Earthquakes – Facts for Kids (Poems)

A webpage that provides Earthquake facts for kids through poems. This is a great resource for kids to learn about Earthquakes in a fun and easy-to-understand way.


Every day, all around the world,
many people feel the earth shake.
They often don’t know why,
until they learn about earthquakes.

An earthquake is a shaking of the ground,
caused by the movement of plates.
The force of the quake can be so strong,
it can cause buildings to fall.

The ground can shake for a few seconds,
or it can last for minutes or even hours.
Some earthquakes are so strong,
they can cause tsunamis.

Two Pieces Of The Earth’s Crust Grind Against Each Other.

Earthquakes happen when two pieces of the Earth’s crust grind against each other.
This movement makes the Earth shake and can cause damage.
The force of an earthquake can destroy buildings and kill people.
Earthquakes happen all over the world, but most happen in California.
Scientists are always trying to learn more about earthquakes so they can predict them and help people stay safe.


One Of Nature’s Deadliest Forces

Earthquakes are one of nature’s deadliest forces
A quake can cause buildings to topple and roofs to cave
They strike with little warning, leaving devastation in their wake
Hundreds of people can perish in the blink of an eye
While scientists cannot predict when and where they’ll occur
There are things that you can do to stay safe when one hits.


There’s Mighty Power Underneath

There’s mighty power underneath
The ground we walk on every day
A force so strong it can make the earth
Shake and rumble in its way
Sometimes it’s just a gentle nudge
Other times it’s a massive quake
But one thing is for sure, earthquakes
Happen all around the world.


What is an Earthquake?

An earthquake is a shaking of the ground,
Often felt when plates move and grind.
The force can be so great that buildings sway,
And people can be thrown to the ground.
For many it’s a terrifying experience,
Not knowing when it will end or if it will increase.
But for some it’s an opportunity
To feel the power of nature’s fury.

What Causes Earthquakes?

The Earth is restless
Underneath our feet
Pushed and pulled by plates
Mighty forces moving
Building up pressure
Until finally…
A tremor shakes the ground
And the Earth lets out a roar
Release of built-up energy
Causing an earthquake.


How do we Measure Earthquakes?

Earthquakes are measured by the Richter scale
A seismometer is what is used to measure it
The readings go from 1 to 12
The bigger the quake, the higher the number
Damage and fatalities are also considered
Scientists use this information to predict
When the next big one will hit.

How Destructive are Earthquakes?

A force of nature so destructive and wild,
smooth surfaces turned to jagged shards.
Million-dollar homes now nothing but piles,
Lives taken in an instant with no warning.
The ground-shaking, the earth splitting,
Tsunamis following in its wake.
Casualties numbering in the thousands,
Mothers wailing for their children.
Nature’s fury is not to be taken lightly,
Earthquakes show us just how powerful she is.

There’s Mighty Power Underneath

The earth starts to shake and rumble
and everyone starts to scream and run
telephones start to ring and televisions turn on
papers fly off the desk and books fall off the shelves
pictures start to fall off the walls
the ground keeps shaking and quaking
and everything is in such a mess.


How Do Earthquakes Happen?

The ground we walk on every day
Is not as solid as it seems
Underneath there’s molten rock
Shifting and moving all the time
Until there’s a sudden break
And the earth starts shaking and swaying
Making everything around us tremble
Until finally it’s done
And the ground calms down again.


What To Do During An Earthquake

If an earthquake happens,
be sure to stay calm.
Drop, cover and hold on
until the shaking stops.
If you’re in a doorway,
move to the nearest open space.
Once the shaking has stopped,
check for injuries and help others if you can.
If you’re outside,
move away from buildings and power lines.
Once you’re in a safe place,
stay there until the shaking has stopped.


What to do after an earthquake?

After the shaking subsides
and the earth stops moving,
what do you do?

If you are inside, stay there.
Do not try to go outside.
If you are outside, find a safe spot and stay there.

Do not stand in doorways.
Do not use elevators.
Follow the instructions of local officials.



Earthquake safety tips:

In A Shaking Building

When the earth starts to shake,
Start to evacuate immediately.
Do not stay in a building that is shaking.
If you are in a car, stop and get out.
Once you’ve evacuated, stay away from buildings and power lines.
Be sure to follow the instructions of emergency personnel.

In A Sturdy Building

When the Earth starts to shake
Don’t be caught unprepared
Drop, cover, and hold on
Stay calm and don’t panic
If you’re in a sturdy building
Stay inside until the shaking stops
Be aware of aftershocks
And finally, be prepared!



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