Year 6 Maths Tutor

Year 6 Maths Tutor

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This is an affiliate link for Tutorful and below are some poems from the perspective of a Year 6 maths tutor. Having a good maths tutor can really make a difference, whether you want an online tutor or somebody who can visit your home in person.

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My Tutor

Maths is one of those things that,

Often, people think they can do without.

But, when it comes to crunch time and you’re struggling,

Then you’re glad somebody was there to tutor.

My tutor is patient, she never gets mad,

Even when I’m asking the same question 100 times.

She’s always willing to help me try again

Until I finally understand what’s going on.

I don’t know what I’d do without her this year,

When everything’s just a little too tough.

So thank you, thank you, dear tutor,

For all your help with maths – it’s much appreciated!

Here to help

I’m Here to Help You Out

I am the maths tutor,
the one who helps with homework,
and guides you through the year.
I know that some of you don’t like maths,
but I’m here to help you out.
I will help you to understand,
and make sure that you pass.

A Tutor’s Job Is Not An Easy One

A tutor’s job is not an easy one

Especially with year 6 maths

But with careful planning and organisation

They can help the children learn and have fun.

The tutor has to be very patient

And must be able to explain things clearly

If they can do this well

The children will succeed.


Helping Young Minds to Grow

I spend my days with numbers and equations

With constants and variables

I help them to understand what they’re working with

And how to solve the problems they face

I’m like a coach, a mentor, a friend

Helping these young minds to grow

Through gentle guidance and support

I help them achieve their goals

Maths is hard for some, but with my help

They soon begin to see the light

It’s a great feeling when they finally get it

And I know I’ve helped them reach their potential.

I am a Tutor

I am a tutor of year six maths,

Helping students with their sums.

I have to be patient and

Calm, as some of them find it tough.

I need to make sure they understand

The concepts that we are discussing.

Their progress is what I hope to see,

So that they can be successful in life.

Basic Maths

A tutor’s guide to basic maths

For Year 6 students

Once you understand the basics

You can do complex equations

But this all starts with addition, subtraction,

Multiplication and division

These are the building blocks

That will help you succeed

In fractions and decimals too

So be sure to pay attention

And practice, practice, practice.


A light-bulb comes on

Whenever I tutor year 6 maths,

I can see the lightbulb turn on

In their brains as they finally understand

The concept that’s been eluding them

It’s a great feeling when I can help them learn

And see that look of success and happiness

That’s why I love tutoring year 6 maths.

Helping Kids with Maths

Helping kids with maths

is something I really enjoy

I’m patient and I have the skill

to help them understand

I work with them one on one

and make sure they get it right

This is a job that I truly love

and I am so glad I can do it

Helping Them Learn

Teaching is something that I truly love,

Especially when it comes to maths!

There’s something about solving equations

That just makes me feel alive.

I love working with kids, helping them learn

And seeing their faces light up with a grin.

It’s so rewarding when they finally understand

The concepts that we’ve been working on.

I can’t wait to help your child grow and learn,

And watch them succeed in maths!

A Tricky Subject

Maths is a tricky subject

It can be hard to understand

But with a tutor by your side

You can achieve anything

They’ll help you focus and stay on track

So you can master maths in no time.


Like a Puzzle

Maths is like a puzzle

we have to try and fit all the pieces together

sometimes it’s hard, but it’s always worth it

once we’ve solved the puzzle, we’re one step closer to understanding

the world around us.

Bringing Order to Chaos

Helping kids with maths

Bringing order to chaos

Adding and subtracting

Multiplying and dividing

Fractions and decimals

It’s all a part of the plan

Helping kids understand

The world of numbers

So they can succeed in life.

Not a Game

Maths is not a game

But it can be fun

With the right person to guide you

You can learn and understand

Everything that is required

To succeed in this subject

When it comes to tutoring year 6 maths

I am the best!

As I Sit Down To Help This Child

As I sit down to help this child,

I am suddenly aware of how much I’ve forgotten.

Numbed by a curriculum that is ever-changing,

trying to recall the methods I once knew.

In drills that were once so fluid, now seem so stiff;

I am reminded of why I do this: for the love of learning.

To see the lightbulb moment in a student’s eye,

to help them understand what was once confusing,

makes all the struggles worth it.

Especially Year 6

I love helping out with maths,

Especially with year six,

They always seem so keen,

To understand and learn.

I love it when they get it right,

And they beam with pride,

It’s such a joy to see,

The progress that they’ve made. 

Each Student

Maths is the subject I tutor

I must do my best to help each student

I can’t let them give up

They need to understand

The concepts and ideas

That we are discussing

This isn’t always easy

But with hard work, they can succeed.

Someone You Need

A maths tutor is someone you need

When numbers just don’t make sense

Someone who can help you find the key

To solving problems you can’t see

A guide to help you stay on track

With skills that will help you excel

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed

Just know that a maths tutor is near.

Soon the Room is Buzzing

The tutor arrives,

And soon the room is buzzing

With mathematicians at work

Covering topics from last year

To what’s new this term.

