Pronouns – a KS2 definition

Hi – these poems are mostly written by my AI.  This is a great tool for teachers – click here if you want further information (affiliate link).

Pronouns – a KS2 definition

A Pronoun

Is a word that can take the place

Of a noun or another pronoun

In a sentence

It is used to avoid repetition

And it helps make writing clearer.

Pronouns – KS3 definition

Pronouns are words that stand in for nouns,

they can be singular or plural,

and they can be personal or reflexive.

Being a Pronoun!

I never knew what it was like

To be a pronoun

Until I became one

It’s not as easy as it seems

You have to be versatile

And be able to change

According to the needs of the sentence

It can be tough

But it’s also rewarding

Because you get to help shape the language

Appreciate a Pronoun!

There is a word that we use every day

and we often don’t even think about it

but it’s something that’s really important

it’s a word that helps to identify us

pronouns are so essential

they help us to see who we are

and they help us to know what we want

without them, life would be quite confusing

so let’s all take a moment to appreciate pronouns

and the way they make our lives better

A Little Confused

I always get a little confused

When people start to use pronouns

It seems like everyone has their own

Rules that they must adhere to

There’s he and she and they and it

Which one do I use, I often wonder

And what happens when you want to talk about

A group of people as a collective?

I think it would make life a lot simpler

If everyone just stuck to their own gender

But that’s not the way the world works

So we all just have to muddle through

Get it right!!

There are so many different pronouns,

depending on who you are talking to.

There’s he and she, and him and her,

and then there are they and them.

It can be hard to keep track of them all,

but using the right pronoun is important.

So make sure you know your pronouns,

and use them correctly in every sentence.

Faceless Pronouns

Pronouns without a face

Nameless, they represent

Every person who’s every been

Every person who will be

They are us and we are them

And yet they remain

In place of a noun

A pronoun is a word we use to stand in place of a noun,

it can be singular or plural, masculine or feminine.

Reflecting back upon some examples:

he, him, his; they, them, their–

each one unique in its own way.

Hiding in plain sight, a pronoun is often overlooked,

but it’s such an important part of speech.

Without them, our language would be quite bare;

so take a moment to appreciate these little words that share

Personal Pronouns
Personal Pronouns

So many personal pronouns


There are so many personal pronouns

I don’t know which one to choose

I can be he, she, or it

depending on what the situation calls for

I can be singular or plural

depending on how many people I’m talking about

I can be objective or subjective

depending on what I’m trying to say

But no matter which one I use

I always have to make sure I’m clear.

Possessive Pronouns

Very Special Words

My, your, his, her, its, our, their

Possessive pronouns show who or what belongs to someone or something.

They are very special words.

Each one has a job to do

making sure that everything is clear

who owns what and who is related

to whom and how.

No simply words that we say

My, your, his, her, its, our, and their

Aren’t simply words that we say

They’re a feeling, a force, an energy

That can bind us together or keep us away

When we use them correctly and with care

The feeling they bring is one of

Connection and love

My, mine, and ours

My, mine, and ours

Are the possessive pronouns

That show we own something

And keep it close to us

Never letting it go

These little words define

Who we are and what we feel

Proving that we are in control

My feelings

My, your, his, her, its, our, their

Possessive pronouns show

Who owns what and how they feel

About what is theirs and theirs alone

Never to be shared or given away

Relative Pronouns

Connecting ideas

Relative pronouns are so confusing

But they’re really quite helpful

They help us to connect ideas

And make our writing flow better

There’s who, which, and that

And who’s, which’s, and that’s

They can be confusing at times

But they help us to be clear

Who is the person or thing

Which is the thing or group

That is the thing or group that

You are talking about.

Connecting clauses

Relative pronouns connect clauses,

joining them like a bridge.

They can be who, which, that, or whom,

depending on what you need.

Who is referring to the subject

in a sentence,

and whom is the object in a sentence.

Which is used to refer to things,

and that is used to refer to people.

Whom is used as an object,

and can often be replaced with who.


Reflexive Pronouns

Reflexive pronouns are me, myself, and ours.

They help us show that the verb is affecting

the subject in a special way.

