Be The Tortoise, not the Hare (Poems about the Hare and The Tortoise)

Be the Tortoise, Not the Hare

Be the tortoise, not the hare
In life, slow and steady wins the race
Don't be fooled by the fast and flashy
The one who endures will reach the end
Think long term, not short term
The gains you make will be worth your while

The Tortoise is Slow and Steady

The tortoise is slow and steady 
While the hare is quick and jumpy 
The tortoise is a symbol of endurance 
While the hare is a symbol of haste 

The tortoise plods along at its own pace 
While the hare races ahead without thinking 
The tortoise will reach its destination 
While the hare may never make it there.

Not the Flashiest

Slow and steady wins the race
The tortoise knows this better than most
He's been around for years, through thick and thin
He's not the flashiest, but he'll get there in the end
Others may be faster, but they won't last long
The tortoise is patient and consistent – he's a survivor
When the race is over, he'll still be going strong.

When You Rush You’ll Only Tire

Slow and steady wins the race
Be the tortoise, not the hare
When you rush you'll only tire
The prize will be yours for the taking
If you just take your time 
You'll be surprised what you can achieve.

The Tortoise Is The One Who Wins

Slow and steady, the tortoise is the one who wins
The race against the hare, the fastest of all creatures
Though often underestimated, the tortoise is a force to be reckoned with
When it comes to perseverance and determination
In the end, the tortoise always prevails.

The Survivor

slow and steady
he keeps on moving
never giving up
he’s a survivor
through the good and bad
the tortoise is patient and consistent

The Courage To Start

You'll be surprised what you can achieve,
When you put your mind to it and try,
You can do anything that you believe,
So don't be afraid to try.
The sky's the limit when it comes to what you can do,
Just look inside yourself and find that power,
There's nothing that you can't do or conquer,
If you just have the courage to start.

The One Who Endures Will Reach The End

In life we all endure
A journey that is never ending
With hardships and heartache
But the one who endures will reach the end
Their trials have made them stronger
And they have found their courage
In the end, they will be rewarded
For their faith and perseverance.

In The End, The Tortoise Always Prevails

In the end, the tortoise always prevails
He's been around for centuries and he knows how to survive
He's slow and steady, never giving up or backing down
On his back is a hard shell that protects him from harm
He's the symbol of perseverance and determination
When the chips are down, the tortoise is always there
This humble creature is an inspiration to us all
He reminds us that slow and steady wins the race.

8 thoughts on “Be The Tortoise, not the Hare (Poems about the Hare and The Tortoise)”

  1. Matthew/Deloris

    The poems are a symbol of divine strength, the hare always loses and the tortoise always wins being steady and stable.
    Thinking of old books and saying my parents used to tell us. We are glad that you put this poem into perspective and with out your poems they can be interpreted differently.
    Going to pass this poem to others and see what they think.


    1. Hi MnD,

      I think it’s always interesting to look at different people’s interpretations of things. Even if we don’t agree there’s often something to learn,

      Thank you for passing this page on.

      All the best,


  2. I enjoy poetry, and love inspirational quotes and lyrics. So glad I came across this site.

    I think most of us know about the tortoise and the hare, but you’ve added some short poems that I haven’t heard before. The last poem notes the hard shell on the tortoises back, something that I haven’t seen mentioned in other quotes or poems about him, and something I never gave much thought to. When thinking about this though, the shell not only protects him from harm, but by carrying it around all the time it also makes him strong.

    This humble creature is definitely an inspiration!

    1. Hi Willow,

      Good point about the fact that the Tortoise carries its shell makes him strong. I haven’t thought about that.



  3. My 5-year-old son knows the story of the hare and tortoise and also lives by that moral.

    At times, he even reminds me…

    “Daddy, what’s the rush? Slow and steady always wins the race!”

    This concept is not just for kids, but for every human person.

    Thanks for putting all these poems together in one place 🙂

    1. Hi Jason,

      Your 5-year-old son is obviously already a very wise person!

      And as you say it’s something that we all need to take note of from time to time.

      Thank you for your response,

      It’s lovely to hear real comments from children.

      All the best


  4. Hey,

    these poems enforce the message that you need to be prepared and patient if you ever want to succeed at something. Just because you can do a task quickly, doesn’t always mean that you should, as you won’t’ always reap the potential benefits from it.

    When I compare that to online marketing, rushing through training means you miss important steps. Rushing through content creation means you might make mistakes.

    Thanks again, these poems are a great reminder of the effort required to be successful!

    1. Hi John,

      Yes, I was thinking of it here in the context of tutoring – whether thinking about the learning or being the tutor but of course, it relates to all sorts of the areas of work and life.

      It’s a bit like the carpenter’s saying: “Measure twice, cut once!”

      Thank you for your insightful comment,

      All the best,


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