There’s laughter and occasional groans

As we work through problems together

But it’s all worth it in the end

When we finally ‘get it’.


So They Can Do Their Best in Their Final Tests

I am a maths tutor for year 6 students, 

Helping them understand what’s been going on, 

Getting them up to scratch with where they should be, 

So they can do their best in the final tests.

If you are looking for a Year 6 Maths Tutor you can click here to go to the Tutorful site.

They have some amazing tutors working for them.

Poems about France (And Other French things)


The land of wine and cheese,

Of baguettes and rosé.

The land of history and culture,

Of art and beauty.

The land of cafés and sidewalk dining,

Of charming villages and lively cities.

France is a country like no other,

A place where you can truly savour life.

France poem

French Wine and Cheese

This place is so beautiful,

The land of wine and cheese,

The country with the best food,

Ah, France! How I love thee!

Your cobblestone streets and quaint villages,

Your rolling hills and majestic mountains,

Your placid rivers and sparkling seas-

All are so picturesque and inviting.

France, you have a magic all your own,

A charm that draws people near,

And makes them never want to leave.

Thank you for your beauty, your culture, and your cuisine,

For all that you have given to the world.

Merci beaucoup, France!

French wine and cheese

French Rivers

The Seine is France’s mightiest river

The Loire, Rhone, and Garonne are also quite grand

These rivers have been the lifeblood of France

Carrying people and goods to every corner of the land

The French have always been drawn to their rivers

Each one has its own special charm and magic

The Seine flows through Paris, the city of light

And the Loire Valley is renowned for its beauty

The Rhone River is famed for its wines

And the Garonne carries barges loaded with goods

These rivers have been a part of France’s history

And they will continue to play a vital role in the future.

French Food

If I close my eyes and take a deep breath,
I can almost smell the delicate fragrance
Of France—the country of foodies’ dreams.
Here, the chefs concoct dishes with subtlety and finesse,
Using only the finest and freshest ingredients.
From starters to desserts, every meal is a masterpiece,
A flavour sensation that tantalizes the taste buds.
I could go on and on, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.
Instead, I’ll just invite you to come and explore
The marvels of French cuisine for yourself.

French food

French Cities

There are so many French cities

Each one has its own charm

Montpellier is sunny and lively

Lyon is historic and charming

Nice is by the sea with a pretty promenade

Paris is well, Paris

Bordeaux is famous for its wine

And Toulouse is known for its students.

French cities

French Names for Girls

There are so many lovely french names
For girls it’s hard to pick just one
Isabelle, Camille, or Sophie
Marie, Genevieve, or Constance
Rosalie, Heloise, or Cecile
Anais, Gabrielle, or Louise
Juliette, Mathilde, or Anna-Belle

All of these names sound so sweet
They’re the perfect choice for any girl
They’ll make her feel special and loved
And everyone will want to know her name
Each one is unique and special
Just like the girl who bears it,

French Names for Boys

There are so many french names for boys,

How do you choose just one?

Laurent, Augustin, or Xavier,

All are so incredibly cute!

Guillaume, Antoine, or Pascal,

They all have such a charming sound.

Pierre, Jean-Luc, or Yves,

Such distinguished and gallant names.

Romain, Gaspard, or Thierry,

All unique and so very proud.

Jean-Baptiste, Jacques, or André,

So many to pick from – it’s hard to decide!

The French Flag

The French flag is blue and white

With a single red stripe in the middle

It’s been flown for centuries

As a symbol of freedom and democracy

People all around the world revere it

And see it as a sign of hope.

French flag

The French Impressionists

The French Impressionists brought light and color
To an age of darkness and gray
They liberated painting from the constraints of reality
With their bright, bold, and beautiful art
For a time they were ridiculed and scorned
But in the end they prevailed
And their work is now some of the most famous in the world.

In the shadow of the cathedrals
men with berets and cigarettes
looked at light in a new way. 

 They spilled their paints on canvas
putting the world on a easel. 

 Rivers and skies, mothers and children,
all were recreated in oils. 

 The people of Paris called them madmen,
but soon everyone wanted to see their work. 

 Monet, Degas, Renoir, they were the fathers
of a new art movement- Impressionism.

Ode to La Marseillaise

You are the song of our nation,
The rhythm of our heartbeats,
The voice of our freedom.

You embody all that we hold dear,
Our strength and our courage,
Our passion and our pride.

Your notes ring out like a bugle call,
Welcoming us to battle,
Stirring us to victory.

We pledge our allegiance to you,
Our flag and our country,
And we vow to always sing your praises.

The French Revolution

It was the time of revolution

when the people rose up

against the king and his rule

they wanted freedom and democracy

and they were willing to fight for it

the drums of war were beating

and the people were ready to take on the world

they were inspired by the principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity

and they knew that they could change the course of history

this was their chance to create a new France

a France that would be free and democratic.


