Short Halloween Poems For Kids

Enjoy these short Halloween poems for kids as you make your preparations.

Happy Halloween

It’s the night of mischievous fun,
The time of ghouls and goblins galore.
When witches fly on their brooms,
And Jack-o-lanterns light up the streets.
You can be anything you want to be,
A monster, a princess, or a pirate.
There’s candy in abundance to be had,
And everyone is in a celebratory mood.
Happy Halloween!

Bats are Flying

Bats are flying in the night,
Ghouls and ghosts are out to fright.
Jack-o-lanterns burning bright,
Children dressed up having lots of fun.
The spooky holiday we all love,

Once a Year

Once a year all the ghouls and ghosts
Come out to play in the streets and host
A grand ol’ time, when candy is king
And costume parties are the thing

Children dress up as their favourite things
And revel in all the spooky fun
For one night, all inhibitions fall
And everyone just has a ball

Halloween is a Special Time

Halloween is a special time
When witches fly and skeletons climb
The moon is full and the air is chill
And all around there’s a feeling of thrill

Children dress up in costumes
And go out to trick or treat
Collecting candy is their only goal
But they always have so much fun

There’s something about Halloween
That just makes everyone happy
The spooky decorations, the treats, the games
It’s all so much fun!

A Spook-tacular Time

Pumpkins on porches,
Bats in the sky,
Witches on brooms,
Ghosts in the night.
Skeletons on parade,
Crazy costumes galore,
It’s Halloween!  
Fill up on candy,
Have a spook-tacular time!

Fun and Scares

Halloween night is drawing near
Fun and scares are in the air
Costumes, candy, and all that jazz
This is one holiday we all love to dabble in
Be it a kid or adult, we can’t resist
The spookiness, the thrill, the excitement
It’s all for one night and we can’t wait
So dress up in your scariest garb
And join us as we party hard.

Dressing Up for Halloween

One day out of the year,
Everyone gets to be someone else.
You can be whoever you want to be,
And no one can say you’re wrong.
You can dress up in whatever you like,
Even if it’s not what’s expected.
It’s a time to let loose and have some fun,
And forget about all your troubles.
So get out your best costumes,
And let’s go have some Halloween fun!

Being a Vampire

Making a Halloween costume is always so much fun,
especially when you can be something you’ve always wanted to be.
This year I’m going to be a vampire, and I can’t wait to see the reaction
I get when people see me out and about on Halloween night.
It’s going to be so much fun to dress up and have everyone think that I’m really scary,
even though all I really need is some good makeup and a cape.

A Ghost – again!

I can’t believe it’s already that time of year,
When everyone’s mind starts to churn
What costume should I wear?
Should I be a cat, or a bat?
A skeleton, or a witch?
I could be a princess or a pirate
There are just so many possibilities!
But in the end, I always seem to come back to one idea
I’ll be a ghost, just like last year.

Making A Halloww=een Costume

Making a Halloween costume is so much fun.
It’s like a puzzle that I get to solve.
I have to think about what I want to be,
And then find the perfect pieces to make it happen.
Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes it’s hard,
But the end result is always worth it.
I love getting dressed up for Halloween,
And walking around in my costume, pretending to be someone else.
It’s always so much fun to see what everyone else is wearing,
And take part in all the Halloween festivities.

Let’s have some fun

Since Halloween is almost here,
let’s get ready to have some fun.
There are games that we can play,
both indoors and outdoors.

One game that is always popular,
is playing “catch the ghost.”
You can also try to find the candy,
or go on a scavenger hunt.

Another game that is always a blast,
is going trick or treating.
You can also make your own costumes,
or carve a pumpkin with a friend.

Ghouls and Goblins

Ghouls and goblins,
Fly across the night sky.
The moon is full,
And the time is right,
For tricks and treats.
Witches cackle,
As black cats prowl.
All of nature,
Is alive and well,
On this most magical of nights.

Halloween History

People have been celebrating Halloween for centuries,
But no one knows exactly how or when it began.
Some say it started with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain,
When the barriers between the living and the dead were thinned.
Others believe that Halloween is descended from a pagan harvest festival,
Or that it was created by Christians as a way to distract people from rioting.
Whatever its origins, one thing is for sure- Halloween is lots of fun!
There’s dressing up in costumes, trick or treating, and parties galore!
So get ready to have a spooktacular time!

Halloween is Coming

Do you hear that?
It’s the sound of children laughing,
And jack-o-lanterns grinning.
It can only mean one thing:
Halloween is coming!

Everyone is getting ready,
Pumpkins are being carved,
And costumes are being made.
There’s a lot of excitement in the air,
In anticipation of the fun night ahead.

There will be trick or treating,
Games, ghost stories and more.
It’s such a joy to see all the kids dressed up,
Having a blast on Halloween!