In English we use them to indicate,

that the subject and the object are one and the same.

For example, I can see myself in the mirror;

He hurt himself on accident.

To revise them, you must use hers, theirs, and its-

like this: She gave herself a gift; The cat hid itself under the stairs.

But be careful! Reflexive pronouns must always agree

with their antecedent in number and gender.



Referring to Ourselves

Reflexive pronouns help us show

that we’re thinking of ourselves

and no one else.

We use them in sentences

like “I hurt myself”

or “She’s dressing herself.”

They’re important because they

show how we connect to the world,

and how we think of ourselves

in relation to everything else.

What’s Being Done To Save Polar Bears?(and other Polar Bear Poems)

What’s Being Done To Save Polar Bears?

What’s Being Done To Save Polar Bears? and these other Polar Bear poems, have all been created by my AI, with a little help from me, making suggestions and editing the poems.

Polar Bear facts

Polar bears have fur that is dark brown in the summer and turns white in the winter

Their skin is black

They have a layer of blubber under their fur to keep them warm

They can swim for hours without getting tired
Polar bears can weigh up to 1500 pounds

They eat seals, walruses, and beluga whales.

Cute little polar bear cubs

Cute little polar bear cubs

So soft, so cuddly, so sweet

What a joy it is to behold

Their innocent faces, their playful ways

How we love to watch them grow

Into strong and fearless adults

Bears that will ensure the survival

Of their species for many years to come

Polar bear cub

What’s Being Done To Save Polar Bears?

Polar bears are dying out
and something must be done

Their habitat is disappearing

We need to act now
before they’re all gone

Governments and scientists are working together
to come up with a plan

They’re trying to find new homes
and ways to help the bears survive

It’s not going to be easy
but we have to try

Otherwise, we’ll lose these animals forever

And that would be a shame.

Polar Bears in the Arctic

In the coldest place on Earth,

live the creatures of strength and might:

the polar bears.

These great white beasts thrive on ice,

and make their homes in the stark arctic.

Hunting through the frozen land,

they are the lords of this domain.

With their powerful limbs and sharp teeth,

nothing dares cross their path.

In the frigid winter nights,

they sleep in sturdy dens of ice.

Polar Bear Arctic

The Endangered Polar Bear

What once roamed the land in packs

now dwindles in numbers,

left to face the cold alone.

The polar bear, king of the Arctic,

endangered due to climate change.

Bravely they swim in icy water,

hunting for seals; their main diet.

As the sea ice slowly melts away,

their habitat slowly disappears.

Melting arctic

Why did we let it happen?

Polar bears are one of the most endangered animals

Living in the north pole, they’re used to cold weather

But as global temperatures rise, their habitat diminishes

There’s not much we can do to save them, but we must try

Otherwise these beautiful creatures will die

We’ve caused so much destruction on this earth

And it doesn’t seem to bother us at all

But when it comes to animals like polar bears

We suddenly want to save them all

If we keep going the way we’re going

The planet won’t be hospitable for anyone

So let’s take a step in the right direction

Before it’s too late and they go extinct.

The Weight of a Polar Bear

A polar bear can weigh up to 1,500 pounds

They are the largest land predators

Hunting for food is their main priority

Whether it be a seal or a whale

These creatures are massive and awe-inspiring

Majestic in every way

But with that size comes great strength

And they can certainly hold their own.

Weight of a bear

If you are a seal – watch out!!

Polar bears are the largest of the bear family

Living on the ice caps of the north

Eating mostly seals and fish

But also scavenging what they can

Sometimes they will go for a reindeer

But their diet is mainly seal.


Don’t get too close!

What do polar bears eat

They live on seals and fish

But they’ll also take a bite

Of you if they’re feeling frisky!


Save the Bears!

Do you see that bear cub?

His coat so white and pure?

That’s not how it will be,

Unless we take action, right now.

The ice is melting, the temperature’s rising,

And the polar bears are in trouble.

We need to act, or they’ll all die.


We can’t let that happen,

it would be such a shame.

So let’s all do our part,

and do what we can,

To save these bears from extinction.

It won’t be easy, but it’s worth a try.