French Crepes

The recipe is simple, but the end result is divine

You can fill them with any sort of filling you like

From sweet to savoury, there’s a crepe for everyone

They’re perfect for a quick and easy breakfast or snack

So give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!

The French Capital

The City of Lights,

Paris is a city so divine,

Filled with history and art,

It’s no wonder it’s called the “capital of romance.”

Lovers flock to its streets,

And each corner has a story to tell,

From the Louvre Museum to the Eiffel Tower,

This city is a must-see.

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel tower is so grand
Standing so tall and so proud
Its majesty is unmatched
No other building compares
Its elegance is truly divine
Paris would not be the same without it
This iconic landmark.

French Regions

There are many regions in France,

Each with their own unique culture,

From the Basque Country in the south,

To Alsace in the north-east,

There’s something special to be found

In every corner of this great land.

The people are warm and friendly,

And the food is simply amazing,

There’s nothing quite like a trip

To explore the beauty of France.

The French Alps

The French alps are a sight to see,
With their snow-capped peaks and pristine slopes.
There’s no better place to ski or snowboard,
Than on the trails that run through these mountains.

The views are stunning, and the air is fresh,
And it’s easy to understand why people love it here.
There’s a feeling of peace and solitude,
That can be found nowhere else but in nature.

The French Language

I love the sound of the French language

It’s like a beautiful song

I can’t help but be drawn in

The way they speak is so entrancing

I could listen to it all day

It’s such a romantic language

And I’m so lucky to know how to speak it too.

Short Summer Poems For Kids

Something Special In The Air

There’s something special in the air

It’s a feeling that can’t be found

Anywhere but in these long summer days

School is out, the sun is shining

And there’s nothing better than this time of year

When everything is new and nothing is planned

These are the days we’ll always remember.

Summer beach children

Have Some Fun

When summertime is near

Kids can feel it, sense it, see it everywhere

The sun is shining, the sky is blue

And all we want to do is have some fun

June, July, and August – we love you!

A Time of Happiness

Summer is a time of happiness

All the kids are out of school

And they’re playing in the sun

The days are long and hot

And everyone is having fun

There’s ice cream and barbecues

And everything is just perfect.

Summer bbq

The Weather is so Fine

Summertime is here

And the weather is so fine

The sun is shining bright

And the days are so long

We can go swimming in the pool

Or we can go to the beach

There are so many things to do

In summertime

There’s no time to be bored.

The Dog Barks

The dog barks, the sun wakes,

summer is here.

Fruit trees in blossom,

bees buzzing in the air.

Lazy days ahead, time to just enjoy

what summer has to offer.

Dog barks summer

The Sun is Beating Down

The sun is beating down,

but I don’t mind.

I’m wearing my sunglasses,

and I’ve got my ice cream.

I’m listening to the waves crashing,

and I’m feeling so free.

This is the best time of year,

and I’m so glad that summer’s here.

Sweetest Time of Year

The sweetest time of year,

Summertime is here!

The sun shines warm and bright,

Daytime lasts all day and night.

All the animals are out,

Running and playing in the dirt.

The world is so alive,

So much to see and do.

I never want summer to end,

This is my favourite time of year.

Finally Here

Summertime is finally here

The sun is shining and the sky is clear

We can go to the beach and play in the sand

We can go swimming and eat some candy

We can sit in the sun and just relax

Or we can run around and have some fun

It’s the best time of year

Summer, summer, summertime!

The Days are Long

The days are long and the sun is high

The weather is warm and the sky is blue

Summer is here and we all can’t wait

To go to the beach and play in the sand

We’ll go swimming and lay in the sun

Until it’s time to go home at night

There’s nothing better than summertime

And we all hope it will last for a while.

Beach kids

Finally Summertime

It’s finally summertime

and that means ice-cream time

I can’t wait to get my hands on a cone

I’ll eat it while I’m lying in the sun

There’s nothing better than enjoying ice-cream

in the summertime.

The Sea

The sea is blue and calm today,

Reflecting the summer sky above.

A gentle breeze whispers through the trees,

Bringing the salty smell of the ocean close.

I sit on the sand and listen to the waves,

Mesmerized by their soothing rhythm.

Thank you, for this summer day,

Filled with peace and beauty unsurpassed.

Calm sea

Sand Between Our Toes

There’s nothing quite like summertime

When the sun is shining and the waves are loud

We can feel the sand between our toes

And the salty ocean in the air

We can hear the seagulls overhead

And feel the breeze in our hair

It’s the best time of year by far

Especially when we’re at the beach

surrounded by our friends.

The Weather gets Hotter

In summer, the weather gets hotter,

But we still manage to have a lot of fun.

We go swimming and play in the sun,

And sometimes we stay up until nightfall.

There’s nothing better than a summer night,

When the air is warm and the stars are bright.

A Cold Drink

There’s nothing quite like a cold drink

to cool you down in the summer heat.

Pour yourself a fresh glass of iced tea,

or maybe a cold lemonade.