Write Your Own Halloween Poem

Halloween poems should be fun and spooky,
Just like the holiday itself!
Be sure to add a touch of black,
And maybe a ghost or two.

For a really fun time, try rhyming,
It will make your poem even better.
Be sure to have a happy ending,
Otherwise it’s just not right!

Now it is your turn.

Encourage your children to write their own poems and then perhaps you could put them in the comments, or they could write about their plans for Halloween.

Daffodil Poems for Kids

Daffodils are Blooming

Daffodils are blooming

and the world is in bloom

Nature is on display

in all its glory

A colourful carpet spread

underneath the feet

of the daffodil.



Yellow, jolly and gay

Smiles at me from under the May Day sun

A harbinger of spring that is just begun

Bringing with it hope of a new day

A joy to behold in the fresh young springtime

Symbol of rebirth and new beginnings.

Daffodil, daffodil

Daffodil, daffodil,

the prettiest flower in the spring.

You are so yellow and pure,

such a delight to look at.

Your petals are so soft,

your fragrance is so sweet.

The Sight of Daffodils

I love the sight of daffodils

Yellow and orange against the green

They remind me of the Springtime

When all things are new once again

I can’t wait to see them in my garden

Landing like sunny butterflies

Bringing hope that Winter is ending

And Summer is on its way.

Daffodils are Blooming

Daffodils are blooming

and the smell of spring is in the air.

The sun is shining and the sky is blue.

The daffodils are a beautiful sight.

They are a symbol of new beginnings.

They make me feel happy and alive.

I can’t help but smile when I see them.

The Eternal Daffodils

The eternal daffodils

We see them in the spring

They bring us happiness

And remind us of new beginnings.

What a Beautiful Sight

Daffodils, daffodils

What a beautiful sight

As the yellow and white

Blossom in the light

The fragrance in the air

Is such a delight

Cheerful Display

So early in the year.


You Make Everything Seem Just a Little Brighter

Is there anything as cheerful as a field of daffodils,

Niagara of yellow spilling out all over the place?

Marching in step with the sun, they bring such happiness,

Like a smile from Heaven, a sign that Spring is here.

Daffodils, you make everything seem just a little brighter,

Even on the grimmest of days, your sunny presence is felt.

Nature’s Message That Spring is Here

Daffodils blooming by the side of the road

Cheerful yellow faces in the April breeze

Their happy fragrance a joy to behold

March slowly giving way to April’s hope

Nature’s message that spring is here

Budding trees, burgeoning flowers

All sing of new beginnings.

Emerging from the Soil

Daffodils emerging from the soil

Cheerful yellow petals in the sun

Fresh and new, they stand out in the field

A sign of spring, a signal to be happy

Their fragrance fills the air

Bringing joy to all who smell them

Long may they stay, to bring happiness

These symbols of rebirth.

Each Spring You Grace Us With Your Presence

Daffodils, you are so lovely

Each Spring you grace us with your presence

Your golden trumpets always announce

The arrival of a new season

We can’t help but smile when we see you

Especially when your petals are wet

From a recent spring shower

Your beauty is unsurpassed by any other flower.

Daffodils Awaken In The Morning

Daffodils awaken in the morning

As the sun starts to peek

They open up their petals to the world

Sharing their beauty with everyone they see

They are a symbol of hope

And remind us that spring is on its way.

Everyone Loves a Daffodil

Daffodils, daffodils

Bringing happiness wherever they go

Their smile is as bright as the sun

Yellow and orange, their petals so bright

They make everyone smile with just their sight

These flowers bring nothing but joy

Even when the days are filled with sorrow

Everyone loves a daffodil.

Daffodil Bulbs Are Poisonous

Daffodil bulbs are poisonous,

Causing a stomach upset if eaten.

So don’t chew on them, or eat them,

Or you’ll be feeling quite sick.

Do Daffodils Grow Back Every Year

Yes, daffodils grow back every year.

You can mark their return

By the fresh green spears

That poke through the melting snow.

Their cheerful yellow blooms

Let you know that spring is here,

Bringing new life to the earth.

How Long Do Daffodils Last?

The daffodils last for weeks,

Bringing color to the lawn;

Catching the eye as they sway

In the early morning sun.

Each day they are a little different,

With new buds just starting to show;

Soon they will be at their peak,

An explosion of yellow and white.

But even when they start to fade,

They remain a cheerful sight;

And we can’t help but smile

At the sight of daffodils in bloom.

Golden Daffodils

Golden daffodils so bright and gay,

Smiling in the morning sun.

They bring a touch of springtime to our day,

A sign that winter’s done.

The world is new again with their arrival,

A fresh start for each and every one.

We can’t help but smile when we see them swaying,

In the breeze, so proudly on display.

A Hardy Perennial

Daffodils are a hardy perennial

That will come back again and again

They are always cheerful and bright

And add a touch of color to any scene.

