May 2022

Do Chickens Make Good Pets? (and other facts about chickens for kids)

Do Chickens Make Good Pets? Chickens can be kept as pets.  Anyone who has ever spent time around a chicken can attest to their personality. Chickens are inquisitive, friendly, and social animals that can make great pets.  They are easy to care for and can provide hours of enjoyment.  Chickens are not just for farms …

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Facts about Dinosaurs

Facts about Dinosaurs I hope that you find this useful. Please let me know if your children have any questions regarding facts about dinosaurs in the comments below.  I plan to answer them all! Introduction to Dinosaurs Dinosaurs are one of the most popular and well-known groups of prehistoric animals. They were large, land-dwelling reptiles …

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Private Home Tutoring

Private Home Tutoring Private home tutoring is a service whereby a tutor provides instruction and support to one or more students in their own home. Sessions are typically tailored to the needs of the student(s), and can cover a range of subjects from basic reading and math skills to more advanced coursework. Many families find …

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