Whatever you choose, be sure to drink up

and enjoy the refreshing taste.

cold drinks kids

A Cold Drink on a Hot Day

There’s nothing like a cold drink on a hot day

To help you cool down and have some fun

Popsicles, smoothies, slushies, iced tea

There are so many choices, what’ll you have today?

My favourite is strawberry lemonade

With lots of ice and a slice of lemon on top

It’s the perfect drink to help beat the heat

So why not make one for yourself and enjoy!

The Flowers are in Bloom

Summer flowers are in bloom

The colours are so bright and gay

They make me feel so happy

I can’t wait for them to stay

I love the smell of the flowers

It’s such a sweet and special scent

It reminds me of Summertime

And all the fun that I’ll soon dent

I can’t wait to go outside

And sit in the sun’s warm rays

And admire all the pretty flowers

So let’s go outside and enjoy our days!

The Trees are so Green

The trees are so green

and the sky is so blue

Summer is such a beautiful time

of year

I love to sit in the shade

and watch the leaves sway

The trees are a peaceful sight

in the summertime.

summer trees


Summer daisies,

Crowns of gold,

Watching over me,

Protecting from harm.

They grow wild,

A carpet of white,

Bringing happiness,

In the middle of summer.

summer daisies

At The Seaside

We’re at the seaside,

Watching the waves crash as we sit on the sand.

The sun is shining and it’s so hot,

But we don’t mind, because we’re on vacation!

We’re eating chips and drinking coke,

And playing in the water until we’re soaked.

Every night we go out to eat,

Then come back and watch the stars.

Bucket and Spade

I love the sound of the waves

Crashing against the shore

The salty air in my lungs

As I walk on the sand

With my bucket and spade

Building a castle that will never be

The sun is shining and the sky is blue

And I’m so happy I’m here with you.

bucket and spade

Poems about Maths KS1

Poems about Maths KS1

This page “Poems about Maths KS1” has been written by my AI with some input from me.

Please let me know in the comments below if there are any mistakes or if you have suggestions for other poems.

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Maths is a great way

To learn about shapes and space

It can help you understand

More about the world we live in

And it can help you figure out

What’s going on in your head

KS1 Maths

KS1 is so much fun

We get to learn about counting

and ordering everyone

We learn which number is first

and which one is last

we also learn about place value

It’s really amazing stuff

and it all helps us when we grow up

to be able to do the maths!


My teacher tells me to count

and get in order

ones, tens, hundreds

thousands and more.

But sometimes it is hard

especially when it’s not a number

I need to know.

Like if I’m trying to find my place

in a line or a space.

But I try my best

and I’m getting better at it each day

so maybe one day I’ll be able to say

I can count and I can order

Up to a million and beyond!!


In math class today we learned about shapes.

The teacher said that a square has four equal sides,

while a rectangle has two pairs of parallel sides.

A triangle has three sides that are equal in length,

while a circle has no corners

and a ball is the shape of a sphere.


Adding one plus one is always two

It’s very simple and easy to do

When we add more, the total grows

And we can see how much we’ve amassed.


With addition, we can keep track

Of just how big our number has become

By adding one more, we get to see

The sum of all that was added before.


Subtraction is the simple act of taking away.

One minus one is nothing, but when you add them back

together they make two once again.

This is the principle that we use in subtraction:

to take away a number, we just subtract it from the other.

We can use this method to find out how much is left

after something has been taken away.


Times tables, what a bore!

You must learn them if you want to soar

Through your math classes with ease

And get the best grades that you can achieve.

But don’t worry, it won’t be long

Before you’re breezing through each song

Of all the times tables there are

You’ll have them memorized in no time.


When we divide something,

We can see it in smaller parts.

This makes it easier to understand,

And helps us learn about maths.

We can see division in everyday life,

Whenever we share something round.

It’s a way of working out how many there are,

Of anything that we might find.

I can count

I can count from one to ten,

twelve, thirteen, fourteen

fifteen, sixteen, seventeen

eighteen, nineteen and twenty!

I can count higher but I must be careful

or I’ll lose track and get all muddled up.

One hundred, two hundred

three hundred, four hundred

five hundred, six hundred

seven hundred and eight hundred!

Nine thousand, ten thousand

eleven thousand and twelve thousand!

thirteen thousand, fourteen thousand

fifteen thousand and sixteen thousand!

The Place Value of a Number

There’s something quite amazing

About the place value of a number

As we move along the digits

The value of each one is clear

When we add them all together

We get the number that we sought.

A Square, Rectangle and Oval


A square is a shape with four right angles.

It has four sides and four corners.

A square is perfectly symmetrical.

A square is always the same shape, no matter how you look at it.


A rectangle is a shape with four straight sides.

It has two short sides and two long sides.

A rectangle can be any size, big or small.

A rectangle can be symmetrical or not symmetrical

Depending on where you draw the line.


An oval is a shape with one big curve and no angles.

It has two equal lengths and one big curve in the middle.

An oval can be any size, big or small.