Bright Yellow Trumpets


bright yellow trumpets

speaking of spring

and rebirth

bidding us to come and see

what new life has sprung.

Don’t Eat Daffodil Bulbs

Don’t eat daffodil bulbs,

they’ll make you sick,

I learned the hard way,

now I’m warning you.

You’ll get a tummy ache,

and feel like you’re going to die,

just don’t eat the bulbs,

and you’ll be fine.

One of My Favourite Flowers

Yellow, orange and white

Bright as the morning sun

Unconditionally loved

by everyone

Narcissus poeticus

Is one of my favourite flowers.

Short Poems about Roald Dahl Books (For Kids)

Short Poems about Roald Dahl Books (For Kids)

I hope that you enjoy reading these Short Poems about Roald Dahl Books (For Kids), pick out some to share with your children, and maybe you could share some of your children’s poems (or your own) in the comments below.



Why Roald Dahl is a genius children’s author

There are many children’s authors,

But there is only one Roald Dahl.

He has a magic way of making stories,

That capture our hearts and minds.

He has a wicked sense of humour,

Which kids love and parents adore.

He takes us to amazing places,

With the power of his words.

10 interesting facts about Roald Dahl you probably didn’t know

1. He was born in Wales in 1916

2. His father was a Norwegian and his mother was British

3. He served in the Royal Air Force during World War II

4. He wrote his first children’s book when he was 44 years old

5. The book was about a gallant little boy named Charlie Bucket and his adventures in a magical chocolate factory

6. Dahl passed away in 1990 at the age of 74

7. He was buried in a chocolate-brown coffin with a personalised Willy Wonka bar

8. Dahl published over 60 books during his lifetime, many of which have been adapted into popular films and stage plays

9. His most famous works include “The BFG,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “Matilda” and “The Magician.”

10. The BFG (2016), directed by Steven Spielberg, earned an estimated $18 million on its opening weekend.

The Best Books by Roald Dahl

The best books by Roald Dahl

Are full of adventure, mystery, and fun.

You’ll never want to put them down

Once you’ve started reading one.

Dahl’s characters are so lively

You can’t help but feel drawn in

His writing is so imaginative

It’s no wonder he’s a best-selling author.

The Worst Books by Roald Dahl by someone was is not a fan!!

The books are really bad,

Really terrible in fact,

Full of nonsense and lies,

And they should never be read.

The stories are absurd,

The characters are bizarre,

The writing is poor,

And the themes are incredibly icky.

If you want to read a good book,

You should look somewhere else,

Because these ones are not worth your time,

They’re simply full of crime.

Which Roald Dahl book is your favourite?

What’s the best thing about reading a Roald Dahl book?

The best thing about reading a Roald Dahl book

is that you can always expect the unexpected.

You never know what’s going to happen next,

and you’re always drawn into the story.

Dahl’s books are full of suspense, humour, and warmth,

and they’re perfect for reading aloud.

So gather your friends and family around,

put on a pot of tea, and dive into a Dahl book.

Why do you think Roald Dahl’s books are so popular?

I think Roald Dahl’s books are so popular

Because his stories are always twisted

And full of surprise, and you never know

What’s going to happen next. His books are

Really readable, and kids love the way

He uses language. You can really see

How much fun he had writing them.

10 Books by Roald Dahl That You Must Read

There are so many great books by Roald Dahl,

But these ten are the ones you really must read!

The BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,

James and the Giant Peach, The Witches,

Matilda, George’s Marvelous Medicine,

The Phantom Tollbooth, Esio Trot,

Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Boy.

Roald Dahl Is a Literary Genius

There’s no doubting Roald Dahl is a literary genius

His stories are ingenious and magical

He’s able to take the simplest things and make them fantastical

He captures the essence of childhood and its joys

And his characters are so memorable

You can’t help but love them all

Why do kids love Roald Dahl’s stories so much?

One reason that kids love Roald Dahl’s stories so much is

that they are always filled with surprises.

Another reason is that Dahl has a way of capturing the voice

of a child, and making us all feel like we’re in on a secret.

And then there are the wild and wacky characters, who are a joy

to meet on the page. But most of all, I think kids love Dahl’s stories

because they’re funny, and exciting, and just plain delightful.

Roald Dahl’s books are perfect for kids and adults alike

Dahl’s books are perfect for kids and adults alike

They’re funny, charming, and oh so sweet

He has a way of capturing your heart

And making reading a delight

His stories are timeless and classic

And never seem to get old

You can read them again and again

And always find something new

So if you’re looking for a good read

That’s perfect for all ages

Then check out a Roald Dahl book

You won’t be disappointed.

The creativity and humour found in Roald Dahl’s books are unmatched

The creativity and humour found in Roald Dahl’s books are unmatched,

each page is packed with fun and delight.

His stories are spun with such care,

you can tell he took great pride in his work.

He has a way of making the absurd seem real,

and his characters are so memorable.

