Short Halloween Poems For Kids

Enjoy these short Halloween poems for kids as you make your preparations. Happy Halloween It’s the night of mischievous fun,The time of ghouls and goblins galore.When witches fly on their brooms,And Jack-o-lanterns light up the streets.You can be anything you want to be,A monster, a princess, or a pirate.There’s candy in abundance to be had,And […]

Spiderman Poems – for Kids (including “How does Spider-Man breathe?”)

Spider-Man is amazing Spiderman is amazing,He swings from building to building,Never hesitating,He’s always there to save the day,No matter what.He’s a hero,For everyone to admire,And his powers are astounding,He’s the best there is. Spider-Man climbing walls Spiderman, spidermanclimbing up the wallswebbing between his handssaving people from certain deathbecause that’s what superheroes do! Peter Parker Peter […]