An oval can be symmetrical or not symmetrical

Depending on where you draw the line.

Shapes for drawing

Circles, squares, rectangles-

these are our friends

We’ll learn about them in school today

and we’ll never forget

Their shapes are so simple and neat

and easy for us to see

They’re perfect for drawing or painting

or making into a toy.

3D shapes

There are so many 3D shapes

Cube, cylinder, cone, sphere

They all have different features

And can be used in different ways.

Cubes are perfect for building towers

Cylinders are great for making tubes

Cones are perfect for holding sweets

And spheres make great balls.


Telling the time

Tell the time, tell the time

It’s ticking away like a countdown

In hours and minutes and seconds

We keep track of it so we know where we stand

What today has in store for us

What tomorrow may bring

The clock on the wall is our guide

It tells us when to wake up

When it’s time for bed

When to eat and when to work

It helps us make sense of our days

So tell me, what time is it now?

Is it morning or afternoon?

Is it close to supper time?

Or maybe it’s already midnight!

Telling the time

Tells us what hour it is

And what day it is

A very simple thing

But so important to know

Especially for when we’re late!

We tell the time by looking at a clock

And finding the hour and minute hands

We can tell what time it is by how they point.

I Can Count Money

I can count money, pennies and pounds.

I know what a penny is, and a pound.

I can count up to 20, all on my own.

I know that a penny is worth 1p,

And a pound is worth 100 pennies!!


Poems of Gratitude to a Son


No matter what happens, I love you

I will always be here for you

my love for you is true

whatever comes our way

we’ll face it together

I will always love you

and nothing can change that.




Thank you for just being you, son!

It’s so nice having a kid like you around.

You make life feel new, and every day’s a joy!

Thank you for just being you, son!


Thank you for being my son

Thank you for being a part of my life

I am grateful to you for everything

Thank you for making me smile

Thank you for making me laugh

Thank you for just being you



Thank you for always being there for me

I love you son, with all of my heart

I may not be there with you every step of the way,

But I will always love you, no matter what happens.

I may not be able to solve all your problems,

But I promise to always be there for you.

No matter what life throws at us,

I will always love you, my son.



Thank you for making me a proud dad, son

It means the world to me when I see you

I can’t believe how fast you’ve grown

I’m so blessed to call you mine

I’m grateful for all the things you do

You make me proud each and every day

And I thank God for bringing you my way



Thank you for making me laugh

son, it means the world to me

I know sometimes life is tough

and we just need to laugh

your funny faces and silly jokes

help chase away the dark

thank you for being in my life

and bringing sunshine everywhere you go

No matter what happens,

I’ll always love you, son.



You’re my life, my breath,

my everything.

Even when we’re apart,

you’re always in my heart.

No matter what happens, I love you son.



I will always be here for you, no matter what.

I’ll always be your biggest fan and your closest friend.

You can count on me to be there, through thick and thin.

There’s nothing that can tear us apart, my love for you is too strong.





I will always be grateful for the gift of you, my son.

I will always be grateful for the gift of you, my son.

Of all the things I’ve done in my life, nothing is compares to this.

The love I have for you is so strong, it’s almost impossible to explain.

I’m glad I get to be your mom, and watch you grow up and become a man.




I promise to always be there for you, no matter what happens in life.

I will always be grateful for the gift of you, my son.

Son, you are my closest friend.

I never have to worry about what you’ll say

When I’m feeling down, you know just what to do

With a hug and words of encouragement

You help me get through each and every day.




It’s wonderful having you in my life

I can’t imagine going through it without you

Thank you for being the son I always wanted.

Thank you for being the son I always wanted,

I cherish your presence in my life,

I don’t know what I would do without you,

You are my everything and more,

I love you with all of my heart,

Thank you for being mine.




I love you with all of my heart, son.

You are the light in my life that guides me through the darkness.

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you, and nothing that I wouldn’t give to you.

You are my sunshine and my hope in life.




I love you with all of my heart, son, and I will always be there for you.

Thank you for being my son,

The one person in this life

I’m privileged to hold

A part of me that’s so pure and good

I thank God for you every day

For the kindness in your heart

And the love that you always share

You make this momma proud.





You are my sunshine son,

you make me so happy,

I never knew what joy was until I had you,

nothing in this world can compare to the love I have for you,

you are my life, my everything,

I thank God for you every single day.





I never knew what joy was until I had you, son.

Only now do I understand what it means to be alive.

Every laugh, every smile, every milestone is a blessing

I never knew what joy was until I had you, son.




Thank you for making me smile, son.

I never knew what it was like,

Til I saw your face and felt your love.

Now every day is a new surprise,

And I can’t help but thank God for you.





Your laughter is like the sun,

That warms my heart and makes me glad,

For all the ways you’ve touched my life,

And made me happy just to be alive.




I love your hugs, son!

They make me feel so strong;

I wrap my arms around you,

And hold you close all day long.


Your hug is like a shield,

That keeps me safe and warm;

It’s the best thing in the world,

And I’m so glad you’re my son!





