feel at home
I’m so grateful I get to experience it all
Every time I’m here, it feels like Christmas!

A Long and Varied History

Poland is a country with a long and varied history.
From the time of the kings to the present day,
It has been a place of beauty and culture,
A land that has seen much war and bloodshed,
But which has always shone through its people.
Nowhere is this more apparent than in Warsaw,
The capital, which stands as a symbol of Polish strength.
Its old-world charm and lively atmosphere make it a joy to behold,
And its many attractions draw visitors from all over the world.
Poland is a fascinating place and well worth a visit.

A Land of Cobblestones and Churches

Poland is a land of cobblestones and churches
Old world beauty that still stands today
There’s a majesty in the way these streets were built
To withstand the test of time
And the churches with their spires reaching for the sky
Are a reminder of the faith that binds this country together
These are the things that make Poland so special
And worth exploring, even if you’ve been there before

Borders Strong and Proud

Poland my homeland,

shielded by your will,

against the storm’s raging anger,

your sons have never faltered.

Your borders strong and proud,

keeping safe all who dwell within,

thank you for your countless blessings,

may your name ever be praised.

Home To Charming Villages And Majestic Cities

Poland, the land of long history and proud people

The birthplace of democracy and defender of freedom

A country rich in culture and beauty

Home to charming villages and majestic cities

Your spirit is strong and your courage unbreakable

You have weathered storms that would have destroyed lesser nations

May God bless you, Poland, and forever keep you safe.

The Beauty Of Your Land

I never got to see

The beauty of your land

But I have seen the pictures

And it’s very clear

That your country is one

Of nature’s masterpieces

Your forests and your lakes

Are something truly special

I’m sorry I never got to see it

But someday I hope

A Land That Will Touch Your Heart.

In Poland, the land is so rich and green

The people are kind and welcoming to strangers

There is a history and culture that runs deep

And the spirit of the people is strong and unyielding

The architecture is beautiful and ornate

And the churches are some of the most stunning in the world

Poland is a place where you can feel the history

And the beauty of the land and the people combine to create a unique experience

You can’t help but be drawn in

To this place where time seems to stand still

And you can feel the passion and strength of the people

This is a land that will touch your heart.

Land Of My Ancestors,

Poland, land of my ancestors,

Built from the burning ashes of love and loss.

Your spirit is unbroken, your voice a song

Of resolve and resistance, a light that guides us home.

Generation after generation you have persevered,

Resilient in the face of hardship and pain.

O Poland, motherland of my heart,

I pledge my allegiance to you always.

From Uprising to Freedom!

Poland, a country rich in history

From uprising to freedom, your spirit never dies

Your determination to always be free

Is an inspiration to all who seek democracy

Your sons and daughters have always fought

For the right to be who they are

And your flag, a symbol of your past and present

Will forever wave over this land you call home.

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