What Can I Say To Brighten Your Day? (Poems)

What Can I Say To Brighten Your Day?

What can I say to brighten your day? 

I don’t know what it is, but you’re not looking happy. 

Maybe I can offer some words to make you feel better. 

I’ll do my best to make you smile, even for a little while. 

Just tell me what it is that’s wrong, so I can try and make it right.

I hope that I can bring a bit of joy into your life,
and make your day just a tiny bit brighter.

I’ll Do My Best

I don’t know what to say

To make your day go right

But I’ll do my best

To help make it bright

Maybe a joke or a smile

Or just a kind word to say

That will help you carry on

When things are feeling rough.

They’re Special

What can I say to brighten someone’s day?

I could tell them that they’re special in every way,

And that I hope their day is filled with happiness

And all the things they hold dear and close to their heart.

I could also say that I hope their dreams come true,

And that they find all the love they’re longing for,

And that all their hopes and wishes are realised,

In this new day that’s just begun.

It Goes a Long Way

What can I say to brighten someone’s day?

This one is simple: just a smile!

It costs nothing, but it goes such a long way,

To help someone feel better when they’re feeling down.

A kind word or gesture, it’s so easy to do,

Just takes a moment of your time-

So why not take a moment today,

And put a smile on someone’s face?

Plenty of Things to Say

There are plenty of things to say

To make someone’s day

A kind word or a smile,

Can go a long way.

It doesn’t take much,

Just a token of care,

To make someone feel loved,

And show that you’re there.

I hope it will Make Your Day

I don’t know what to say

But I hope it will make your day

A smile, a hug, or a kind word

Anything to let you know you’re heard

It won’t take much, I know that for sure

Just a little something from me to you

To let you know that you’re not alone

In this big world, we all need someone to hold.

Let Me Try

What can I say to brighten someone’s day?

I don’t know, but let me try.

Your smile is so beautiful, it could light up the dark.

You’re so kind and caring, you put everyone before you.

You’re amazing and strong, no matter what life throws your way.

I hope this brings a smile to your face, and makes your day a little brighter.

A Kind Word

There are so many things

you can say to make someone smile

A kind word, a compliment,

or just a simple hello.

It doesn’t take much

to bring a little light

into someone’s day.

So if you see someone feeling down,

try to find the words to pick them up.

A kind gesture goes a long way,

and it’s sure to make that person feel better.

When Someone is Feeling Down

When someone is feeling down,
sometimes the simplest things can turn their frown upside down.
A kind word, a warm hug, or even just a smile can help them feel better.
So if you see someone who’s feeling sad,
try to think of something that will make them glad.

Turn Their Word Around

A simple smile or kind word
Can go a long way
To make someone’s day
When they’re feeling down
Just a little love
Can turn their whole day around

Just A Simple Smile

Just a simple smile,
Can go a long way.
A kind word,
Can make someone’s day.
Maybe it won’t solve all their problems,
But it will remind them that they’re not alone.
And sometimes that’s all it takes,
For someone to keep going.

Show You Care

What can I say to brighten someone’s day?
An act of kindness, a word of love,
A prayer for peace, or a smile from above.

A kind gesture, a listening ear,
A helping hand, or just being there.

Whatever words of comfort you have to share,
Just take a moment and show that you care.

Short Father’s Day Poems

For Fathers Who Are Short

For fathers so short in stature

But towering in heart and love

We offer these words of prayer

That your days be long and filled with good fortune

Your wisdom shared with all who seek it

And your compassion a shield for the weak

In your gentle hands we place our future

Safe from harm, and filled with joy.

You’re the Best Dad!

You’re the best dad anyone could have,
always there when we need you,
never too busy for a game,
a hug, or a laugh.
Your wisdom is beyond your years,
and your patience is never-ending.
We love you more than words can say,
and we’re so grateful to have you as our dad.

Their Time is Short

Fathers are so important,

Especially on this special day.

Though their time is short,

They always make a big impact.

Their love is never-ending,

And we’re so grateful for them.

Thank you for all you’ve done,

Dad. We love you lots!

We Celebrate You

Fathers, we celebrate you

Today’s your day

For all that you do

We want to say

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

You’re amazing and smart

You always know just what to do

In our lives you play an important role

We love you lots, dear old Dad.

Happy Father's Day

From When We Are Small

From the time we’re small,

we know that Dad is special.

He’s strong and loving,

a rock we can count on.

The wisdom he shares,

the encouragement he gives,

makes us want to be better people.

Thank you for always being there,

for giving us your love and support.

We’re so grateful for you, Dad.


Fathers are special,

We are grateful for all they do,

They always put their family first,

Then everything else too.

The wisdom they provide,

The love they freely give,

We couldn’t ask for anything more,

On this Father’s Day we celebrate them!

Happy Father’s Day to Our Dad

Happy Father’s Day to our Dad

We love you so much, words cannot express

We’re grateful for everything you’ve done

Your support is what we’ve always leaned on

There’s no one quite like you in this world

We hope that this day is filled with joy

And we can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings

We are truly blessed by having you as our dad!

A Day to Honour

Father’s Day is a day to honour

The man who has always been there,

The one who has always loved us,

No matter what we do.

He’s always been our rock,

A source of strength and wisdom,

And we couldn’t be more proud

To call him Dad.

On Father’s Day, we want to tell him

How much he means to us,

How grateful we are for all he’s done,

And how much we look forward to spending time with him.

Our Superhero

We honour you today,

our superhero, our guide.

You’ve always been there for us,

no matter what the cost.

We love you with all of our hearts,

and we’re so grateful for you.

You are the best dad in the world,

and we’re proud to call you ours.

Superhero Dad

Thank You, Dad!

Thank you, Dad, for all you’ve done,

For all the times you’ve been there,

You’re the best dad anyone could have,

And we’re so lucky to have you.

Thank you for your support,

Thank you for your love,

Thank you for being such a great dad,

We love you so much!

Dear Dad,

Dear Dad, we love you a lot

You always make us feel very loved

And we’re so grateful for you

Your wisdom and guidance we relish

We know that wherever we go

You are always with us in our hearts.

Football Mad Dad

Our great dad is football mad

He loves to watch it and play too

His skills on the field are top-notch

He’s always been there for us, through thick and thin

A true role model, we couldn’t ask for more

We’re so proud of everything he’s achieved

And we know that he’ll always be there

For us, his family, he’s our number one

We love you Dad, Happy Father’s Day!


The Chess Player

Our Dad the chess player would always set up the board

He would think many moves ahead and never make a mistake

He would take his time in making a move, sometimes waiting hours

He would always beat us, but we loved to play with him anyhow

Our Dad the chess player was a master of the game.

The Headteacher

Our Dad the headteacher

Is a busy man,

But he always makes time

For a hug and a cuddle,

And a chat when we need him.

He’s strict when he needs to be,

But always puts his children first.

We’re proud to have him as our Dad,

The best headteacher in town.

The Best Time

The best time to be with our dad,

Is when he’s putting his feet up.

He’s always in a good mood then,

And he loves to spend time with us.

He’ll tell us stories from his past,

And make us laugh until we cry.

He’s always up for a good time,

And we’re so lucky to have him.

No matter what life throws our way,

We know that we can always count on him.

Thank you, Dad, for being the best one,

And for always being there for us.