Dahl’s books are a joy to read,

and I’m grateful for his wit and wisdom.

If you’re looking for a good laugh, pick up a book by Roald Dahl

If you’re looking for a good laugh,

pick up a book by Roald Dahl.

He’ll have you rolling on the floor,

laughing until you cry.

His books are funny and clever,

packed with humor and wit.

So if you’re in the mood for some fun,

pick up a book by Roald Dahl.

Why Roald Dahl is a children’s favourite author?

There’s no one quite like Roald Dahl

Who brings a smile to every child’s face

With his wonderful stories, so enchanting and funny

We all love him without any doubt

He knows just what to say and do

To make our day, we always look forward

To hearing about Matilda and Charlie

And the BFG with his big, friendly face.

The creativity behind Dahl’s books

Dahl’s books are full of magic

And the creativity is never-ending

He has a way of making our imaginations soar

With stories that are thrilling and fun

His words are so powerful they feel like spells

I’m always left wanting more when I’m done

He has a gift for bringing to life

Characters that are wild and wacky

The world he creates is one that I love

And I know I’m not alone in this

Unforgettable lessons from Dahl’s stories

There are unforgettable lessons to be learned

from Dahl’s stories, so we should be careful

what we wish for, because some wishes might come true;

be careful of your words, as they may have consequences;

and sometimes, the wicked do get their comeuppance.

Celebrate Roald Dahl Day with some of his best books!

Happy Roald Dahl day everyone!

To celebrate, let’s read some of his best books!

He’s written so many that it’s hard to pick just one,

But my favourite is always the next one.

There’s the magical “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,”

The beloved story of a boy who finds a golden ticket;

Then there’s “James and the Giant Peach,”

A story of courage and friendship that will make you peach.

“The BFG” is a classic about a giant who befriends a little girl,

While “Matilda” is about a girl with extraordinary powers.

And don’t forget, “Danny the Champion of the World.”

Discover Dahl’s world of imagination!

Dahl’s worlds are so inviting,

Filled with excitement, adventure, and surprise.

You can be a hero, or overcome your fears,

In these stories there’s something for everyone.

His characters are so rich and memorable,

You can’t help but be drawn in to their world.

I never tire of discovering new things in his stories,

They’re a true joy to read again and again.


A Boy Named Charlie

A boy named Charlie,
Won a ticket to the factory.
Inside he found a world of chocolate,
Filled with surprises around every corner.
He met the Oompa Loompas,
Who sang and danced as they worked.
Charlie had a great time,
And ate more candy than he ever thought possible.

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator


Rising high into the sky
A glass elevator that’s smooth and bright
Charlie and his mom inside
Going up to visit dad on a work trip
The view from the top is astounding
A world of endless blue and white
The sun shining down on everything below
Reflecting off the glass so it shimmers and glows

Charlie and the great glass elevator go up and up,
Riding smoothly on a gossamer thread.

They ascend so high that the air grows cold,
And Charlie’s heart is filled with joy.

The world spreads out before them like a map,
A tapestry of greens and blues and browns.

They whiz through the sky, faster and faster,
Until they reach the sun.

James and the Giant Peach


A peach as big as a house
Caught James’ eye as he walked by
He climbed up to investigate
The peach was ripe and juicy
Suddenly, James heard a voice
” Who’s there?” The peach asked
James was scared but responded
“It’s James, I’m just looking”
The peach said “Okay, come on up”
So James climbed up to the top
Inside, he found a doorway
Leading to a room full of gold
And a colossal peach seed.

James and the Giant Peach

When James was just a lad,
his parents died in a car crash.
Left alone, he was forced to live with his mean aunts.
But then one day, something amazing happened.
A giant peach started to grow in the garden!
Inside the peach, James found new friends
To help him on his fantastic journey.
The peach sailed across the ocean blue
With James and his friends inside,
Until they finally landed on a shore
In America, the land of opportunity.

A Girl Named Matilda

There was a girl named Matilda
She was exceedingly bright
And though her parents were quite average
Matilda shone like a light

Matilda loved to read books
Which helped her learn and grow
She had an incredible mind
And her teachers knew it, so

The headmistress didn’t like Matilda
She thought she was too smart
But the other kids loved her

And so did Miss Honey

A Little Girl

Matilda is a little girl
Who is very smart and sweet
She has a magical power
To make things happen with her mind
She is always willing to help
And she never gives up

A Girl With a Gift

Matilda is a girl with a gift,
she has a special power to make things happen.
She can make things happen with her mind,
and she doesn’t have to use any force.
Matilda is a girl who is smart and kind,
she uses her power to do good in this world.
She helps people who are in need,
and she makes them feel happy and loved.

The BFG!

I dreamed that I met The BFG,
He was larger than life
He kindly took me by the hand
And showed me around his land
He introduced me to all his friends
And we had a jolly good time
Then before I knew it, it was time
To say goodbye to The BFG

But I’ll never forget the joy
That he brought to my life.