For the sake of those little cubs,

Let’s save the bears!

Polar bears love to eat

Polar bears love to eat

Arctic char, seals, and whale meat

They’re quite the predators

Of the sea and tundra

But they will also eat

Berries, eggs, and plants

When they can get their paws on them.

Polar Bears Swimming

Polar bears swimming

through the Arctic Sea

watch them as they glide

under the surface

their powerful bodies cutting through the water

as they move towards their prey.

Polar bear swimming

Water – their second home

Polar bears love to swim,

The water is their second home,

They often go for a swim,

In the ocean, they love to be free,

Often they go swimming,

In the cold Arctic Ocean.

Polar Bears and the Tundra

The polar bears are very important to the tundra.

Without them, the ecosystem would be out of balance.

They are a keystone species, meaning that they play a crucial role

in keeping the environment healthy.

Destroying their habitat would be a huge mistake.

Ursus Maritimus

Polar bears, Ursus Maritimus

King of the Arctic

Living on sea ice and scavenging

Eating mostly seals

Bears can swim sixty miles

In pursuit of food

Often in synch with the pack ice

Majestic creatures

Of the land and the sea

The Amazing Polar Bears

Polar bears are amazing creatures

With their scientific name of Ursus Maritimus

They live in the coldest place on Earth

In the Arctic where it is almost always winter

Their fur is thick and helps keep them warm

They are able to swim for long distances

And can even run over ice quite fast.

Polar bears

Scientific name is Ursus maritimus

They are the largest land predators in the world

Their fur is white, it helps them camouflage in the snow

They live in the arctic, where it is very cold

They eat mainly seals, but will also eat fish, berries, and plants

They are very good swimmers and can stay underwater for up to 2 minutes

Polar bears are facing many threats, including climate change and pollution.

Can we help the polar bear?

Majestic creature

Polar bears are one of Earth’s most majestic creatures

Their scientific name is Ursus Maritimus

These creatures can weigh up to 1600 pounds

They live in the arctic and enjoy swimming

Polar bears have a thick coat of fur to keep them warm

They are able to swim long distances and catch their prey

Polar bears are a vital part of the arctic ecosystem

We must do our best to protect these creatures

For they are a symbol of strength and resilience

In the harsh environment they live in

They have learned to survive and thrive

We should take note of their example

And learn from it as we face our own challenges.

Polar bears

King of the North

King of the North they say

Majestic in their might

White furred and big as mountains

Polar bears go where they will

Living as they please

Moving to the rhythms of the ice

Feared and adored by many.

The Largest Land Predators

Polar bears are the largest land predators

Hunting them is a thrill

But be careful, they’re known to kill

With their furry coats and white faces

They blend in with the snow

But they’re not easy to catch

Polar bears can grow up to ten feet tall

Weighing in at over 1,000 pounds

Their diet consists of mostly seals

They can live for up to 30 years

And can swim for miles

But their habitat is shrinking

Global warming is a threat to them

As the ice melts they have less space to roam

We need to do what we can to save them

Before …

How many Polar Bears are left now?

Only a fraction of the original population remains

as habitat dwindles and their food sources disappear.

In spite of global efforts, climate change continues to take its toll

on these magnificent creatures

who have roamed the earth for centuries.

We must act now to save the polar bears

before it’s too late and they’re gone forever

for their extinction would be a tragedy

not only for us, but for all of nature.

20 to 30 years old?

Polar bears can live 20 to 30 years,

But only a small percentage of polar bears

Live past 15 to 18 years.

This is why it’s so important

To make sure they have a safe place to live.

A Continual Battle

they are the kings of the Arctic,

these white bears that seem so strong and brave;

but the harshness of their environment
takes its toll

and most don’t live to be very old.

their lives are a continual battle

against the cold and the ice and the dark;

but they are a strong and determined species

and those that do survive to old age,

are a testament to the power of nature

and the resilience of life itself.

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Short Poems about Being Funny

Here are a collection of short poems about being funny written by my AI with a little editing by me.



I am fascinated by how wise it can be!

I would love to hear your poems so please add them in the comments!

