20 Questions Kids Ask About Easter – and some answers

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Here are 20 Questions Kids Ask About Easter – and some answers.

You could use this as a quiz or some prompts for discussion.

  1. What is Easter?
  2. Why do we celebrate Easter?
  3. Who is the Easter Bunny?
  4. Why do we give eggs on Easter?
  5. How do we decorate Easter eggs?
  6. What is a Easter egg hunt?
  7. Why do we have Easter baskets?
  8. What is the Easter story about?
  9. Who was Jesus?
  10. Why did Jesus die on the cross?
  11. What is Good Friday?
  12. What is the Easter Sunday?
  13. Why do some people go to church on Easter Sunday?
  14. What is a Resurrection?
  15. What is the meaning of the Easter season?
  16. Why do people give gifts on Easter?
  17. How can we celebrate Easter at home?
  18. What is the Easter parade?
  19. Can we eat candy on Easter?
  20. What is the significance of the Easter lily flower?

Here are some answers to the 20 questions about Easter:

  1. Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.
  2. We celebrate Easter to commemorate the central event of the Christian faith, which is the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and to celebrate the hope and new life it brings.
  3. The Easter Bunny is a folkloric figure who is said to bring eggs and other treats to children on Easter Sunday.
  4. Eggs are given on Easter as symbols of new life and rebirth, and they have been associated with the holiday for centuries.
  5. There are many different ways to decorate Easter eggs, including dyeing them with food coloring, painting them, or using stickers and other decorations.
  6. An Easter egg hunt is a fun activity where children search for eggs that have been hidden in various locations, usually outdoors.
  7. Easter baskets are used to hold the eggs and other treats that are given to children on Easter Sunday. They can be decorated or left plain, and they can be made from a variety of materials such as baskets, plastic containers, or even bags.
  8. The Easter story is about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, as told in the Christian Bible.
  9. Jesus was a religious teacher and leader who lived in the Middle East over 2,000 years ago. He is considered by Christians to be the Son of God and the Savior of the world.
  10. Jesus died on the cross because he was sentenced to death by the Roman authorities for claiming to be the Son of God and for his teachings that challenged the religious and political establishment of his time.
  11. Good Friday is the Friday before Easter Sunday, and it is observed as a day of mourning and reflection by Christians. It is called Good Friday because it was the day that Jesus showed how much he loved everyone by allowing himself to die rather than use violence. He told Peter off when Peter used a sword to cut off a soldier’s ear!
  12. Easter Sunday is the Sunday that falls after Good Friday, and it is the day on which Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. It is a time of joyful celebration and renewal.
  13. Some people go to church on Easter Sunday to hear the Easter story and to participate in special worship services that commemorate the resurrection.
  14. The Resurrection refers to the event in which Jesus Christ rose from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion. This event is considered to be the cornerstone of the Christian faith.
  15. The Easter season is a time of reflection, renewal, and hope, and it is celebrated by Christians around the world as a time to rejoice in the victory of life over death and to be reminded of the promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ.
  16. People give gifts on Easter as a way to show love and appreciation to friends and family, and to celebrate the joy and new life of the Easter season.
  17. There are many ways to celebrate Easter at home, including decorating eggs, having an Easter egg hunt, making Easter baskets, and cooking a special meal together.
  18. The Easter parade is a festive procession that takes place in many cities around the world on Easter Sunday. People dress up in their finest clothes and walk through the streets, often accompanied by live music and other festivities.
  19. Yes, eating candy on Easter is a common tradition for many people, as a way to celebrate the holiday and enjoy sweet treats with family and friends.
  20. The Easter lily is a symbol of the resurrection and of new life, and it is often used in Easter decorations and given as gifts to loved ones. Its white colour represents purity and its trumpet shape represents the trumpet that will one day sound to announce the return of Jesus Christ.


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  1. I like your article and your FAQ about Easter. This is amazing that you explain things about Easter very simply but it’s complete at the same time. Children can easily understand the concept of Easter and what lies behind it without complicated words. Also, I remember when I painted eggs for EASTER WITH MY FRIENDS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. YOUR FAQ BROUGHT THOSE GOOD MEMORIES TO ME!

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