One Of Roald Dahl’s Most Underrated Books

The BFG is one of Roald Dahl’s most underrated books.
It tells the story of a big, friendly giant who
steals children from their beds at night to eat them.

The other giants consider him a weirdo and make fun of him,
but he doesn’t mind because he has a good heart.

One night, he takes Sophie to his cave and tells her his story.
She is so fascinated that she doesn’t even realize she’s about to be eaten.

When she comes home the next morning, she tells her parents what happened and they don’t believe her.
But eventually, they come to believe her and the book has a happy ending.

Well-drawn Characters

Of all the Roald Dahl books I’ve read,
my favourite one by far is The BFG.
The story is so imaginative and fun,
it’s one I could read again and again.
The characters are so likeable and well-drawn,
and I love the way the story ends.
I highly recommend it to anyone,
whether they’re young or old.

Best Spiderman Colouring Pages for Kids

Here are 9 of what I think are the best Spiderman colouring pages for kids. They are all free to print and some of them have a colour online option as well.

Some of these pages have some of the same pictures on.  The pictures on this web page are all embedded Pinterest pins.

This is one of the most user-friendly pages. (There are adverts on the page but they don’t take over in the way they do on some other sites.)

There are about 60 pictures to choose from.

Quite a number of them feature Doctor Octopus.

This is one of my Pinterest pins that links back to the supercolouring site.

Then, when you click on a picture you get the option to either colour it online or print it out to colour it offline.

If you choose to colour it online have lots of colours to choose from, you have a kind of spray paint, a paintbrush and a highlighter pen.  There are also three pen sizes and an eraser.

Once you’re finished your drawing, you can give it a name, save it and share it on social media.

There is also one picture of a lego superman:

There are a couple of hundred drawings to choose from on this site.

You do get the occasional advert that you have to shut down.

Once you click on a picture you can then choose whether you want to print it or download it.

On my computer, it automatically downloads as a png file.

This one is cute, but most are more like the pictures on other sites.

On this site, there are 72 Spider-Man pictures to choose from.

I like the fact they’re all on one page so you don’t have to keep scrolling backwards and forwards.

When you click on a picture, it opens the new page and you have a print icon so it’s easy to print out.


Top Colouring

There are 40 good quality Spider-Man pictures on this page. They’re a little bit different because some of them have Spider-man in Spider-man writing and all the captions on them.

It has a print page under the button underneath the picture which I always like to see, unfortunately, it’s also under an advert.
I don’t know why this article should be entitled 50 wonderful Spider-Man colour pages your toddler will love unless it’s that this mum particularly wants to target other mothers who have toddlers.

These pictures are very appropriate for children and young people of any age.

The selection of pictures, which are all on one page, initially take a few moments to load but then you can just click on any one and when you go to the next page you have options to print or download.

Here is another site with 50 pictures of Spider-Man on it for you to colour.

When you click on a picture it opens up on a new page and you can choose whether to print or download it.

This site has 30 Spider-Man pictures on it and again you can choose whether to print it or download it. The buttons are underneath the picture.


This site has about 30 fairly decent Spider-Man pictures.

Unfortunately when you click on them there disappointingly small.

There is also no obvious way to print them so you need to work out how to do this for yourself.


Best colouring pages for

This page has loads of great pictures.

No print button though.


Lego Spiderman

Finally here is a link to some LEGO Spider-Man pictures.

Other Good Spiderman Colouring Pages

Did you like my choice? Let me know in the comments below.

Can you also let me know if there are other pages you would recommend?

KS2 Adverbs Word Search

KS2 Adverbs Word Search


How To Play
  • Choose the size of the grid that you want to play.  The larger the grid the longer the words are that can be included and more words are likely to be included.
  • Look for the words. All the words can be read left to right and top to bottom.
  • Click or touch the first letter of the word and the last letter of the word.
  • The words will then be highlighted in different colours.
  • Find all the words and you will win the game.
BTW - if you have words in the grid that you were not expecting - click on the page title to refresh.  If you just have showing then the words will be drawn from all of the wordsearches on the website.
Select Level:
{{ currentLevel.width }}x{{ currentLevel.height }}

European Countries and Capitals Wordsearches

European Countries and Capitals Wordsearches

I hope that you enjoy these European Countries and Capitals wordsearches.


European Countries

How To Play
  • Choose the size of the grid that you want to play.  The larger the grid the longer the words are that can be included and more words are likely to be included.
  • Look for the words. All the words can be read left to right and top to bottom.
  • Click or touch the first letter of the word and the last letter of the word.
  • The words will then be highlighted in different colours.
  • Find all the words and you will win the game.
BTW - if you have words in the grid that you were not expecting - click on the page title to refresh.  If you just have showing then the words will be drawn from all of the wordsearches on the website.
Select Level:
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A List of the Kings and Queens of England for Kids

A List of the Kings and Queens of England for Kids

Here we have a straight-forward list of the Kings and Queens of England for kids and then further information about some of these kings and queens below the list. If you have a favourite fact about someone please let me know in the comments.