Funny is when you make a face

Funny is when you make a face
And everyone around starts to laugh
It’s also when you say something rude
And everyone starts to giggle and laugh.
Funny is when you’re walking down the street
And someone trips over their own feet
Funny is when you’re telling a joke
And everyone is trying not to laugh.

Funny is when you’re feeling down
And someone comes along and makes you frown
But then they turn it all around
With a silly dance or a funny sound.


Antics, Jokes and Witticisms.

I can make you laugh until you cry,

With my antics, jokes, and witticisms.
I bring the fun and laughter into your life,
And make you forget your troubles for a while.
My humour is sometimes dark and dry,
But it always makes you smile.
I’m the jester that keeps things light,
The life of the party, the funny one.

My funny old dog

My funny old dog,
he’s a bit of a clown.
He’s always getting into things,
never knows right from wrong.
But I couldn’t be without him,
he’s always been by my side.
Thru good and bad times,
he’s always been my guide.

Making people laugh

I love to make people laugh,

It’s one of my favourite things,
Especially when I can get a smile
From someone who’s feeling down.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy,
And it’s the simplest things,
That bring the most joy to my life,
Like making someone laugh.

The Clown

The clown is always funny,
his jokes are never lame.
He always makes us laugh,
his antics are such a shame.
He’s always happy,
even when things go wrong.
The clown is a funny guy,
who never seems to tire.

A Time to be Funny

There’s a time for everything
and a season for every
joke that’s ever been told.

So pull out that funny bone
and let’s get this party started!

We’ll laugh until we cry
and then we’ll laugh some more
because life is just too short
to not enjoy a good laugh.

I’m the class clown

I’m the class clown, the life of the party
I’m always laughing and trying to make you smile
You may think I’m silly, or that I’m dumb
But that’s just who I am and I wouldn’t change it for a thing
My humour is my shield, it helps me get through tough times
I may not be the smartest, or the strongest
But I’m funny and that’s what counts to me

There’s a reason

There’s a reason why they call it funny,

It’s because it’s hilarious and not somber.
It can make you laugh until you cry,
And it’s one of the best things in life.

There’s nothing like a good dose of humor,
To make you forget your troubles and woes.
It can take your mind off of your fears,
And help you to live in the present moment.

I’m the funny one

I’m the funny one, the joker of the bunch.
No one ever takes me seriously.
They always think I’m joking,
But I’m not, I’m serious.
It’s just that I find life more enjoyable
When I’m making people laugh.
It doesn’t matter if I’m not the smartest,
I can still make you smile.
So don’t take me too seriously,
Just enjoy my company,
And let me make you laugh a little bit.

A Funny Boy

There was once a funny boy,
Who everyone loved and enjoyed.
He always had a smile on his face,
And would make everyone laugh.
He was the life of the party,
And never stopped dancing.
No matter how bad things got,
This funny boy would never forget to laugh.

There’s a reason why we laugh

There’s a reason why we laugh,
And it’s not just to be polite.
It’s because some things are funny,
And it feels good to laugh and smile.

Life can be tough and serious,
But when we let go and laugh,
We find that we’re a whole lot better off,
Forgetting our troubles for a while.

My Dad

My dad’s always up for a good time
He loves to tell a hilarious joke
He’s never too busy to have some fun
He’s the life of any party
He’s always joking around
And making everyone laugh
He’s my favourite person in the world
And I’m so glad he’s my dad

It’s funny

It’s funny the way we think
We’re always in control
Funny how we act
When we’re really just fools
It’s funny when we try
To be something that we’re not
Funny how we say
We’ll never make that mistake again
But we always do

There’s a funny thing about funny

There’s a funny thing about funny

It’s always funny when it’s not you

But when it happens to you

You just don’t know what to do

Funny is like a knife

That cuts both ways

And sometimes it’s fun

To see someone else get hurt

But most of the time

It just makes you sad

Because you know that you’re the one

Who’s going to get hurt in the end

Mrs K.

My funny teacher, Mrs. K,
always has a smile on her face.
She’s always quick with a joke,
and she knows how to make us laugh.
Her lessons are never dry,
and she always keeps us on our toes.
Thank goodness for Mrs. K,
the funniest teacher in the school!