No matter what life throws your way,

I will always be here for you, son.

I’ll be the shoulder you can cry on,

The one who’s always there for you,

Through thick and thin,

You can always count on me.





You are a great son, you always make me proud

The way you work so hard and always stay strong

I never knew what it was like to have a son

But now I know, it’s the best feeling in the world

Even when things get tough, you always make a way

I know you will always be there for me and your brothers

I love you so much, and I’m grateful for everything

You are my sunshine, my hope, and my love.


Poems about Poland

There’s a place I know

There’s a place I know

Where the people are so kind

And the landscape is so beautiful

It fills my heart with joy

There’s a place called Poland

Where the stories are told

Of a people who have suffered

But have never lost their hope.

Polish flag with eagle

In a faraway land

Once upon a time,

In a faraway land,

Lived a people called the Poles.

They were a proud and noble people,

Who loved their country with all their hearts.

Their flag was white and red,

Sometimes a white eagle in the middle,

And they were always ready to fight for what was theirs.

They were a brave and independent people,

Who would never give up without a fight.

Poland is a beautiful country,

With rolling hills and forests green,

And its people are some of the finest in the world.

Poland – A Land Of Beauty And Strength

This country held so many stories

Wars fought, and families torn

But through it all, they’ve endured

Poland, a land of beauty and strength

Your people have a spirit like no other

That’s why we love you so.


The Land of Chopin and Copernicus

The land of Chopin and Copernicus

Famed for its shrimp and goulash

Proud to be home of Solidarity

Poland is a land of beauty and history

Its people are stalwart and strong

And their spirit will never die

For Poland is more than a country

It is a dream that cannot die.


A Country Of Proud People

Poland is a country of proud people

Living with a history that’s been written in blood

With a spirit that can never be broken

Wars have been fought, and lost, but the Polish never give up

Their love for their country is unrivaled

There’s a beauty in the zlote horizon

And a magic in the language of Chopin

Poland is a land that has seen so much pain

But the people are resilient and always find a way to prevail

There’s a depth to their culture and a strength in their spirit

Which has led them to survive and thrive through it all

Thank you Poland for your unwavering courage

For your strength and for your love

Without you this world wouldn’t be the same.

A Charming Country

Poland, a charming country

That lies in the heart of Europe

Is known for its beautiful landscapes

And kind and welcoming people.

Though ravaged by war and occupation

It has always risen from the ashes

The Polish spirit is unbroken

And their strength of character renowned.

Poland windmill

A Land That’s Rich In Beauty

Poland, a land that’s rich in beauty

Though often overshadowed by its larger neighbours

Has a heart that’s big and full of history

From the rolling hills of the south

To the Baltic Sea in the north

This country has something for everyone

Its people are warm and welcoming

And proud of their heritage

Though communism left its mark

Poland has risen like a phoenix

Stronger than ever before.

Poland, My Homeland

Poland, my homeland

Your flag soars high above

The White Eagle is your symbol

And your people are so proud

Your history is so rich

And your culture is so strong

You have suffered much over the years

But you never give up hope

Poland, my homeland

I love you and I’m proud to be called Polish.

The Land Of My Fathers

This is the land of my fathers,

the land where my heart beats.

Here I am proud to be Polish,

a people who know how to fight.

We have a rich history,

full of tales of bravery.

Our country has been through so much,

but we always find a way to thrive.

Poland is a beautiful land,

with forests and rivers and plains.

Our people are strong and proud,

and I know that we will never give up.

Poland Zakopane

Beauty and History

Poland, a land of beauty and history

Thy spirit lives on in the hearts of thy people

Thy sons and daughters ever proud to proclaim

The greatness of thy deeds, thy culture and art

Thou hast withstood the test of time

Bringing hope to all who yearn for freedom

O Poland, thou shalt never die.

On Eagle’s Wings

Country of Poland

On eagle’s wings you soar

Sacred home to many a lore

Loved by many, yet misunderstood

Your story is one of great strife

But your spirit remains unbroken

Land of proud and valiant warriors

Your people are a shining light

In dark times you are a ray of hope

To all who suffer, you extend a hand

O Poland, may God keep your spirit strong

Land Of The Brave

Poland, land of the brave

Hometown of many a hero

Suffered through years of pain

But rose up like a phoenix

Now a beacon of freedom and hope

For all who seek her out

Land of my fathers, I love you.

Proud And Faithful People

The land of Poland, so rich and green

The home of proud and faithful people

Their heritage is written in blood and tears

But their spirit will never die

From Warsaw to Gdansk, the cities rise

Each one a monument to the past

And the people who fought and died for freedom

Their spirit will never die.

Poland Gdansk

Majestic Forests And Rolling Plains

Poland, the land of countless kings

Majestic forests and rolling plains

Crossed by a thousand rivers

Home to a people of proud hearts

You are the mother of nations

The cradle of civilization

Your spirit has never been broken

Your courage has never faltered

Though storms have raged against you

You have endured and persevered

Now, more than ever, we are proud to be Polish.