I should just say that this list starts with Kings of Wessex/Kent, which was an Anglo-Saxon kingdom in the south of England, as it includes Alfred the Great who is often listed as the first king of England, even though there were other kings in other parts of the country.

Egbert                   771/775 – 839
Aethelwulf            839 – 858
Aethelbald            855–860   King of Wessex
Aethelberht          ‎ c. 589 – 616 AD     King of Kent and then Wessex
Aethelred I             865 to 871
Alfred the Great
Edward the Elder
Edmund the Magnificent
Eadwig (Edwy) All-Fair
Edgar the Peaceable
Edward the Martyr
AEthelred II (Ethelred the Unready)
Edmund II (Ironside)
Svein Forkbeard
Cnut (Canute)
Harold I
Edward (the Confessor)
Harold II
William I
William II
Henry I
Empress Matilda (Queen Maud)
Henry II
Richard I
Henry III
Edward I
Edward II
Edward III
Richard II
Henry IV
Henry V
Henry VI
Edward IV
Edward V
Richard III
Henry VII
Henry VIII
Edward VI
Jane Grey
Mary I
Elizabeth I
James I
Charles I
Oliver Cromwell
Richard Cromwell
Charles II
James II
William III
Mary II
George I
George II
George III
George IV
William IV
Edward VII
George V
Edward VIII
George VI
Elizabeth II

Horrible Histories Song

Horrible Histories did a song about all the Kings and Queens from William First (aka William the Conqueror!)

A poem written in the time of George V

– please let me know in the comments if you know who the author is.

William the Conqueror long did reign,
William, his son, by an arrow was slain;
Henry the First was a scholar bright;
Stephen was king without any right.
Henry the Second, Plantagenet’s scion;
Richard the First was as brave as a lion;
John, though a tyrant, the Charter signed;
Henry the Third had a weakly mind.
Edward the First conquered Cambria dales;
Edward the Second was born Prince of Wales;
Edward the Third humbled France in its pride;
Richard the Second in prison died.
Henry the Fourth for himself took the crown;
Henry the Fifth pulled the French king down;
Henry the Sixth lost his father’s gains.
Edward of York laid hold of the reins;
Edward the Fifth was killed with his brother;
Richard the Third soon made way for another.
Henry the Seventh was frugal of means;
Henry the Eighth had a great many queens.
Edward the Sixth reformation began;
Cruel Queen Mary prevented the plan.
Wise and profound were Elizabeth’s aims.
England and Scotland were joined by King James.
Charles found the people a cruel corrector;
Oliver Cromwell was called Lord Protector;
Charles the Second was hid in an oak,
James the Second took Popery’s yoke.
William and Mary were offered the throne,
Anne succeeded and reigned alone.
George the First from Hanover came;
George the Second kept up the name;
George the Third was loved in the land,
George the Fourth was pompous and grand,
William the Fourth had no heir of his own,
So Queen Victoria ascended the throne.
When good Queen Victoria’s long reign was o’er
Edward the Seventh the English crown wore;
George the Fifth rules the vast realm of England today
And “God Save the King!” all his subjects’ hearts say.

A Short Poem which is more up to date

(and can be sung to the tune of Good King Wenceslas)

Willie, Willie, Harry, Stee,
Harry, Dick, John, Harry three;
One, two, three Neds, Richard two
Harrys four, five, six… then who?
Edwards four, five, Dick the bad,
Harrys twain VII VIII and Ned the Lad;
Mary, Bessie, James the Vain,
Charlie, Charlie, James again…
William and Mary, Anna Gloria,
Four Georges I II III IV, William and Victoria;
Edward seven next, and then
George the fifth in 1910;
Ned the eighth soon abdicated
Then George the sixth was coronated;
After which Elizabeth
And that’s the end until her death.