I am the funny one

I am the funny one,

the class clown,
the life of the party.

People love my jokes,
and my sense of humour.

But sometimes I wonder,
if they really know me.

Deep down inside,
I’m just a girl who wants to be loved.


The Jester

A jester’s life is one of jokes
And making people laugh till they choke.
He is a master of his craft,
And delights audiences with his mirth.
But a jester is also a symbol of wisdom,
Not just a clown to make you giggle.
He often speaks truths that others fear,
Which is why the jester is greatly respected.



Short Easter Poems

These Easter Poems have all been written by my helpful AI – with just a little editing by me when needed.

The first ones are about the tradition Easter Story whereas the later ones are more about Easter Bunnies and Eggs!

I hope that you enjoy them and if you choose to write your own, I would love to read them in the comments!!


Traditional Easter Story Poems

Easter Poems

Easter poems are about new beginnings,
fresh starts and hope sprung anew.
They are about the belief that in death there is life,
and in loss there is gain.
They are about resurrection and redemption,
about the power of love to overcome all.
Easter poems remind us that we are never too lost,
that no matter how dark things seem, the sun will always rise again.

Easter poems

Easter poems bring hope and joy
To believers who see Christ’s resurrection
As a sign of new beginnings, of sins forgiven
And of eternal life to come.

Holy Good Friday

On this holiest of days
we remember Christ’s sacrifice
His body beaten and broken
his blood spilled for me and you
He hung there on the cross
suffering for our sins
and on that third day
he rose again, victorious

Christ was Crucified

Good Friday was a bitter day
For Christ was crucified
His death provides our salvation
Although his pain was great
He endured it for our sakes
Hallelujah, what a Saviour!

Good Friday

Good Friday is a sombre day
A day to remember the sacrifice
Jesus made for us on the cross
He suffered and died for our sins
So we could be forgiven and saved
Today we remember his death
And celebrate his resurrection

Easter Sunday

A day of renewal, a day to start anew
This is Easter Sunday, a day we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection
He has overcome death, and now we have eternal life
What a miracle! What a gift! We rejoice in His victory

On this Easter Sunday, let us all be filled with hope
Let us recommit ourselves to following Jesus Christ
He died for our sins, and now He offers us forgiveness
Let us not waste this chance for redemption

This Easter Sunday, let’s celebrate the risen Lord
He is alive and He desires to have a relationship with us
His love is never-ending, and it is ours for the taking
Let’s go forth and share this love.


The Empty Tomb

On the third day,
while we women rested,
our minds heavy with sorrow,
Jesus rose up and called us.
He had opened the tomb,
and Mary was there, alone.
Weeping on the hard stone,
she told us of His glory.
Then she went away,
to tell the world of her new joy..

At The Empty Tomb

At the empty tomb,
Mary wept and mourned;
She could not understand
Why her Lord had died.
But then an angel came,
And he told her glad news:
Christ had arisen!
That is why she found peace,
For she knew her Saviour lived.

A Day We Celebrate

Easter Sunday is a day we celebrate
Jesus rising from the dead
We come together to rejoice and pray
And enjoy the company of our friends and loved ones
This is a day of hope and renewal
A time to reflect on all that Christ has done for us
We are grateful for his sacrifice
And look forward to spending eternity with him


The Sweetest Time of Year

Easter’s coming, the sweetest time of year
The joy of Christ’s resurrection is so near
So let us all rejoice and be glad
For love and mercy have conquered death
And the empty tomb is our hope and faith
Christ is risen, alleluia!

Easter’s coming, the sweetest time of year
The joy of Christ’s resurrection is so near
So let us all rejoice and be glad
For love and mercy have conquered death
And the empty tomb is our hope and faith
Christ is risen, alleluia!


A Time for Reflection

Easter is a time for reflection
On the sacrifice that was made
For us by Jesus Christ
His death brought us salvation
And opened up the gates of Heaven
On Easter we celebrate His resurrection
Which gives us hope for the future

Easter’s Coming

Easter’s coming, the time of joy
When Jesus rose from the dead
The ultimate sacrifice for our sins
And our hope for eternal life

What a wonderful Savior we have
Who gave His life that we might be saved
Let us celebrate His resurrection
And rejoice in the victory He has won!

