Other ways to say “said” (Poems for KS2)

I Chanted

I chanted and the wind carried my voice

I chanted and the stars shone in the sky

I chanted and the trees whispered in the forest

I chanted and the moon smiled down on me

I chanted and Nature heard my plea

Now I am One with the Universe.

He Asked

He asked if I was happy

and if my life was good

I told him of my struggles

and how I sometimes felt misunderstood

He listened closely and intently

and then he grabbed my hand

And with a smile he said

“I’m glad you’re here, with me.”

They Boasted

They boasted of their conquests,

Of the battles they had won,

But I could see the fear in their eyes,

Hiding behind their facade.

They would boast about their strength,

And how they were never scared,

But I could see the uncertainty,

In the way they would glance around.

The Teacher Explained

The teacher explained the lesson

But no one seemed to be paying attention

She tried to engage us in discussion

But we were all too busy chatting

The teacher kept on speaking

Though we weren’t really listening

She showed us examples and diagrams

Which we didn’t even bother to look at

Finally, the bell rang

We put our books away

And silently filed out of the room

Thanking the teacher for her time.

The Parent Mumbled

The parent mumbled,

As they rocked their child to sleep,

The worries of the day

Fading away with the night.

They murmured a prayer

For their child’s safety and well-being,

And for blessings to be showered

On them both for the coming days.

The parent smiled,

Staring at their precious child,

Thanking God for giving them

This moment of peace.

The Footballer Shouted

The footballer shouted

As he kicked the ball

It flew across the field

And hit the net

The crowd went wild

He was the hero of the day.

The Girl Chuckled

The girl chuckled,

Clearly amused by something I said.

I asked her what was so funny,

But all she would tell me was “nothing”.

The Clown Called

The clown called, in a voice that was sad and tired.

He said he was tired of being laughed at, tired of the make-up and the games.

He said he just wanted to be himself, but no one would let him.

They only wanted to see him smile and dress up like a fool.

But the clown said he was tired of their jokes and their mockery.

Tired of pretending to be someone he wasn’t.

Maybe one day, they’ll let him be himself.

But for now, he’ll keep playing his part.

The Man Whispered

The man whispered,

And the world whispered back,

We all have a story to tell,

Some are louder than others,

But each one is worth telling,

For it makes us who we are.

The Thief Lied

The thief lied when he said

he only wanted to take a little

his greed got the best of him

and he took more than he needed

now he’s paying the price

his conscience is eating him alive

he wishes he could go back in time

and undo what he’s done.

The Friends Giggled

The friends giggled.

It was such a delight,

To share in one another’s company.

We laughed and joked,

And had a blast,

Just being with each other.

There’s nothing quite like,

The feeling of joy,

That comes from being with pals.

The Witch Cackled

The witch cackled and the children screamed.

It was a sound that sent shivers down your spine.

Her laugh was harsh and cold,

Like the winter wind that blows through your town.

She was a wicked woman,

And everyone knew it.

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