The list again but with a few facts

Egbert               King of Wessex
Aethelwulf       – his children included both Alfred the Great and Æthelred I, King of Wessex,
Aethelbald       – the second of five sons of King Æthelwulf
Aethelberht     – King of Kent
Aethelred I
Alfred the Great  – known for burning cakes
Edward the Elder
Edmund the Magnificent
Eadwig (Edwy) All-Fair
Edgar the Peaceable
Edward the Martyr
AEthelred II (Ethelred the Unready)
Edmund II (Ironside)
Svein Forkbeard
Cnut (Canute) – who thought he was powerful enough to stop the sea coming in!
Harold I
Edward (the Confessor)
Harold II – who got an arrow in his eye
William I – aka William the Conqueror, he was the first Norman King
William II – his nickname was Rufus
Henry I
Empress Matilda (Queen Maud)
Henry II
Richard I
Henry III
Edward I
Edward II
Edward III
Richard II
Henry IV
Henry V
Henry VI
Edward IV
Edward V
Richard III
Henry VII
Henry VIII – well known for havig eight wives and beheading two of them
Edward VI
Jane Grey – she was Queen for just 9 days after which she was sent to the Tower of London and later executed for treason by the supporters of Mary I.
Mary I
Elizabeth I
James I
Charles I
(Oliver Cromwell – Head of State but not a king)
(Richard Cromwell – Oliver Cromwell’s son and Head of State for less than one year.)
Charles II
James II
William III
Mary II
Anne – the first British monarch
George I – Queen Anne’s closest protestant cousin, there were more than 50 closer Catholic relatives , including her half-brother but Catholics were no longer allowered to be monarchs. During his reign we had our first proper Prime Minister Robert Walpole.  (Sir Robert Walpole was the longest serving among Prime Minister of the United Kingdom -20 years, 314 days.)

George II
George III – believed to be a bit mad
George IV
William IV
Victoria – had the longest reign until Elizabeth II overtook her.
Edward VII
George V
Edward VIII
George VI
Elizabeth II – our present Queen

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Its It’s – which to use?

Its It’s – which to use?

Lots of people get mixed up between its and it’s even though it is quite straightforward.

It’s with an apostrophe is short for “it is” or “it has”. It is known as a contraction.

Its without an apostrophe means something belonging to it. It is known as a possessive pronoun.


It is a nice day, can be written as: It’s a nice day.

The dog is playing with its ball does not have an apostrophe because the ball belongs to the dog. It stands for the dog.



Let me give you some examples.

Here are some examples of it’s with an apostrophe.

It’s always sunny.

It’s my life.

It’s all my fault.

It’s just rock and roll

It’s easy being green.

It’s none of your business.

It’s a dog’s life.

It’s my friend’s birthday today.

If it’s to be it’s up to me.

It’s not the money that counts, it’s the thought.

It’s your body, take care of it.

It’s ok to tell other people.


You will have noticed that it’s often comes at the beginning of a sentence but that is not always the case.

When there are clouds in the sky, it’s more likely to rain.

I wonder why it’s not easier to understand these questions.


Here are some examples of its without an apostrophe.

The football team is very successful because its players all train hard.

The city park is beautiful and its lawns are cut regularly.

Paris is well known for its many beautiful buildings.

The school has cleaned all its windows.

The moat around a castle used to help stop its enemies getting into it.

The aeroplane was starting its engine.

London is the capital of England and it is well known for its red buses.

The elephant was waving its trunk.

China is proud of its Great Wall.


Now you have a go with these:

Decide whether to use its or it’s.  You can scroll down after for the answers.

1.   America elects _____ presidents every four years.

2.   The wizard’s cat licked _____ lips.

3.   Mum said that _____ a long time before we can go on holiday again.

4.   Where are all the parking spaces? _____ been half an hour since we started looking for one!

5.   The tree looks bare now that all _____ leaves have fallen off.

6.   The giant panda is a carnivore but _____ diet is actually 90% bamboo.

7.   The ouroboros is an Egyptian symbol which has a serpent or snake swallowing _____ own tail.

8.   _____ a Wonderful Sponge is the new Spongebob Movie.

9.   That house is lucky _____ roof didn’t blow off.

10.  _____ interesting to see how different animal live.

11.   Did you know _____ not too hard to make fat balls for birds?

12.   _____ nice that you go and help out your auntie.

13.   The new play began _____ tour of Great Britain.

14.   The laptop needed _____ keyboard cleaning.

15.   _____ the small things in life that matter.

Scroll down for your answers

It's a lovely day to go to the beach.



1.   America elects its presidents every four years.

2.   The wizard’s cat licked its lips.

3.   Mum said that it’s a long time before we can go on holiday again.

4.   Where are all the parking spaces? It’s been half an hour since we started looking for one!

5.   The tree looks bare now that all its leaves have fallen off.

6.   The giant panda is a carnivore but its diet is actually 90% bamboo.

7.   The ouroboros is an Egyptian symbol which has a serpent or snake swallowing its own tail.

8.   It’s a Wonderful Sponge is the new Spongebob Movie.

9.   That house is lucky its roof didn’t blow off.

10.   It’s interesting to see how different animal live.

11.   Did you know it’s not too hard to make fat balls for birds?

12.   It’s nice that you go and help out your auntie.

13.   The new play began its tour of Great Britain.

14.   The laptop needed its keyboard cleaning.

15.   It’s the small things in life that matter.



Planet Facts For Kids

Planet Facts For Kids

When I was younger, it was said that there were 9 planets in our solar system.  The planets were Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto going around the sun. Later, I came across a mnemonic for it. My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas. However, since that time scientists have decided that we have eight planets in our solar system and that Pluto is a dwarf planet, and actually they have found larger rocks in the area of Pluto than Pluto itself.  On this page of planet facts for kids, I have decided to include Pluto so that you know why it is in some lists.

