Anti-bullying Poems For Kids

Don’t be a bully!

Don’t be a bully
You’re not tough
Making someone feel small
Isn’t cool or fun
It’s just mean and wrong
So don’t do it, don’t be a bully.

Just because somebody is different from you…

We all have things that we’re good at,
But that doesn’t mean we need to put others down.
Just because someone is different from you,
Doesn’t mean they’re worth less than you.
If you want to be a good person in this world,
You should try to be kind to everyone.

Don’t bully others!

Don’t bully others, it’s not fair
They may not be like you, but that doesn’t mean you have to tear
Into them, make fun of them, or put them down
It only makes you look like a jerk and it’s not very sound
Think about how you would feel if someone did that to you
It’s not nice, it’s not fun, and it’s definitely not cool
So just stop it, and be kind instead


Don’t bully me,
It’s not okay,
You’re making me feel small,
I don’t deserve this at all,
Please just stop.

To the bully

why do you torment?
Do you feel strong when you make someone else feel small?
Do you have no friends of your own so you have to make others suffer?
Why can’t you just be kind?
Is it really that hard?
Can’t you see how much it hurts?
Bullying is wrong and someday you’ll realize that.
Until then, we’ll be here to fight against you.

Stand up to the bullies

There’s no need for words when we feel the pain
Be it a shove or a nasty name
We all know that bullying is not okay
It doesn’t matter if you’re small or large
Your feelings are just as important as the next person’s
We have to be kind and help one another
When someone is feeling down
Stand up to the bullies and make them see
That kindness is what makes us strong.

Don’t Listen to Them!

Sometimes people are mean
And they say things that aren’t true
They might make fun of you
Or call you names, too

But you don’t have to listen
To what they say or do
Just keep your head up high
And don’t let them get to you.

Stop bullying day

Dear world, we need to put an end
To all the bullying that’s going on
It’s time for us to realize
That this isn’t right and it has to stop
We’re better than this, we can be kind
And make sure everyone feels loved and respected
So please stand up, let’s make a change
And help to make our world a better place.

Anti-bullying day

This is the day we stand up
Against all the things that make us feel small
We are not going to take it anymore
This is our day to be brave and strong
To show everyone that we won’t back down
We are united and we’re not alone
Let’s put an end to bullying today!

Today is stop bullying day

Today is stop bullying day,
A day for us to come together
And put an end to all the pain.
Bullying has gone on for too long,
Causing people to feel alone.
We need to stand up and be strong,
And let’s make this world a better place,
Where everyone can feel safe and free.

Don’t be a bully!

Bullying is mean, and it’s not right
No one deserves to be treated with such spite
We should be kind and loving and true
And help those who are being bullied too
It doesn’t matter if you’re big or small
You can still make a difference in someone’s life
So let’s all work together to end this strife
And make our world a better place, overnight!

Stand up for your friends

Stand up for your friends, and they’ll stand up for you.
It’s the golden rule that we all know is true.
If your friends have your back, then you’re never alone.
Together you will always stand strong as one.

What we learn in anti-bullying week

This week we learn about
Resilience and ways to cope
And techniques to help when we’re feeling low
How to be there for someone who is hurting
And how to refuse to be a part of the hurtcircle
We learn how to speak up and how to stand tall
When it feels like bullying’s winning after all
We learn that we are not alone in this fight
That there are people who want to see us thrive.

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2 thoughts on “Anti-bullying Poems For Kids”

  1. Hi Julia,

    I love ❤️ your anti-bullying poems! I’m writing a book based on a true story about anti-bullying. Your poems reminded me of it and the times as a child when I was bullied.

    Keep up the wonderful works of poems.

    My only question to you is how do you monetize your website (did not see any affiliate links?). Or, did I miss them?


    aka: Woman at The Well
    (Tools for a More Positive Health)

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Thank you for your kind words and I am sorry to hear that you were bullied.

      It’s great to hear you are writing a book about anti-bullying – I hope that it will help someone.

      As for your question about monetising my website, my focus at the moment is just to grow it so that it might be a useful resource.

      If it takes off, then I might put adverts on. I am following the example of ParthaB at Wealthy Affiliate who operates this model very successfully. (That’s an affiliate link by the way – which means if you join Wealthy Affiliate at a premium level I receive a percentage. You can join for free. I really recommend Wealthy Affiliate whether or not you are looking to make money out of your website. I started websites previously but it was only after I joined WA that I really got going.

      All the best,


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