Rich In History

The land of Poland, so rich in history

Is home to a people, both strong and proud

Their spirit unbroken, through good and bad times

They’ve always found a way to thrive

Though their country has been invaded time and again

Poland has never ceased to exist

And the courage of her people is an inspiration

To all who know her story.

Warsaw Old town

What Treasures Poland Holds

What treasures Poland holds,

many stories untold,

from beauty to the brutal,

Warsaw to Wrocław.

Breathtaking landscapes,

kind and welcoming people,

a rich and interesting history,

the home of Chopin.

So much to discover,

a country well worth exploring,

a land that fills the heart with joy,

Poland, my homeland.

Polish culture is rich and vibrant.

Poland is a country rich in culture,
Its people passionate and proud,
Their heritage dating back centuries,
Written in blood, sweat and tears.

There’s a spirit here that’s unique and unbreakable,
A resilience that never quits,
And a beauty that can be both savage and gentle,
Like the land that it calls home.

There’s art in every breath that Poles take,
In the way they love and fight,
In the stories they’ve told for generations

That can never be forgotten.

A Wonderful Place To Celebrate Holidays And Experience Traditional Food And Music.

Poland is a great place to celebrate holidays
With traditional food and music that fills the air
The people here are warm and welcoming
And it’s a wonderful place to spend time with family and friends
There’s something special about this country
That makes everyone feel at home
I’m so grateful I get to experience it all
Every time I’m here, it feels like Christmas!

A Long and Varied History

Poland is a country with a long and varied history.
From the time of the kings to the present day,
It has been a place of beauty and culture,
A land that has seen much war and bloodshed,
But which has always shone through its people.
Nowhere is this more apparent than in Warsaw,
The capital, which stands as a symbol of Polish strength.
Its old-world charm and lively atmosphere make it a joy to behold,
And its many attractions draw visitors from all over the world.
Poland is a fascinating place and well worth a visit.

A Land of Cobblestones and Churches

Poland is a land of cobblestones and churches
Old world beauty that still stands today
There’s a majesty in the way these streets were built
To withstand the test of time
And the churches with their spires reaching for the sky
Are a reminder of the faith that binds this country together
These are the things that make Poland so special
And worth exploring, even if you’ve been there before

Borders Strong and Proud

Poland my homeland,

shielded by your will,

against the storm’s raging anger,

your sons have never faltered.

Your borders strong and proud,

keeping safe all who dwell within,

thank you for your countless blessings,

may your name ever be praised.

Home To Charming Villages And Majestic Cities

Poland, the land of long history and proud people

The birthplace of democracy and defender of freedom

A country rich in culture and beauty

Home to charming villages and majestic cities

Your spirit is strong and your courage unbreakable

You have weathered storms that would have destroyed lesser nations

May God bless you, Poland, and forever keep you safe.

The Beauty Of Your Land

I never got to see

The beauty of your land

But I have seen the pictures

And it’s very clear

That your country is one

Of nature’s masterpieces

Your forests and your lakes

Are something truly special

I’m sorry I never got to see it

But someday I hope

A Land That Will Touch Your Heart.

In Poland, the land is so rich and green

The people are kind and welcoming to strangers

There is a history and culture that runs deep

And the spirit of the people is strong and unyielding

The architecture is beautiful and ornate

And the churches are some of the most stunning in the world

Poland is a place where you can feel the history

And the beauty of the land and the people combine to create a unique experience

You can’t help but be drawn in

To this place where time seems to stand still

And you can feel the passion and strength of the people

This is a land that will touch your heart.

Land Of My Ancestors,

Poland, land of my ancestors,

Built from the burning ashes of love and loss.

Your spirit is unbroken, your voice a song

Of resolve and resistance, a light that guides us home.

Generation after generation you have persevered,

Resilient in the face of hardship and pain.

O Poland, motherland of my heart,

I pledge my allegiance to you always.

From Uprising to Freedom!

Poland, a country rich in history

From uprising to freedom, your spirit never dies

Your determination to always be free

Is an inspiration to all who seek democracy

Your sons and daughters have always fought

For the right to be who they are

And your flag, a symbol of your past and present

Will forever wave over this land you call home.

Interesting facts about Roald Dahl (Poems for KS1 and KS2)

This page, “Interesting facts about Roald Dahl (Poems for KS1 and KS2)” has actually been written by
my poetry-writing AI with a little help from myself. Roald Dahl is a wonderful author and I’ve enjoyed both his children’s books and his tales for adults.

I picked out the facts I wanted to use and then the AI did the rest.

I hope that you find this a useful resource.  If your children, or you – write your own poems in response to this, please share it in the comments.  I would love to read them.

Roald Dahl – Born in Wales

Dahl was born in Wales,
but his parents were Norwegian.
He loved the stories of trolls
and mystical creatures from his homeland.

He grew up to write his own stories,
filled with fantastical creatures of his own.
His books are now beloved by children all over the world,
and he is known as one of the greatest children’s authors of all time.