Here is a video you might like to watch and then there is some information about each planet.


Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. It is also the smallest of the planets.  It is incredibly hot there as it is just 36 million miles from the sun.

It is named after the Roman god Mercury who is the messenger of the gods.

Two spacecraft have flown past Mercury gathering information.  One was called Mariner 10 and this flew past Mercury twice, once in 1974 and then again in 1975.  Then in 2004 MESSENGER was sent. This orbited Mercury 4000 times before running out of fuel and crashing into the planet in 2015.



Venus between Mercury and Earth and so will still be much hotter than Earth.

It is named after the Roman god of love.

It is the brightest object in the sky after the sun and the moon.

Whereas the Earth rotates once a day, Venus takes 243 days to rotate on its axis.  It actually goes quicker than this around the sun, taking 224.7 Earth days to make its journey.

Venus also rotates in the opposite direction than the Earth does, which means that the sun would seem to rise in the west and set in the east.

Venus is often referred to as either the morning star or the evening star, especially in poetry.


Of course, this is our planet.

From space, it looks blue because of all the sea and also the water vapour covering the land areas.

About two-thirds of the planet’s surface is water.

Earth is 93 million miles away from the sun and a quarter of a million miles from the moon. In kilometres, that is 150 kilometres from the sun and about 384,400 km from the moon. These are approximate distances as it changes throughout the year.

The Earth goes around the sun once a year.

The moon goes around the Earth every 27.3 days. This is known as a lunar month.

The diameter of the Earth at the Equator is 7928 miles, or 12,760 kilometres.



Mars comes after Earth.

It is named after the Roman god Mars the god of war because it looks red sometimes in the sky and this reminded people of the blood that you get in battles.

It is often called the red planet and can be spotted in the sky with the naked eye, that is without using a telescope.

Mars is much smaller than Earth. Its diameter is about half of the Earth’s.

Mars rotates once in 24 hours 39 minutes, so the length of its day is almost the same as Earth’s. It has two moons, called Phobos and Deimos. They are not round like the moon but irregular.


After Mars we get Jupiter.  This is a very big planet, 1000 times smaller than the sun but two and a half times bigger than all of the other planets in the solar system put together.

Jupiter and Saturn are both gas giants.

Jupiter has an area called the Great Red Spot – you can see it on photographs.  There are constant storms here. This area alone is 1.3 times as wide as the earth.

Jupiter is made up of hydrogen and helium as well as other elements which possibly gives it a rocky core. Jupiter has many moons, at least 74,  including four that were discovered by Galileo Galilei in 1610. The largest of these is called Ganymede and it has a diameter that is larger than the planet Mercury.


Next is Saturn which has amazing rings around it.  These rings consist of small rocks that held in a particular orbit.

Saturn is another gas giant, It is the outer layer that is made of gas, The core is probably iron, nickel and rock,  and then there is a layer of metallic hydrogen, with hydrogen and helium surrounding that.

Saturn also has a number of moons, at least 62. 53 of the moons are officially named.  The biggest is called Titan and that is bigger than the planet Mercury.




Uranus is even further away. Uranus, along with Neptune are known as ice giants,  as their interiors are filled with ice and rocks.

Uranus is unique in that it rotates on its side.

It has wind speeds up to 900 km an hour.

It is also the only planet that has been named after a Greek god rather than a Roman god.

Uranus has 27 named moons and 24 are named after characters in Shakespeare plays and 3 after characters in a poem by Alexander Pope. One of these Ariel appears both in The Tempest by Shakespeare and in the poem by Pope.

Voyager 2 was the closest to Uranus on its voyage on January 24, 1986.


Neptune is named after the Roman god of the sea. It is now accepted as being the farthest known planet from the sun. Neptune’s atmosphere is made up of hydrogen and helium but its interior is made up of ices such as water, ammonia and methane.  Its wind speeds reach up to 2100 km an hour!

In 1613 Galileo noticed Neptune but he thought it was just another star.  It is thought that if he had noticed it a few days earlier when the sky was clearer and tracked it he would have realised it was a planet.

Voyager 2 flew past Neptune on 25th August 1989.


And as I said before Pluto is no longer classified as a planet, but you will often see it in a list of planets,  especially if the article or book was written before August 2006.

Pluto has a strange orbit around the sun so sometimes it is nearer the sun than Neptune.


Other videos you might like to see:

Planet facts worksheets

Here are some free worksheets about planets that you might find useful.

And here are 15 planets worksheets – designed for children with English as a second language but useful for all.


Planet Wordsearch

This is a picture of a wordsearch
Planets wordsearch


If you would like a larger one here is a pdf version with answers


Finally – a few pictures you might like to use for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Coloured Planet
Coloured Planet