A Time of Joy

Easter is a time of joy,
A time to celebrate new life.
Resurrection and redemption,
The real meaning of Easter.

Christ has arisen! He is alive!
Praise be to God who has saved us!
Let us proclaim the Gospel message,
That all may know Jesus is the Risen Lord.

Short Easter Poems about The Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs

New beginnings

Easter is a time for new beginnings
A time to come together and celebrate
The arrival of spring, and the promise of hope
A time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future
Easter brings with it a sense of joy and happiness
A time to remember the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ
And to thank Him for the gift of salvation

The Easter Bunny

The Easter bunny’s so happy
He’s hopping all around
He’s got eggs hidden in the grass
And chocolate in his pouch
The kids are getting excited
For the hunt that’s about to start
They’re looking forward to the eggs
And the candy that they’ll find.


Hidden Eggs

The eggs are hidden
All around the yard
The kids are looking
For them with glee
The Easter bunny
Left them here for us
To find and enjoy
Happy Easter!

Hopping Bunnies

Bunnies hopping, eggs hiding
Freshly cut grass, children singing
The joy of Easter is here!

The hunt is on for the hidden eggs
So much fun to be had by all
Who will find the most eggs?

There’s something special about this time
A new beginning, a fresh start
The resurrection of Jesus Christ

What a miracle it is all around
Easter brings hope and love to everyone.


Easter’s here again

Easter’s here again,
children greeting one another
with Easter eggs and baskets
full of treats.
The Easter bunny has been busy,
delivering goodies to everyone.
What a joy it is to celebrate
this special time with family and friends.

Happy Easter, everyone!

The Easter Bunny has come to town,
he’s leaving candy and eggs all around.
The children are so excited and happy,
they can’t wait to go on an Easter egg hunt.
There’s a lot of joy in the air,
everyone is celebrating and having fun.
This Easter is sure to be special,
the best one yet!


Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is a special day
When Christians celebrate Jesus’ resurrection

People dress up in their finest clothes
And go to church to hear the Easter sermon

There’s usually an Easter egg hunt
And kids love finding those brightly coloured eggs

Easter is a time for family and friends
A time to come together and celebrate


The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny hops around
the yard, leaving candy and eggs.
The children are so excited
to find their treasures.
They run around and search high and low,
until they find everything the bunny left for them.
What a fun day it is, celebrating Easter!


Easter Sunday morning

Easter Sunday morning
I open my eyes to the sun
A shower and I’ll be done
Before I head off to church
I want to see my family first
To give them all a big hug
Then it’s off to celebrate
The risen Christ, how great!



Polish Easter Traditions

In Poland, Easter is a special time
Traditional foods are enjoyed by all
There’s a sense of joy and happiness
As families come together to celebrate.

The eggs are coloured in many bright shades
And rabbits are everywhere you look
There’s always lots of delicious food
And stories that are told around the fire.

This is a time when family and friends get together
And share happy memories from the past
It’s a time to enjoy each other’s company
And celebrate the resurrection of Christ.


Chocolate Easter Eggs

Easter is a time for fun,
And chocolate is the star attraction.
There’s nothing quite like an easter egg,
Especially one filled with chocolate.
Yum, yum, yum!


Chocolate Eggs by the Dozen

Easter is coming, and with it
comes chocolate eggs by the dozen.
In the morning we’ll hunt for them
and in the afternoon we’ll eat them.
They’re smooth and they’re creamy,
and they make our bellies feel happy.
The Easter bunny’s favourite food
is unquestionably chocolate eggs.

An Easter Treat

My favourite Easter treat is a chocolate egg
I can’t resist the smooth, creamy surface
The sweet flavour satisfies my cravings
And I feel like a kid again when I’m eating one

Every Easter, my family stocks up on eggs
We hide them all around the house
And then we spend the day hunting for them
It’s always so much fun

I love biting into the chocolate shell
And discovering the gooey centre inside
It’s the perfect way to celebrate Easter
And I always feel so happy when I’m done.



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