Roald Dahl’s Amazing Mind

I want to write about Roald Dahl

The man with the amazing mind

He wrote wondrous stories

That made me think and smile

He was a master of his craft

And his books are treasures

I’m grateful for the time he spent

In this world, and in mine.

Everyone loves Roald Dahl

Everyone loves Roald Dahl,
the wonderful wizard of words.
His stories are delightful,
full of fun and surprises.
He has a magic touch,
transforming the everyday into something special.
Thank you, Roald Dahl,
for making childhood so much fun.

A Giant of a Man

A giant of a man, with a giant’s heart
His works inspired children and adults, equally
Making them laugh, and sometimes making them cry
He was a storyteller, whose words would never die
A master of his craft, who will always be remembered
For the joy he brought to so many, throughout his life.

If he could see

What a wonderful world it would be,

If only Roald Dahl were here to see.
He brought us stories that we all love,
And now we all miss him from above.
He was so sweet and kind,
And his stories will always be in our minds.
His writings were truly magical,
And we all feel very lucky that he was so prolific.

Once upon a time

Once upon a time,
there was a very famous author
whose name was Roald Dahl.
He wrote some amazing stories
that made everyone happy.
His books were filled with magic
and adventure, and everyone loved them.
He will always be remembered
for his wonderful writing.

Making the dark light

There was a man named Dahl,
whose books were really quite good.
The stories he would tell,
were something that you should not miss.
He had a way with words,
that made you want to read more.
His tales were full of magic,
and sometimes quite a bit of gore.
But no matter what the story,
you knew it would be a treat.
For Roald Dahl was the master,
of making the dark light.

Born in Llandaff

In 1916, in Llandaff, Wales
a son was born to Harald and Sofie Dahl
Roald would go on to become a famous children’s author
He wrote about witches and giants and chocolate factories
He was a master of the twist ending, which delighted kids and adults alike
He was also a World War II fighter pilot
What a guy!

The Cathedral School in Llandaff.

For a little boy, it seemed so huge,
The Cathedral School in Llandaff.
But Roald Dahl found his feet and his voice,
And all that he learned there was worthwhile.
He formed lasting friendships,
Learned about loyalty and respect;
What a foundation for life this was!

The Mouse and the Gobstoppers

The four boys were caught
Putting a mouse in the gobstoppers jar
The punishment was severe
Caning from the headmaster
It was a painful experience
But they all laughed about it later
Because Roald Dahl wrote about it.

Roald Dahl – fighter pilot

Roald Dahl was a fighter pilot
In World War II
He downed many planes
With his quick wit and skill
But one day his luck ran out
And his plane was hit
He bailed out just in time
But suffered a terrible injury
Which left him blind for a while.

Roald Dahl wrote in a Shed

In a shed at the bottom of the garden,
Roald Dahl wrote some of the best stories ever told.
He sat in his chair, with a pencil in his hand,
Inspired by the world around him, day and night.

The shed was his refuge from the outside world,
A place where he could escape to his own little world.
Inside, there were no limits to what he could do,
He could be whoever he wanted to be.

There were no rules in that little shed,
No one to tell him what was right or wrong.
He was free to create as he pleased,
And the results were magical.

Roadl Dahl made up over 250 new words

He was one of a kind,
Achievements to his name,
A writer of children’s books,
But with a vocabulary bold and new.

He gave words to the unheard,
The undiscovered and unnamed,
A master of language,
Who showed us all there’s more to say.

His words were playful and bright,
Filled with mischief and joy,
And we all owe him a debt of gratitude,
For making our world just a little bit brighter.

Roald Dahl Day!

It’s Roald Dahl Day!
We’re all so excited
It’s time to have some fun
For today we’ll read some stories
And maybe do some baking too!

There’s so much to enjoy
When it’s Roald Dahl Day
The author is such a genius
We all love his work, don’t we?

So let’s get started today
With some delightful fun
In honour of Roald Dahl
Who wrote some amazing stories.

Roald Dahl Day – 13th September


Roald Dahl was one of my favourite authors
I always loved his stories, they were so clever
He had a way of making the dark seem fun
And I think he was the best that ever happened to children’s lit
This day is held every year on September 13th
To honour the life and work of this amazing man
Who gave us tales of heroes, villains and chocolate factories
Thank you, Roald Dahl, for all the joy you’ve brought us.

Roald Dahl was named after the legendary Norwegian explorer, Roald Amundsen.

There once was a boy named Roald,
who was named after a great explorer.
He loved to read and write,
and he dreamed of faraway places.
He was a bit of a rebel,
but he had a kind heart.
He was one of the most famous writers of his time,
and his books are still cherished today.

Roald Dahl Books

There is magic in the pages of Roald Dahl books,
Secrets and tales to be read again and again.
The Child inside of us all, will come alive
With the stories of the BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,
And Matilda.
These stories are timeless, and we’ll never get enough
Of the World According to Roald Dahl.